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Montreal Escorts first timers’ experience continued
Annie @ Sweat Dreams

Well another day and an even better experience - Monday June 26, 2000

First I'll share some of the practical problems I had in finding an escort. I thought it was bad on Sunday due to the holiday but Monday seemed just as bad.

Someone had given me a referral not reviewed on any boards via E-mail he thought I'd enjoy since his interests in high intimacy were similar to mine. She was from Fantasme. I had called Sunday and was told she wasn't working but would be working Monday. I tried Monday and was told by the nice telephone man (Eric I assume based on many favorable reports on him) that she wasn't working but should be working Tuesday!

Next I tried Fascination based on so many great reviews and especially reviews of how helpful Simon is matching you up with the best girl for your interests. On my spreadsheet I had summaries of a number of his gals and Chantel was one I would try for if available. Or I'd be open to his suggestions but knew a few girls that may not be good matches for me based on reviews.

One report even says when he couldn't decide between two girls suggested, Simon sent them both for him to meet and he could pick one and send the other back. And there was no charge for this in person selection option. Those of us from the U.S. especially find this so amazing. But this is Canada where they try to please the customer instead of the usual U.S. rip-offs and legal issues. You can also openly discuss with the service exactly what you want you don't have to play the U.S. games.

I tried Fascination for over an hour before I gave up. The line was always busy. Since Simon is reported as being so helpful he probably has long discussions that tie up the line. Or maybe he and his gals took the night off and just kept the phone off the hook?

I had quite a few gals from here on my spreadsheet, so they were my next choice. The good news is I easily reached a very nice phone woman. The bad news is they had no outcall girls for tonight since only two were working and one (Jade) was leaving at 9pm.

I asked about their location for incall as Sassy who she described (Brazilian) sounded very good but only available for incall. I asked location and she rattled off an address I had no idea where it was and didn't get it clearly enough to write down. I asked if it was within reasonable walking distance from my hotel, and no I would have to take a taxi. I decided to pass and try another outcall. 

Later found out that they have a number of different locations for incall. 

French vs. English named agencies
I sort of wanted to try a French agency but also didn't want to be that French challenged. Next time I am going to have some things translated into French to sort of discuss what I often do when I meet a provider. I could even have one of the translation programs and do fast translations on my notebook if I get it set up for it ahead of time.

It also seemed the more pure French the girl is in general the sweeter she often is from the many reviews I've read from many sources. This is my prime interest not her sex skills or breast size.

I did fine in Thailand not knowing a word of Thai, but I do like some potential communications also. Since Thai is a tonal language it is much harder to translate their simply aren't any good translation programs available - I checked quite carefully since I was trying to have one for my Thailand trip!

Most of the girls that work for the English name escort services know enough English to get by. But as I understand from the reviews and talking with Eric, most of the French spelled agencies gals usually only know French…which is logical since we are in the French part of Canada!

Sweet Dreams (finally connected)
On my spreadsheet for Sweet Dreams I had 5 very favorably reviewed CAN $200/hr gals (remember this is CANADIAN $ so only about $135 US) and two (Chantelle & Distiny) were at $150. I had one undecided about (Karina) and 4 others I probably would pass on (Tammy, Nadia, Annie, Vanessa) based on reviews. 

But I also realize  different people might have vastly different experiences. I  tend to not like very large breasted women. I prefