Mission Statement

Goal: Awareness & Support For Sex Workers
& Sexual Intimacy Opportunities For Customers

My goal is to build awareness and support for sex workers, to promote decriminalization and encourage ideas that could be beneficial to everyone in our culture. If sex work was more honored and done by the right people, women should welcome their husbands going to learn better sex and intimacy skills.

While I support the availability of good intimacy and sex to all single men and women, I can not condone nor encourage cheating by husbands or wives who may not be open and honest about their needs with their spouse.   Fortunately there are many wives and husbands who realize their mate’s sexual needs are greater than their own, and lovingly support their mate getting their needs met outside the marriage. Since many women have much more sexual capacity then men, especially as we age, I see many men encourage their wives to share sexually with others. But it is based on honestly and integrity, which is the opposite of "cheating."

A very wise note from a provider in Dallas written in our Guest book says:

"It's absolutely ridiculous that it's an illegal profession, because the guys I see are so normal and just want some company, to see someone's "smile" and warmth...and of course the sex...usually they are not getting elsewhere. I see this occupation as very healthy since it provides so much to a man and the woman also. Not often can the man find the convenience of a woman who is sexy and willing to cater undivided attention to his desires and the woman able to fulfill her most needed financial desires. And both are usually/hopefully smiling and happy with the experience...for myself, I am elated to have someone so pleased with me, and also because I have usually made his happiest part of the week or month...whatever it be. As the old saying goes when someone has an awesome experience, "this should be a crime"...did someone think that was meant to be literal??

I'm really into thinking good about yourself. I think this business should be a win-win situation for everyone. Since you are into counseling, you know what I mean. That's really my intention...and I do offer my friendship to my clients. This business really gets bad hype, but it is so ironic that I have found it for me and my clients to be such an uplifting experience. Besides from the (legal) risks, I think it to be one of the most positive jobs there is."

Repressive Illogical Laws Reflect Immature Culture
But Free Speech Is Protected

With our repressive laws in this area, I need to make it clear I am not promoting, nor do I receive any financial benefit from any illegal activity. Fortunately the right of free speech protects publishing information about sex workers. Based on the many reports I receive from customers on our private E-mail list,  many sex ads are just to steal money from men and rip them off. This gives all sex workers a bad reputation.  My "mantra" is about sharing intimacy and legal ways of sharing sensually among consenting adults.   Just like buying a fine dinner for the bodies appetite, there should be nothing wrong with paying to receive the same nourishment for the body, intimately and sexually.

My Personal Interest in this site

I enjoy physical intimacy with a wide variety of women who also enjoy good touch, cuddling, massage, caressing etc. I have lots of ideas for more intimacy based on many years of teaching intimacy workshops for couples, counseling many couples as well as hearing from a huge number of men that are seeking more intimacy from sex workers. I am interested in being friends to legitimate sex workers and sharing ideas, but not usually as a client. I have been professionally trained and teach Esalen massage, which many women have enjoyed experiencing with me. I offer free massage to sex workers/dancers/massage therapists. Or, I offer what I call a non-sexual cuddle and caress experience so many women enjoy. Yes, I also enjoy sex but not "just sex" without intimacy with the great sex.  One of the problems I face in dating many "normal" women is that as one said, "I am looking for a man who values monogamy as much as I do."  The problem is they only see cheating as the alternative to monogamy.  But because I have such different views, finding like minded single women is very hard.  Obviously sex workers often face the same issues in their own personal relationships.

The Need For Sex Workers

For many years, I've done intimacy and sexuality counseling and am co-founder of Liberated Christians. From the huge response we get at Liberated Christians, it is clear that our culture is full of tease and titillation but many men in particular, don't have a clue when it comes to physical intimacy skills and what is sexually fulfilling to most women. Sorry guys. There are wonderfully intimate men who are exceptions of course.

I also hear from a vast number of single men and women who are very sexually frustrated. I can relate to their situation since although I teach and lead mostly couples, I don't have my own relationship. Sex work could provide companionship, intimacy and sexual fulfillment for both men and women if done with the right attitude by sex workers with good attitudes and warm personalities viewing clients as real people, not just ATM machines for money. Likewise sex workers should be viewed with dignity and respect, and not as bodies parts to be grope and poked.

Our newsletter went to over 3000 people all over the world before we started the web site in 1997. Now often 2500 different people a day come to our Cyber Resource Center. We get a huge positive response we never dreamed of from our Cyber Resource Center (http://www.libchrist.com).   I have led intimacy, communications and sexuality workshops for about 300 people in our Phoenix Couples Fellowship Group. I've been a featured speaker at the largest national swing conventions, speaking on "Swinging Christians- Not a Biblical Conflict" and "Swinging Without Jealousy or Guilt." My interest is not "recreational swinging" but responsible non-monogamy (or polyamory), based on love and honest relationships, as a legitimate moral choice for those that find it much more fulfilling than just monogamy. It is the opposite of "cheating" But it only works if your relationship is strong based on love and honest communications.

I hear the same problems from couples regarding intimacy over and over again. As one women said to her husband while I was sharing some intimacy with his wife, "See honey, foreplay is more than ready-brace!"

Over the years I have published lots of material regarding biblical, intimacy, communications and sexual issues for couples. But I've also been interested in sex work to help those not in sexually fulfilling relationships.

My main interest is in promoting legal sensual encounters which can be just as fulfilling if not more so than just sex.  But for many sensual intimacy is much harder than just having sex.

For years I've enjoyed reading about how great sex work has been in other cultures and I've shared ideas with some of the leading sex worker advocates, some of whose stories I share with their enthusiastic permission.

Disclaimers & Legal discussion

There are numerous laws related to how consenting adults can or cannot sensuously enjoy themselves. As a result of confusion about these laws, there may be a tendency to limit our behavior unnecessarily. As the legal boundaries of sex work are explored, this should not be taken to indicate encouragement of illegal prostitution, regardless of how immature and intrusive we may view such laws.  My interest is in encouraging lovingly intimate sensuous encounters between consenting adults. Under no circumstance do I condone or encourage illegal behavior. I receive no financial  benefit from any sex worker for any illegal services.  What is frustrating to many is not knowing where the line is drawn between legal and illegal sensuous behavior.  One purpose of this site is sharing those rules and making them available to other consenting adults. A more extensive legal discussion is included at Sex Work Legal Issues & Suggestions with a special thanks to Clarity for her great legal research and information referenced and linked in that section. I provide no former legal advice on this site but simply ideas.  I am not a lawyer and have no legal training. Any discussion or writing about law on this site is purely conjecture. If you benefit or suffer from any information on this site, it is not my responsibility.