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This is an archive of my own reviews of Montreal escorts. I've written far more on this city than all other places combined. They are in chronological order with the most recent ones at the end. Some abbreviations and keywords used are:

cbj - covered blow job (fellatio with condom)
bbbj - bare back blow job (fellatio without condom)
bbbjtc/bbbjtcim - bbbj to completion in mouth (ejaculation in mouth)
bls -  ball licking & suckingdaty - dining at the Y (cunnilingus)
dp - digital penetration (allows finger in vagina)
2-fs - 2nd "full service" (intercourse) allowed in same hour
gfe (girlfriend experience) - kiss+daty+bbbj
cgfe (covered gfe) - kiss+daty+cbj
greek - anal sex
ymmv - your mileage may vary (the activity was allowed for some clients and refused for others)
$ - Fee in Canadian dollars, +$ means extra fee.
conversation - enjoyable conversation (in English)
wine - likes to drink wine with client
shower - shares shower with client
hobbyist - habitual escort customer
spreadsheet - the Montreal escort spreadsheet I authored for a long time
black/brown - black hair/brown eyes
A 5-based rating like 5-4-3 is shorthand for appearance=excellent, personality=above average, service=average. Later reviews use a 10-based rating like 9-8-6.


Taylor - Starting a New Year with a Bang
Taylor: , , $300/hr, $500/2-hrs, $1000 for 5 1-hr dates, 25 yr, 5'6, 110 lb, perky 34b-24-34, long blonde/blue (sometimes dyed brown), shaved; 9-9-10(!), conversation, deep-kiss, loves-daty, dp, bbbjtc & swallow, body slide, vibrator, ymmv-rimming, ymmv-golden showers/watersports, red wine, ex-CF, ex-Tasha@DC

It was a freezing winter night when Taylor stepped in. I got her coat and shoes off, and tried to warm her cold skin with hugs and kisses. She had dyed her hair brown, which gave her a new look. She was wearing a black satin top tied with a big bow in front. It looked like a gift begging to be unwrapped, so I did. It was as though the curtains opened to reveal the stars on the stage - her cute perky breasts. I heard them calling me to suck them and I didn't resist. This was no time for pleasantries. We continued stripping each other, frolicked naked on the carpet, got a bbbj and rimming on the chair, and had sex on the sofa. All this took 10 minutes and was merely a pre-session warm up. Who needs a 2-hour date when we start action in 2 minutes?

Taylor opened the red wine while I lit her scented candles. We moved to the bed and cuddled and talked between sips of wine. Taylor was busy again with classes but found time to revamp her web site. She plans to have more pictures and links to reviews. She took out her massage oil and we gave each other body slides. She didn't bring toys this time so we had to substitute body parts instead. I turned my fingers into a natural g-spot orgasmifier and inserted them deep inside her. I dined at her Y while massaging her g-spot. By the way, I discovered that if you do a Google search or Yahoo search for "orgasmifier", Taylor's name comes on top. Go figure!

Taylor started a blowjob with more ass-licking before fishing out another condom. Our lips were locked in deep kisses as I pounded her in missionary. It was soon time to reposition myself for her famous bbbjtcim. "Yummy! It's banana cream pie." she said as she swallowed it all. Then she licked my banana clean too.

We got the bath water running after a dash of watersports in the tub. We relaxed in a hot soapy bath, drinking our wine and discussing weighty matters. Taylor got dressed and tucked me into bed. She said "Adios amigo" and vanished into the cold dark night. Hasta la vista amiga!

Karina the "Lollipop Girl" at Satin Dreams , (514) 223-0325 (Peter, Jessy), $160/hr
Karina aka Lollipop Girl, 22 yr, 5'4, 115 lb, 36c, blonde/brown, 8.5-9-8.5, conversation, dfk, loves-daty, dp, bbbj, bls, white wine, shower

Jessy wasn't available this night but she recommended I see Karina who she called the "Lollipop Girl". Karina was a cute girl with silky blonde hair and a cheery smile. I offered her a choice of wine and she picked the white. We sipped and chatted for a while. She knew enough English to hold a conversation, though she often couldn't find the right word. She joked and teased and had a fun attitude. We started with a few tender kisses. I told her I love kissing and immediately as if by magic, we were deep kissing and sucking each other's tongues. Soon we were undressing each other and throwing clothes in a pile on the floor.

We got into bed and deep-kissed some more until Karina started a delightful bbbj. She licked it and sucked it like a lollipop. She also licked my balls in between. I asked her if she lets customers come in her mouth. She made a wry face and said she doesn't. I let her feast on my lollipop for a while and then indicated I wanted to feast on her. We got into position for daty and she seemed to enjoy it. She played with my hair as her clit grew hard. Pretty soon, she reached orgasm with strong convulsions.

We paused for a few more sips of wine. Karina then got me ready with a short bbbj and asked me to pick the color of condom from her pack. I chose red and she sang "Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer" in French as she put it on. We had sex in missionary so I could continue deep-kissing while Rudolph banged away below.

I got out my massage lotion and gave her a massage which she also enjoyed, saying "I should be paying you". She let me join her in the shower afterwards and I got to soap her all over. I helped her dress up and gave her the fee and a $20 tip. She seemed surprised that a client would tip her, and said "I can't take this!" I had to insist, saying that that's what I do when the session is better than expected. She thanked me with a deep kiss as we said goodbye.

Jessica of Celine's Fantasies , (514) 804-2354 (Celine, Robin), $160/hr
Jessica, 20 yr, 5'7, 125 lb, 34b-24-35, blonde/blue, 8-8-9, conversation, dfk, loves-daty, dp, bls, bbbjtcim, shower, water/no-wine, ex-Eleganza

I called the agency with a "Hello Celine?" but the voice at the other end was not Celine's. "It's Robin" she said. Yes, it's me but who is this? It dawned that we both were, so after a couple of "Hi Robin!"s, we checked availabilities. I asked for Jessica who could meet me in an hour. Near the appointment time, Robin called to say that the driver was waiting at Jessica's home but she could not be reached. I agreed to wait longer. Half an hour later, I heard Jessica was on her way. She had apparently gone out without her cell phone.

Jessica was a friendly blonde with a slim attractive body. I offered her wine but she doesn't drink, so I poured bottled water in our wine glasses and we chatted for a while. She noticed my laptop and examined her pictures on the agency web site. She said she doesn't have a computer and this is the first time she was seeing them. We quickly shed our clothes and got into bed. She asked what I liked to do and I replied that I like to kiss. She said she has been told she was a good kisser and proceeded to demonstrate. I enjoyed the deep kissing and tongue fencing. I moved down to enjoy a nice daty. As she became aroused, she moved my hand up to caress her nipple, and I obliged. When she really got into it, she moved my hand down and pushed my finger deep inside her. I fingered her g-spot while continuing to lick her clit. That sounds too explicit for a wholesome review. Let me rephrase that to say I combined internal digital massaging with external oral stimulation.

When it was her turn, she made me lie on my back while she gave me a bbbj. My dick and my balls took a good licking. Let's rephrase that and say her oral attentions were impartially applied to all private members. I asked and she confirmed that she would let me come in her mouth but I prefer to keep that for a grand finale. I also asked about greek for $60 that I had seen in her reviews. She said she offered the extra-cost option at Eleganza agency, but stopped after she moved to Celine's. We had sex in the missionary position while I continued kissing. Towards the end we switched to a bbbjtcim position. She sucked me till I squirted all my juice into her willing mouth. (You can rephrase that yourself!) She held it in for a while, before going to the bathroom to wash her mouth.

I gave her a massage afterwards. When it was time for her to shower, she let me join her and we massaged each other with soap. She liked the large towels and complained about the tiny ones she has to use in motels like the Chablis. I added a tip for the bbbjtcim as we said goodbye. She said "$40? Wow!" and gave me another deep kiss before leaving.

PS: Jessica is now back at

Helene of Prime Time , (514) 518-8880 (Sam, Michelle), $180/hr, $150/hr for escort board members
Helene De Lasalle aka Karma, 20 yr, 5'4, 115 lb, 34D-24-34(real), black (previously blonde)/green, 9-9-8, lfk, loves-daty, dp, bbbj, body slide, water/no-wine, 2-hr minimum

Helene has a colorful personality as a participant in escort discussion boards, and was someone I had wanted to meet. She worked first at Eleganza agency, set herself up as a high-dollar independent for a while, and was now back at a low-dollar agency. When I saw a post on by Prime Time agency listing their discount rates and announcing Helene was available, I called Sam right away.

Helene was a very attractive brunette. I showed her the red and white wines, but she asked for water instead. We sat on the sofa and talked about each other for a while. She has a full time day job and escorts after hours. Helene moved closer and we cuddled. I told her I like kissing and she gave me a few light-to-medium kisses before pulling away. Throughout our session, she seemed to be more into cuddling than kissing. And her kisses were more sensual than passionate.

She asked me if I would like a massage and I immediately accepted. I stripped and got into bed and she did the same. She sat naked on my butt and massaged my back. And then she turned it into a body slide which I enjoyed very much. I turned my attention on her, kissing her lips and sucking her breasts. I moved down to daty and enjoyed a long feast. Helene rested her heels on my shoulder and moaned with pleasure till she finally orgasmed.

Helene started a bbbj, sensually licking and sucking the head. I asked if she allows clients in her mouth. She said she doesn't because she has braces on her teeth. Her old reviews from Eleganza indicate she was more liberal then. We moved to full service in missionary. I gave her a massage afterwards and gave her a body slide too. She took a five-minute catnap while I laid on her back with my dick pressed against her butt.

She was feeling cold so we cuddled under the blanket. After a while, she ducked under the covers and started another bbbj. This got me ready for a second service in doggy. I suggested we relax in a hot bath, but she said she preferred to go home and shower. So we spent the rest of the session cuddling and talking about various things. I enjoyed Helene's company.


PS: Helene is now Independent at

O Taylor!
Taylor:,  $300/hr, $500/2-hrs, $1000 for 5 1-hr dates, 25 yr, 5'6, 110 lb, perky 34b-24-34, long blonde/blue (sometimes dyed brown), shaved; 9-9-10(!), conversation, deep-kiss, loves-daty, dp, bbbjtc & swallow, body slide, vibrator, ymmv-rimming, ymmv-golden showers/watersports, red wine, ex-CF, ex-Tasha@DC

Taylor knocked as I was drying myself from the shower, and I let her in wearing a towel around my waist. I needn't have bothered since she yanked it off right away. I got her out of her winter coat and continued till I got to her bright red lingerie. She was wearing the world's smallest bikini bottom. The red thongs held up a tiny patch of material that just covered a third of her shaved pussy. Taylor took it off and put it on me and laughed at the way my stiff rod stretched it out.

We had a bout of wild passionate sex to set up a romantic atmosphere. Then we lit candles, opened the wine and moved to bed for more serious lovemaking. It's hard to recollect the order we did things like deep kissing, daty, bbj, bls and body slides. But there was one thing will never forget. During the rimming session, Taylor asked if I had ever heard the national anthem through my ass. I was perplexed. What was she talking about? "Everyone should hear the national anthem through their ass at least once in their life" she said with a straight face. She sang O Canada! while licking my ass. Some day someone will invent an acronym for this. The vibrations from her voice seemed to resonate through my rectum and make my dick reverberate like a steel rod. I had discovered a new sensory organ! I would like to think that the injection of her patriotism into my system this way has made me Canadian too. God bless the troops in Afghanistan.

Taylor insisted on getting her "Robin sauce" so we ended with a bbbjtcim with slurping and swallow. We showered afterwards and I got to soap her all over. She even held her pussy lips open so I could soap inside. I helped her bundle up for the freezing weather and bid goodbye with a long and warm deep kiss.

Marie-Anne of Satin Dreams , (514) 223-0325 (Peter, Jessy), $160/hr
Marie-Anne, 22 yr, 5'8, 120 lb, perky 34b, brown/brown, shaved, 8-8-7, good English, lk, daty, dp, cbj, red wine, shower, ex-XXXtase

Jessy was on an extended break from work but she had mentioned Marie-Anne as someone they had recently hired. I made arrangements with Peter when I saw she was on schedule for that evening. Marie-Anne was an attractive brunette who spoke fairly good English. I offered her a choice of wine but she said she doesn't drink. We sat down on the sofa and talked, but her eyes seemed to be drawn to the wines. She finally gave in to temptation and asked for the red wine. She opened it herself and we continued our conversation. I enjoyed Marie-Anne's cheerful, fun-loving attitude.

When I told her I like kissing she said she kisses "a little bit". She have me a few light kisses. We only had occasional light kisses during our whole session. We got naked and moved to bed with our wine. Marie-Anne had nice perky breasts and I enjoyed sucking on them. I moved down to daty and had a nice long feast. She got out a condom for cbj, but I asked for some bbbj first. She said "No, but this will be good. You'll see". She gave me a cbj for a while and then we moved on to full service. The agency web site claims she is "GFE" but it was not true in this case.

We finished the rest of the wine while conversing in bed. When she announced she was going to shower, I asked if I could join her and she agreed. I helped soap her all over. Marie-Ann got dressed, picked up her fee, and offered each cheek for a goodbye kiss.

Maria of Celine's Fantasies , (514) 804-2354 (Celine, Robin), $160/hr
Maria, 22 yr, 5'0, 120 lb, 34b, brown/green, shaved, 7.5-9-9, dfk, daty, dp, bls, bbbjtcim & swallow, shower, wine

I checked availabilities with Robin the receptionist and found I could see Maria, but only if I was ready to receive her in 15 minutes. Otherwise she had later appointments and they wouldn't be able to squeeze me in. I had met Maria at Celine's party and knew she was fun to be with. She has a picture on the agency site where the camera angle makes her look like a bbbw when she is not. Maria is short and chubbier than average but looks quite attractive. She liked both red and the white wines, so we just picked one. She cuddled close while we sipped and introduced ourselves. I told her I liked kissing. She said "Boy, you are in for trouble!" and immediately started deep kisses. Maria may be one of the best kissers around. We probed each other's mouths and licked each other's tongues in a wild frenzy.

We shed some of our clothes moved to the bed with our wine. Maria showed off her turquoise lingerie but that didn't stay on for long. After another nice deep-kissing session, I moved to work on her breasts and finally moved down to daty. We both seemed to enjoy it and soon she was her grinding her pussy into my tongue and fingers. We took a wine break to catch our breath and then it was her turn. She gave me an erotic, wet bbbj with lots of bls. I asked asked if she allows cumming in her mouth, and she said yes and that she loves that. I asked her to hold that thought while we had full service first. We took another wine break then had sex in missionary so I could continue the deep wet kisses. We banged away for a while and when I was ready, I offered her my manhood to finish with a bbbjtcim. She swallowed it all.

We relaxed in bed, chatted and finished our wine. I gave her a massage. When it was time for her to shower, I asked if I could join her and she agreed. She didn't say no to anything I asked in our session. Before getting dressed, Maria modeled some new lingerie she had bought for a photo shoot the next day. I added a $40 to her fee and we said goodbye with another bout of deep-kissing. Celine's Fantasies seem to have an all-gfe staff with many of the escorts allowing cim. Even Jacques' agency in its heyday didn't have such a liberal record. Anyway, Maria plans to become an independent escort and I'm sure I will be seeing her again.

Same old same old with Taylor
Taylor: , , $300/hr, $500/2-hrs, $1000 for 5 1-hr dates, 25 yr, 5'6, 110 lb, perky 34b-24-34, long blonde/blue (sometimes dyed brown), shaved; 9-9-10(!), conversation, deep-kiss, loves-daty, dp, bbbjtc & swallow, body slide, vibrator, ymmv-rimming, ymmv-face fuck, ymmv-golden showers/watersports, red wine

It was freezing outside when Taylor stepped in and melted in my arms. It took a few seconds to strip off her layers of clothing and get down to her flowery lingerie. We warmed up with tongue-probing deep kisses before setting up the wine and candles and cuddling up naked in bed. I asked about her college life. She said is a typical student - except that she gets dreams of professors ripping off her pants, ravaging her during recess, doing her over the podium and so on. Perhaps I should try a professor-student role play with her next time.

Taylor said she had a new position for bbbj and wanted me to try it. She laid on her back with head hanging off the edge of the bed. Following her screenplay, I stood by the side of the bed and fucked her mouth. She was fascinated that this gave her an upside down view of my privates. My view wasn't bad either. I found I could also hold her head between my thighs for more control. You won't find this unusual technique listed in something like "Sex Positions for Dummies" but apparently this is one variation of what is known as the "face fuck".

I offered to give her a body slide and she asked if I wanted to slide on her back or front. I preferred the nipple slide. When it was her turn, she started a nice body slide on my front. But something else caught her attention and I found myself enjoying another bbbj with lots of spitting and slurping. I didn't want to cim yet, so I moved on to daty, using her cherry-flavored lotion to make it more delicious. Taylor said she had brought her famous g-spot orgasmifier and I needed no second invitation to use it. She held it near the lamp for a while, which made it give off an eerie green glow in the dark. She suggested I use her warming lotion to lubricate her pussy first. I used my fingers to coat her inside with the lotion, inserted the bulb and shaft of orgasmifier deep in, and positioned it just right for her g-spot. She turned on the vibrator and let me play with moving it around inside her. The orgasmifier was glowing green but my dick felt even greener with envy at that substitute having all the fun. So I moved on to full service, enjoying deep kisses while I pounded her.

When I was ready to come, I wanted her to swallow it all. But by the time I could yank off the condom and plunge my dick into her mouth, I had squirted some of the cum on her neck and breast. Taylor asked me to get out my camera for cumshot photographs. I also took close-ups of her using the orgasmifier, before giving her the memory card. We took a quick shower where I focused on soaping important parts. Taylor said it felt like a drive-thru pussy wash. I helped her put on her warm clothing, gave her warm kisses and let her out into the cold night.

PS: If anyone thinks I may be her agent or something, just add a 10% agent surcharge to her fee when you see her. We can call this pimping on the honor system. All proceeds will go towards sex research.


More Tail with Taylor
Taylor: , , $300/hr, $500/2-hrs, $1000 for 5 1-hr dates, 25 yr, 5'6, 110 lb, perky 34b-24-34, long blonde/blue (sometimes dyed brown), shaved; 9-9-10(!), conversation, deep-kiss, loves-daty, dp, bbbjtc & swallow, body slide, vibrator, ymmv-rimming, ymmv-face fuck, ymmv-golden showers/watersports, red wine

I made arrangements with Taylor to meet on the day of my arrival in Montreal. We greeted each other with customary deep-tongue kisses. She had dyed her hair brown for winter but plans to have it dark blond again for the summer. She looks cute either way. Taylor had brought her own bottle of red wine this time. She sat astride on on my lap and gave me a grinding lap dance while we sipped it. She knew I loved her perky breasts so she pulled off her top and let me feast on her long pink nipples. We shed our clothes and got into bed to start a body slide. Taylor squirted copious amounts of massage oil on my front and her breasts and slithered all over me while I lay on my back. She came up with the idea of body sliding in the 69 position and that was even better. She slid her pussy over my mouth while she gave me a deep-throat bbbj, making gagging noises for effect.

Taylor showed me a condom brand that was claimed to be thinner than others, and she wanted feedback from clients. We started sex in the doggy position but she slid her knees back till we were in a prone position across the bed, with our heads almost hanging over the edge. She reached back and slapped my butt to make me ride her harder. Afterwards, we cuddled with our oily bodies pressed together and talked of many things while we finished the rest of the wine. There was plenty of deep kissing and deep-fingering to keep the conversation interesting. Taylor asked me if I like greek. It's not something that I crave for, but I like to try it occasionally for variety. I think she has plans to include greek in one of our future dates.

We ended the session with Taylor's signature bbbjtcim & swallow. Overflowing cum dribbling from her mouth combined with the massage oil to make a glistening coat on her neck. We showered together afterwards, washing each other's intimate areas. She spread her pussy lips and then her butt cheeks to make sure I soaped all nooks and crannies. We deep-kissed good-bye with pleasure, knowing that we will be seeing each other again soon. I'm nursing a fantasy that Taylor is my private escort and will see no one else but me.

Diamond of Satin Dreams , (514) 223-0325 (Peter), $160/hr
Diamond, 26 yr, 5'2, 110 lb, 34c, blonde/blue, shaved, 8.5-9-8.5, some-English, dfk, daty, dp, bbbj, bls, msog, champagne, shower, ex-Syndie@Devilish, ex-Alexis@SD

I called Jessy's own agency Montreal Sex City, but she didn't have anyone for me at the time. However, she recommended that I see Diamond from Satin Dreams. Jessy made the arrangements for me and Diamond arrived 10 minutes early while I was putting on my clothes after a shower. She was a pretty blonde with a trim petite figure. She had no preference between the red or white wine so we picked one at random. She said her favorite drink was champagne. We were soon kissing between sips and chatting like old acquaintances.

Diamond started to shed her clothes and help me take mine off. We cuddled naked and kissed for a while before getting into bed. She asked what I like to do and I told her kissing and daty were my favorites. She broke into a bright smile. I sucked on her breasts for a while and then moved down to her Y. I enjoyed the fine dining while feeling her tiny clit slowly enlarge and finally throb with pleasure. She then changed positions and gave me an excellent bbbj with lots of licking of the balls and shaft. It was a visual pleasure to look into the sea of blue in her eyes as she sucked on my manhood. She said she doesn't do bbbjtcim, so we moved on to missionary sex. I tried gingerly to get into her tight pussy until she said "You won't hurt me - push it in hard". We stayed in bed afterwards, cuddling and talking while finishing the rest of the wine. Diamond has a cheerful, upbeat personality and her service is unhurried. She is comfortable with this profession and does not keep it a secret from her friends. She accepted my offer of a massage and so I oiled her up and kneaded her all over. I even climbed on her back and gave her a body slide. I was aroused in time for a second service.

Diamond let me join her in the shower and we helped soap, wash and dry each other. She called for her ride and found Peter was here already, waiting patiently at the curb for her call. I guess he is not a clock-watcher either. I added a $20 tip to her fee and we kissed good-bye.

Ophelie of Montreal Sex City , (514) 234-1286 (Jessy), $160/hr
Ophelie, 20 yr, 5'5, 105 lb, perky 34b, brown/green, shaved, 9-9-8, some-English, lfk, loves-daty, bbbj after washing, msog, red wine, shower, ex-Veronica@High Class

It was late afternoon when I called my favorite ex-escort Jessy who now owns the Montreal Sex City agency. She apologized, saying that her girls had a "long list" and all I could get was a late-night appointment. However a new girl Ophelie had just joined them from an incall agency and could start her shift soon. Jessy said she was a hottie who claimed to be GFE but they had no verification of that. I accepted the offer and Ophelie was delivered shortly.

Ophelie was an attractive brunette with a slim young figure. She preferred the red wine and I opened it while she made a quick dash to the bathroom. We chatted about ourselves while we sipped the wine. Ophelie had this endearing habit of reaching out and stroking my body as we talked. This occurred throughout our session, and I found this gesture added to the feeling of intimacy. When I told her I liked kissing, she said she kisses but doesn't like tongue. I enjoyed the soft sensual lip-penetrating kisses. We helped each other undress until I could admire her slender nude body and her petite breasts with petite pink nipples. Her ivory skin was flawless except for a couple of tattoos. She shyly said that I was her first client with this new agency. I told her she was my first escort from Jessy's agency. We were immediately struck by this coincidence and grabbed each other in a tight naked hug and kissed in celebration.

When we moved to the bed, Ophelie caressed and played with my dick. She asked me to wash it so she could give a bbbj. I dashed to the bathroom and complied. She kissed my neck and chest and moved down to envelope my shaft. During the uninhibited slurpy bbbj, she caressed my balls while I played with her titties. I asked if she allows clients to come in her mouth. She said she doesn't do this, "even in my real life". It was my turn next. I caressed her breasts and sucked on her nipples before moving down to dine at her Y. The daty was delicious as I licked her clit to arousal and sucked it till she orgasmed.

Ophelie gave me a short bbbj before putting on the condom and a little cbj for the road before we got into missionary position. She squirted lubricant into her pussy before letting my dick in. I had an enjoyable full service accompanied by kissing. She said she came the same time as I did. We relaxed in bed, chatting and drinking our wine. She offered to massage me but I counter-offered to massage her. I spread the massage oil and kneaded her back. Then I oiled my chest and slid it along her back while my private parts slid along her butt. She said she liked my body slide. Ophelie gave me a back massage next, pressing hard on my muscles while she sat on my butt. When I was ready for a second service, she gave me another bbbj, put on the condom and assumed the doggy position. After a few strokes, I had her slide her knees back until we were banging away in a prone position.

When it was time to shower, Ophelie agreed to let me join her. I soaped her all over, taking care not to wet her hair as she requested. We got dressed and she asked if the money on the table was for her. I said "Of course!" and added a $20 tip. A while after we kissed goodbye, Jessy called back to check how I liked Ophelie. I gave her two thumbs up.

Partying with Angels
Montreal escort get-togethers are fun but there was nothing like that scheduled during my stay. So if there wasn't a public party, perhaps I could make a private one just for me? I started with a couple of invitations and the party group soon grew to a decent size. The venue was Vargas, an upscale steak and sushi restaurant in downtown. Among the party-goers were an escort I had already seen during this trip, an escort who would be with me after the party, and an escort who I planned to see later. Also attending were a new agency owner and a retired agency owner.

By Machiavellian planning, I had arranged to be the only hobbyist at this event. I had no objection to all the attention I got. Ladies on each side were feeding me their appetizers and kissing me. We finished off three bottles of wine during the course of our dinner and our conversation flowed without a break. Other than me, all participants were in the escort-related business, so much of the topics were shop talk. As a long-time Montreal hobbyist, I was a bit of an insider too and could also contribute to the gossip. The party was a lively 3.5-hour entertainment event. I would not have missed it at any cost.

All good parties must come to an end. I kissed some of the partyers goodbye and took one of the ladies back to my hotel room. This was Montreal Angel, the independent escort I have known the longest. We did a lot more intimate partying in my room, with the lights turned off and the candles lit to accentuate the intimacy. We got undressed but she kept on her sexy see-through lingerie with openings for free access to all intimate areas. We deep-kissed probing deeply with our tongues. I groped her breasts and sucked her nipples. I moved down for daty and soon her pussy was soaking in her juices. I continued till her orgasm and then relaxed for a while on top of her. Angel had me lie face-up and she put on the condom using her mouth. She and gave me a deep-throat cbj with plenty of what she calls "hoover action". I was soon ready for full service and we got into missionary position. It was was intensely satisfying sex, with me deep-kissing her mouth, fondling her nipples and banging away at her squishy wet pussy, all at the same time. She couldn't seem to get enough. It was as if there were two different Angels - the classy-lady at the restaurant and the naked-nympho in my bed. The in-room party had to end too, when Angel picked up her envelope and kissed me goodbye.

When I got into bed, my only wish was that I wouldn't wake up and find out that all this was only a dream! I am deeply grateful to all the party animals who took time off from their schedule to give me an experience I will never forget.

Angel aka Tina: (514) 347-1625,,  35 yr, 5'5, 108 lb, 35c-24-34 implant, blonde/blue, shaved, 9-9-8, conversation, deep-kiss, loves-daty, cbj, vibrator, white wine.

PS: When I wrote the account of our get-together, I thought some of the party animals would prefer to remain anonymous. But Jessy posted a report on Tom's bulletin board describing the event in her own unique style:

Thanks to the *REAL ROBIN* for an Exclusive Private GT !!!

While I’m checking my e-mails, I received an invitation from the One & Only Legendary Robin. A private GT with Robin and friends ? Oh my ... oh my...! Being a Gentleman as ever, I did received in the past many invitations but as I was busy like a bee, I never took the time to enjoy those. Even if now I’m busy like a mosquito!, I decided to take on the invitation, and as requested by this long time reliable hobbyist, I also accepted to bring some Ladies, meaning of Maria Divina and the new hottie Ophélie who join us after her appointment. Unfortunately, or should I say fortunately for Janet, she was booked for the evening and Michelle had some other obligations.

After walking in the very well recommended Steakhouse Bar & Grill restaurant Vargas, everyone was introduced to each other. Funny anecdote, Tom and Maria had a few exchanges concerning golf lessons and it was intentionally hide from Tom that she was going to meet her at the private GT. Actually they were suppose to meet after for a coffee so imagine when Maria was introduce to him, to his question which Maria she was, we all had a good laughs when she said: "I’m Maria Divina !". No need to say that they have talked all evening!

To my great pleasure I got to meet a beautiful sexy Lady named Angel! God and some said I was slim!!! Not being a petite woman like me 5’1 ¾ (3/4 being important in my case), her tall body makes her look even more slender. Discussion with that Lovely was more then interesting and we found out that we have similar taste regarding wine.

As for the food, everything was just perfect, even if we have pretty much all ordered more that we could eat! Sorry for wasting so much!!!

Meanwhile, I wish that my most regular and long timer client knew a bit about French! Yes too many times we have make him lost track in some discussions but I guest as his personality is, he was more then please to be surrounded by Ladies of taste and enjoyed seeing everyone’s appreciation in regards of his invitation. Yes Robin, simple man that like to do goods around and like we can say about only few people in this world, if you are happy, it’s all what he need to be even more.

Once again, I had the immense pleasure to share some moments with Tom. Tom, each time I meet this Gentleman, I find him to be a great class act, and I felt very sorry for your little problem that occurs during dinner!!! Like you said, thank God you weren’t on a personal rendez-vous!

What more could be say, everything was on the menu, great company, beautiful Ladies, Gentlemen as you wish, food very good, a 5 stars service, ambiance to remember!!!

Dear Robin, thank you so much for that privilege, you always amaze me and knowing you for so long, I couldn’t expected more then a just perfect private GT from you. Thanks to all attendants and to Montreal Sex City Ladies for taking the time to partake such an event.
Jessy xxx

Maria Divina of Montreal Sex City , (514) 234-1286 (Jessy), $160/hr
Maria Divina, 34 yr, 5'3, 115 lb, 34a, long black/brown, shaved, 8-9-9, some-English, dfk, loves-daty, bbbj, msog, body slide, red wine, shower, ex-Asservissante

I met Maria at a private party and she came across as a fun-loving escort in her 30's. On the day of our appointment, she walked in dressed as a secretary but with stockings, garter belt & corset underneath. She took off her glasses and washed off her lipstick before greeting me with deep kisses. At the party, Maria had propounded a theory that white wine was for midday, rose wine for the afternoon and red wine for the evening, no matter what food it accompanied. So the wine we chose to open was no surprise. We cuddled on the sofa but she seemed to find the lingerie outfit too uncomfortable. She looked relieved when I told her to go ahead and get them off. She got practically naked and I raced to catch up with her. We exchanged deep-tongue kisses while we drank the wine and talked. She fed me a mouthful of wine while kissing and it was delicious. I took another sip returned the same favor.

We got into bed for more dfk. Maria positioned her breasts over my mouth so I could feast on them for a while. Then I enjoyed daty with deep fingering until she orgasmed. She gave me a bbbj next and licked my balls too. I played with her soft black hair that draped over my belly while her head was bobbing. When I asked about coming in her mouth, she said her two restrictions were no bbbjtc and no greek. We had sex in missionary while continuing to enjoy deep-kissing.

We chatted and finished our wine. I got out my massage oil and gave her a back massage. I then demonstrated a body slide on top of her back. Maria had never come across this before and found she liked it. I had her turn over on her back and body-slid all over her front too to complete the lesson. Then it was her finals with me on my back and her body-sliding over me. She passed with flying colors. For extra credit, she switched from sliding with her chest to massaging me with her pussy. This made both of us horny enough for another full service. "You seem to be a person who likes women" she observed. No kidding!

Maria let me accompany her to the shower and we soaped each other everywhere. She got dressed and put her lipstick back on. I added a $20 tip to her fee and deep-kissed her goodbye. Oops! Now she had to put lipstick on again.

Miss Ophelie, GFE , (514) 234-1286 (Jessy), $160/hr
Ophelie Phoenix, 20 yr, 5'5, 105 lb, perky 34b, brown/green, shaved, 9-9-9, some-English, dfk, loves-daty, dp, bbbj after washing, bls, msog, red wine, shower, ex-Veronica@High Class

I craved for a "dating a sweet coed" experience and I knew Ophelie fitted the bill. Jessy called me a couple of hours before our scheduled appointment and said I could have Ophelie earlier if I wanted. I grabbed the offer and Ophelie arrived a little later in a short summer dress that showed off her slim legs. We hugged and deep kissed, sucking on wet lips. She said she felt happy at my private party, when I told her I would be calling her again. She loved the red Mouton Cadet we had the last time, so that's what I opened again. Ophelie draped a bare leg across my lap and I caressed it all over from ankle to thigh and beyond. She then sat astride on my lap facing me and continued kissing while giving me a grinding lap dance. Her kissing had got more liberal since our last date - delicious, passionate wet-lip kisses. She shed her clothing between sips of wine and I found myself groping a half naked Ophelie while I was still fully dressed. We corrected that imbalance by getting naked.

I washed my dick without being asked before we got into bed. I got a stimulating deep-throat bbbj while I was playing with her breasts. It was my turn and I got into position for daty. I feasted on her clit with my finger deep inside her until she reached her climax. I cuddled on top of her for a while and then she gave me more bbbj before putting on a condom with her mouth. We had a vigorous full service in a prone doggy position. We relaxed for a while drinking more wine and exchanging more kisses. Ophelie announced that she was going to try out Ophelie Phoenix as her stage name, a combination dreamed up by her teammate Maria Divina. We did some heavy petting with each other's private parts. Soon Ophelie started another bbbj, this time with some erotic licking of my balls. We had sex in missionary while we continued with deep-kissing.

We showered together soaping and washing each other all over. Ophelie got dressed, picked up the envelope with her fee & advance tip, and we deep-kissed goodbye. She said she was making sure she didn't leave anything behind, so I wouldn't rush out to return it - a mischievous reference to a story Jessy had entertained our party group with.

Picture Perfect Taylor
Taylor: , , $300/hr, $500/2-hrs, $1000 for 5 1-hr dates, 25 yr, 5'6, 110 lb, perky 34b-24-34, long blonde/blue (sometimes dyed brown), shaved; 9-9-10(!), conversation, deep-kiss, loves-daty, dp, bbbjtc & swallow, body slide, vibrator, ymmv-rimming, ymmv-face fuck, ymmv-golden showers/watersports, red wine

I opened the door to see a picture-perfect pose of Taylor in sexy see-through lingerie! She had surprised me again by whisking off her dress and stuffing it into her purse soon after knocking. I dragged her inside and we locked together in a real deep kiss. I had a short time to admire the sexy lingerie before it came off too. Taylor opened the red wine while I was getting out of my clothes. She gave me an erotic lap dance when we were both naked. We kissed and chatted with her on my lap. She had just returned from a trip to New York and had missed my private get-together.

When we got into bed, Taylor wanted to experiment with doing daty and rimming at the same time. I straddled her in a 69 position while she prepared my ass with antiseptic wipes and cinnamon-flavored lotion. We found we had to meld tighter than a 69, into a kind of yin-yang position to reach our feasts. I enjoyed giving deep-french daty while getting deep-french rimming. We had sex for a while before taking a break for more wine and kissing. Taylor's escort career and her band career were doing well and she plans to remain in Montreal till late this year. I gave her another pornographic daty while deep fingering her g-spot. She gave me a pornographic bbbjtc and dribbled my cum down her neck. She had me take pictures with my camera to add to her cumshot collection.

We got in the bathtub and after some horseplay with watersports, we turned on the shower. We soaped and groped each other's private parts. I saw Taylor's new red & white dress only when she pulled it out of her purse and slipped it on. Because of the declining US$ exchange rate, she had done quite a bit of shopping in NYC. It's about time we get back some of the tourist dollars that we spend in Montreal ;)

Michelle of Montreal Sex City , (514) 234-1286 (Jessy), $160/hr
Michelle, 20 yr, 5'4, 115 lb, Perky 34b, brown/brown, shaved, 8.5-8-9, some-English, dfk, daty, dp, bbbjtcim & swallow, msog, water/no-wine, ex-Eleganza

I answered the heavy knocking on the door and let in a smiling brunette wearing glasses. After introductions, I showed Michelle the red and white wines, but she preferred water instead. We exchanged deep kisses on the sofa. Her minimal English (or my zero French) didn't allow much success at long conversation. Sensing this, she started to take off her clothes and was soon naked. I quickly followed her lead. Michelle had an attractive figure, with perky breasts and a couple of tattoos on her bronzed skin. She immediately dove down to give me a bbbj. We moved to the bed with our wine-glasses of Evian and after a few kisses and caresses, she resumed the bbbj. Michelle said it was OK to come in her mouth but I wanted to keep that for last. I sucked on her breasts before moving down to daty. I enjoyed a long feast along with with deep fingering. By this time it was apparent that she had a bad cold. (Or was she allergic to me?). She explained that she was down with a cough and cold the previous week but she had got over it. But now she seemed to be getting a relapse. We agreed to plow on with the session anyhow.

Michelle gave me a bbbj and got me primed up for some doggie sex. After we relaxed for a while, I offered her a massage. She accepted but preferred one without the massage oil. She returned the favor and gave me a massage. After some more bbbj, we started full service in missionary. When I got near the flash point, I took off the condom and let her suck me to completion. She swallowed everything. When it was time for her to shower, I asked if I could join her, but she preferred to shower alone. I added a tip to her fee before kissing goodbye. She apologized for her cold and promised that my next session with her would be even better.

One More for the Road with Taylor
Taylor: ,,  $300/hr, $500/2-hrs, $1000 for 5 1-hr dates, 25 yr, 5'6, 110 lb, perky 34b-24-34, long blonde/blue (sometimes dyed brown), shaved; 9-9-10(!), conversation, deep-kiss, loves-daty, dp, bbbjtc & swallow, body slide, vibrator, ymmv-rimming, ymmv-face fuck, ymmv-golden showers/watersports, red wine

It was the last night of the trip and I was thrilled when Taylor called to confirm she was on her way. We welcomed each other as usual with deep kisses at the door. It was not her birthday or anything but I surprised her with a gift bag. She took out the green & pink see-through lingerie and immediately stripped naked to try it on. The B-cup bra and Small-size panty fit perfectly. Taylor bounced happily on the sofa while I got comfortable too and opened the red wine. We decided to move to the bed right away, but not before Taylor lit candles for a ambiance. She tousled my hair and I took this as an opportunity to play with her hair. Taylor asked "Squeeze my bum" while we kissed. She gave me a slurpy bbbj with lots of spitting before I pounded her in doggy.

We took a wine break and talked about her plans for more pictures and enhancements to her web site. She has taken classes in Flash programming and claimed it lends itself to better-looking web pages than old-fashioned Html programming. Meanwhile I was engrossed in sucking her nipples. I had no sooner kissed her belly button when she said "I know where you are heading". She spread her thighs to welcome my oral attention. "I love a man who loves giving head" she added. I enjoyed dining at her Y while probing deep with my finger. We switched to sex in missionary, during which we were deep kissing and she was fingering my ass. Soon it was time to yank off the condom and stick my dick into her mouth for the bbbjtc & swallow grand finale.

We saw we had time for a hot bath and I showed her the blue bubble bath liquid I had ready. Taylor had brought the memory card for my camera and we used it again to take pictures of her frolicking in the bathtub wearing nothing but foam. She also put on a kinky show for the camera. If she ever auditions for a porn movie, she would head straight for stardom. I joined her in the bath and we washed each other everywhere. She picked up her gift bag after we got dressed, and we kissed farewell till my next trip.


12/07 Another Trip to the Well with Emma , (514) 777-7807 (Chris, Mike), $180/hr
Emma: 22 yr, 5'5, 110 lb, perky 34b-24-34, black/brown, shaved, tattoo; 8-9-9.5, some-English, dfk, daty, no-dp, squirts, bbbj, +$ bbbjtc & swallow, 2-fs, water/no wine, shower, ex-Eve@sexyxxx

Emma recognized me at the door as a previous client and welcomed me with a deep kiss. I had bottles of water ready since she needs to drink it frequently to re-hydrate herself. I noticed her glance at the wines that had also displayed and I convinced her to try the the white Mouton Cadet. We exchanged wet kisses while sipping the wine. I asked about her favorite drink and she admitted that next to water, she likes Tsingtao beer.

We undressed and took the water bottles and wine to the bed. Emma turned the clock radio on to a French pop station and asked if I wanted her "show". Of course I did, and so she arranged layers of towels on the bed. I inserted layers of newspapers under the towels for extra measure. I started a daty, gently sucking and licking her clit. She soon said "Press harder, I like it hard!". So I switched my tongue to a deep-pressure massage, pressing hard on her clit while I licked it. After a while, she announced "I am gong to come!". I continued licking feverishly until she orgasmed and I felt a warm liquid soaking my chin. I lifted my head up to see pulsating fountains squirting on me. While cleaning up, we noticed that all the towels and most of the newspapers were soaked but the bed was left dry. We had used up much of the hour so I had Emma call Mike to extend the session to two hours.

We had sex in missionary so we could continue deep kissing. Afterwards we relaxed in bed drinking water and wine. Emma recalled how she unintentionally squirted the first time she had sex. She kept thinking there was something wrong with herself, until she found out it was valued as a talent. She later learned to suppress it so that she didn't always have to squirt during sex. She feels good that her squirting comes naturally, unlike porn-site squirters who use dildos.

Emma felt hungry and I offered a banana I had in my room. She turned it into a porno performance by licking the banana, sucking it in and out, and deep throating it. I gave her a massage using plenty of massage oil. She soon said "press harder", so I massaged her with full force. I have this theory that whether a woman wants her massage hard or light will predict whether she is more responsive to a hard or a gentle daty. I will need to conduct more experiments to confirm this.

I smoothly transitioned from massaging her to body-sliding on her back and then on her front. She returned the favor by giving me a deep massage and then and body sliding on me with her pussy pressing down hard. She said "I want my banana now" and proceeded to lick, suck and deep throat my dick. We repositioned ourselves in a 69, and I dined on her pussy while she continued to dine on my banana. She asked if I liked the bbbj hard or gentle, and whether she should use her hands too. I had her experiment with her various techniques and picked the one that felt the best. I confirmed that she still allowed bbbjtcim and told her I would warn her when. Her custom-made bbbj was very arousing and it was soon my time to squirt. She kept sucking as I delivered, leaving no trace in her mouth.

We cuddled for a while before getting into the shower. We washed and soaped each other everywhere. After we got dressed, Emma called her driver but he was 15 minutes away. So she turned on the TV to a music video channel and we cuddled and deep kissed, while watching Shakira's belly. Then it was time for her to pick up the fee & tip and kiss me goodbye.

Can't be a Stranger with Taylor
Taylor: , , $300/hr, $500/2-hrs, $1000 for 5 1-hr dates, 25 yr, 5'6, 110 lb, perky 34b-24-34, long blonde/blue (sometimes dyed brown), shaved; 9-9-10(!), conversation, deep-kiss, loves-daty, dp, bbbjtc & swallow, body slide, vibrator, ymmv-rimming, ymmv-face fuck, ymmv-golden showers/watersports, red wine. Duo+show through

We started deep kissing even before greeting each other and moments later Taylor was on her knees giving me a bbbj. I guess I am not a stranger to her. She stripped to her lingerie and lit candles while I opened the red wine. I shed some clothing too and joined her on the sofa where she straddled my lap to continue kissing and grinding. She talked about her recent a trip to Europe with her band. She enjoyed it and plans to move there next year. I feasted on her perky breasts for a while before moving to bed.

Taylor assumed the face-fuck position with her head hanging off the bed so I obliged and rammed her mouth while she made choking noises as special effects. We had full service in missionary and relaxed for a while with our wine. Taylor also works at Montreal Sex City agency for a two-girl duo plus lesbian show, which costs a little more than her independent 1-hour rate. She has developed an attraction to Michelle at that agency and enjoys the spontaneous sex that happens between them. She described one example where the customer came in Michelle's mouth, who then kissed Taylor and passed the cum into her mouth. Taylor swallowed it all, leaving the client impressed.

Taylor also discussed her plans to offer services that are the opposite of a dominatrix session. She has been reading up on the psychology of subjugation, and has some ideas on playing submissive roles. She has even bought some accessories like a whip and hand-cuffs to be used on her. Perhaps I could experiment with her another time? "But right now I have an ass fetish" she exclaimed, and made me lie face down. She wet-wiped my ass and coated it with "mint jelly" from a tube. She spread my buttcheeks and licked my ass, probing in deep with her tongue. When she turned me over, I was hard and ready for her bbbjtcim & swallow finale.

We showered together with some watersports included. We got dressed and deep-kissed goodbye. But before I could open the door for Taylor, she dropped down, unzipped me and did a quick bbbj for the road!

Gourmet Feasting Experience
I was browsing the web late into the night and before I dozed off, I came across a restaurant review community. It was a discussion board for helping customers who frequent restaurants as a hobby. Members contributed information that would help others choose their next restaurant wisely. Individual preferences seemed to vary widely. Some preferred low dollar places that they could visit more often while others favored occasional high dollar dining. For some, the presentation and appearance of the serving was most important while for others it was the variety of items in their plate. Some patronized restaurants where the menu was restricted to safe foods while others insisted on restaurants with a liberal menu of items that were not guaranteed to be healthy. The most sought-after restaurants had to have a certain combination of items served with personal attention that would earn the label "Gourmet Feasting Experience" (GFE). There was also much discussion on whether it was better for a restaurant to join a franchise or be independent. Most members seemed to enjoy their hobbying but there were a frustrated few who could not control their dining or used it to escape from personal problems.

I felt I knew enough about their hobby to offer my insight, but my body seemed frozen and my fingers wouldn't type! When I woke up I had absolutely no recollection of the web address. I was left with just a deep yearning for GFE.


Nicole of Eleganza , (514) 812-5311 (John, Joe), $180/hr
Nicole: 20 yr, 5'6, 110 lb, perky 34a-24-34, dirty blonde/blue, shaved, 8.5-9-9, conversation, deep-kiss, daty, dp, bbbjtcim, red wine

Nicole was recommended to me by another hobbyist and she was on Eleganza's schedule that day, so I made a reservation with John. A little after the appointed time, John called to verify I was in my room. Apparently the driver had transposed digits in my room number and Nicole was futilely knocking at the wrong door! She soon found her way to my room and introduced herself. Nicole was a pretty girl with a slender figure and a cheery demeanor. She spoke excellent English.

I offered Nicole a choice of wines and she picked the red Mouton Cadet. We drank it while we cuddled on the sofa and chatted. In no time we were deep-kissing. We shed most of our clothing and she sat on my lap, straddling me while we enjoyed a real-dfk session. We sucked each other's lips and licked each other's tongues, making out like teenagers. I turned my attention to her cute and perky little breasts that were a delicious mouthful. She said she can't please those who like big boobs but luckily there were plenty of clients who liked her type of figure.

We carried our wines to the bed and got naked. I kissed her all over and worked my way down to her pussy. I enjoyed a nice long daty with a finger inside, until I had her quivering with pleasure. After a few more sips of wine, we went on to full service. We ended with a bbbjtcim after which she motioned me to wait while she ran with a full mouth to the bathroom. We relaxed in bed for more wine and conversation. Some of her friends know that she escorts and love to hear her stories about unusual sessions.

I got out the massage oil and gave her a massage which soon transformed into a body slide. She returned the favor with enthusiasm. It was well past the hour when there was a call from John. Nicole rushed to the shower, got dressed and picked up the fee & tip. As we kissed goodbye, I told her she shouldn't miss my room the next time. Her parting words were "I will always remember you as Wrong-Room Robin".

Cristal of Montreal Sex City,  (514) 234-1286 (Jessy), $160/hr
Cristal, 19 yr, 5'4, 120 lb, 34b, black/green, shaved, 8-8-9, some-English, dfk, daty, dp, bbbjtcim, red wine, ex-April@Eleganza

Jessy announced on the review board that a new gfe escort had joined the agency, so I called her and she arranged an appointment. She said that Cristal had just been hired based on good reviews at her previous agency but Jessy hadn't met her in person yet. Cristal arrived on time and we introduced ourselves. I showed her the wines and she picked the red. She took off her jeans while I opened the wine and her top was short enough to show she wore no panty. I made myself comfortable too and we cuddled on the sofa, exchanging wet kisses.

We got into bed and I sucked on her petite breasts for a while. I enjoyed a nice long daty followed by a good bbbj and a full service. We had more wine and chatted for a while. Cristal said it was her first day at Montreal Sex City. She worked as a part-time stripper, but prefers to escort instead. She claimed escort customers were nicer. I got out my massage oil and I gave her a massage. Then I started a body slide and Cristal immediately called it a cock massage. This soon got me aroused and she started a bbbj. I asked about coming in her mouth and she agreed. I gave her enough warning before shooting my load inside.

We had a bit of time afterwards and she asked to see the Montreal Sex City site on my laptop. She had not met any of the other escorts in the agency yet so she browsed their pictures. I also showed her the MSC announcement about her on the review site. Cristal asked about the abbreviations GFE and BBBJTCIM listed there. I explained them to her and she agreed that they describe her service well. She had told Jessy that she does everything except having anything up her ass. She then showed me some of her private pictures at an online sharing site. She looks very glamorous in the pictures with a much more attractive hairstyle.

After her shower, I watched Cristal put on her makeup. She was like an artist creating a painting, using a variety of colors and strokes to accentuate various parts of her face. She said girls at her strip club always wanted her to do their makeup because she was so good. She plans to attend a professional makeup course some day. Cristal got a call saying that her driver was waiting, so she kissed me goodbye and rushed away.

Naughty Naughty Taylor
Taylor: ,, $300/hr, $500/2-hrs, $1000 for 5 1-hr dates, 25 yr, 5'6, 110 lb, perky 34b-24-34, long blonde/blue (sometimes dyed brown), shaved; 9-9-10(!), conversation, deep-kiss, loves-daty, dp, bbbjtc & swallow, body slide, vibrator, ymmv-rimming, ymmv-face fuck, ymmv-golden showers/watersports, red wine. Duo+show through

We deep-kissed at the door and I took off her coat to reveal a very short pleated skirt and a skimpy blouse. "It's my schoolgirl dress" said Taylor. "What school has such a sexy uniform?" I asked. "The School of Naughtiness" she replied solemnly, and the rest of the session proved that she was ready to graduate.

I opened the red wine while she lit her candles and we soon got naked in bed. I enjoyed a 69 where we sucked each other's private parts like we were starving. We started full service in doggy but my eagerness pushed her off the edge of the bed! She found herself with her palms on the floor and her knees on the bed, while I still pounded away. This was a new sex position and we tried to think of a suitable name for it but drew a blank. Taylor decided to have a competition and reward the customer who comes up with a good name for this position.

Taylor said she had finally learned to squirt on a regular basis, so we decided to put her to the test. I spread layers of newspaper and towels under her thighs while she lubed herself with flavored lotion. I sucked on her clit while I massaged her g-spot with two fingers inside her. After a while, she had a strong orgasm but there was no squirting. Playing the role of a kind professor, I agreed to a makeup exam. She got out her famous orgasmifier vibrator, lubed it and switched it on. I slid it to and fro inside her while her fingers flickered across her clit at warp speed. The second orgasm successfully triggered the squirting and she sprayed fountains on my chest. It was intensely arousing and I could hardly wait for my bbbjtcim finale.

We moved with the candles and wine to the bathroom. We filled bath, added bubble bath liquid and got in. Taylor looked titillating while she frolicked in the water, holding her glass of red wine. She let me take a few picture to add to her private Robin's gallery - a growing collection of pictures, mostly unsuitable for a public viewing. It was soon time to dress up, deep-kiss and bid farewell - till the next time of course!

Montreal Angel, Independent
Angel aka Tina: (514) 347-1625,  , 35 yr, 5'5, 108 lb, 35c-24-34 implant, blonde/blue, shaved, 9-9-8, conversation, deep-kiss, loves-daty, cbj, vibrator, white wine.

The housekeeper was still making up my room when Angel arrived. We opened the white wine and behaved respectably until she left. Then Angel stripped to her lingerie while I undressed too and we cuddled together on the sofa. We exchanged deep kisses with lots of tongue probing, while we sipped the wine.

We moved to the bed to continue real-dfk and heavy petting. I enjoyed dining at her Y until she had a strong orgasm. "I really needed that!" Angel exclaimed. I had sex in missionary while continuing to deep-kiss her. That was just what I needed too. We cuddled in bed afterwards and chatted about the good old days. She felt sad that bbbj had become essential to any claim for a girlfriend experience. A mere formula had switched her from a gfe to a non-gfe escort even though her service had never changed. I felt empathy since real-dfk and daty to completion are much more important to me than bbbj.

It was soon time for Angel to wash up, get dressed and summon her ride. When she saw me change into my pajamas, she promised to bring some sexy ones with her the next time, just to see me in them. We hugged and kissed passionately before bidding goodbye.

Veronika, Independent, , $160/hr
Veronika, 22 yr, 5'5, 109 lb, perky 34a, dark blond/green, shaved, 9-9-9, some-English, dfk, loves-daty, dp, bbbj after washing, bls, msog, red wine, shower, ex-Ophelie@MSC, ex-Veronica@High Class

I knew Veronika as Ophelie of Montreal Sex City and she kept me updated on her whereabouts afterwards. She couldn't make the first appointment we had set up, but a few days later when another escort canceled, I contacted her on short notice. Veronika said she was in Montreal with her friends and could see me in an hour but she was not dressed for escorting. I told her I didn't mind.

We hugged and kissed at the door. She apologized for wearing jeans - she usually wears a skirt for dates. When I opened the wine, she said she always thinks of me when she tastes red Mouton Cadet. We undressed each other, kissing and groping for a while before moving to bed. I made a quick dash to the bathroom to wash my dick. She gave me a nice bbbj while I lay on my back. When I asked for daty, Veronika sat astride on my face while she held on to the headboard. This was a new daty position for me. She ground her clit on my tongue as I sucked her pussy. By holding the headboard, she could keep her weight off my face and position her clit for quickest arousal.

After an intense full service, we lay on the bed, sipped our wine and chatted. Veronika apologized again for not coming in a sexy dress. She said she had a schoolgirl uniform, and a lot of clients wanted that because she has a girlish figure. She would like to wear it for me the next time. "But what would I do with a schoolgirl?" I asked. With a twinkle in her eye she said "You can be the teacher and give me a star when I do something good for you". Bad Veronika!

I gave Veronika a massage with plenty of massage oil and body slid on her front afterwards. She did the same for me. We switched to a 69 for more mutual dining. She continued the bbbj for a while but I was too drained. As we finished the rest of our wine, Veronika mentioned the get-together party that was planned for Montreal review-board participants. "Will you come with me?" she asked. I told her regretfully that I would not be in Montreal then, but I hope she has a great time. She said she would attend the party only if she could go with someone she knows.

Veronika looked at me invitingly and said "I know you like to shower with me". Of course I did. We had fun soaping each other everywhere. She got dressed, picked the $200 I had left for her, and gave me a passionate goodbye kiss.

Trish of Ottawa Playgirls , (613) 614-5591 (Tracey), $180/hr
Trish: 29 yr, 5'5, 110 lb, 34b, redhead, shaved, tattoo, 7-8-8, dfk, cbj, loves-daty, no-dp, red wine

I was talking to an acquaintance in Montreal who owns a review board, about my upcoming trip to Ottawa. I had not visited this city in many years and did not see any recent reviews that were enticing. He immediately said "Call Tracey who runs Ottawa Playgirls - she will take care of you". So I did and she did.

Tracey returned my voicemail and we exchanged introductory greetings. She recommended two names as her best choices. I glanced at their web pictures and picked Trish, a slim redhead. Trish greeted me at the door with a kiss. I helped her off her coat and offered her a choice of wine. She said she preferred red wine for the winter. We relaxed on the sofa, chatted a bit and were soon deep-kissing like old lovers. We enjoyed sucking each others lips and licking each others tongues for quite a while.

Trish started to undress me and pretty soon we were both naked. She took out a condom and gave me a cbj on the sofa. We moved into bed and I enjoyed a long daty. She used her pelvis to rub her clit against my tongue until she came. We moved on to a good full service in missionary so I could continue deep-kissing. She gave me dry a massage afterwards. Then it was time for her to wash up and kiss me goodbye.

Importing Taylor to Ottawa
Taylor: , , $300/hr, $500/2-hrs, $1000 for 5 1-hr dates, 25 yr, 5'6, 110 lb, perky 34b-24-34, long blonde/blue (sometimes dyed brown), shaved; 9-9-10(!), conversation, deep-kiss, loves-daty, dp, bbbjtc & swallow, body slide, vibrator, ymmv-rimming, ymmv-face fuck, ymmv-golden showers/watersports, submissive role-play, red wine

I was on a business trip in Ottawa and had already been with an Ottawa escort. However, I soon got a craving for one of my GFE regulars in Montreal. I discussed some options with Taylor, including me driving to a motel near her place. But better still, she agreed to my offer for a two hour appointment in Ottawa, with me paying an additional amount for her travel. Taylor rented a car on the day of the appointment and called to say she was on her way. She arrived at my hotel about 2 hours later.

We deep kissed for a while and got comfortable with our clothes off. I only had a brief time to admire her lingerie. She gave me a deep-throat bbbj with lots of spitting and gagging. We tried to invent new sex positions using combinations of sofa, table and chairs. Sex with Taylor feels good in any contortion.

I opened the red wine and we cuddled together on the sofa. Taylor showed me some toys she had brought including her orgasmifier, handcuffs and a pink blindfold. We improvised a submissive scenario where I handcuffed her, blindfolded her, and subjected her to my Guantanamo daty-torture. I forced her to come 3 or 4 times. The terroristina probably spilled her guts but this interrogator was too preoccupied to listen. I also took pictures of her - cuffed and blindfolded but oozing with sex appeal.

We lit candles and got into bed with our wine. I gave her a massage and we exchanged body slides. I got some deep-french rimming. This made her frisky, so she masturbated with her fingers vibrating across her clit in a blur. I watched close up until she squirted as she orgasmed. Taylor claims she sometimes has her fingers in her pussy so long that they get get pruny. I got more bbbj and lots more sex before the session ended.

We soaked in a bubble bath afterwards. We had planned to have dinner an Ethiopian restaurant that she enjoyed on her last trip to Ottawa. But something came up and she had to rush back home. So I escorted Taylor to the elevator and deep-kissed her goodbye.


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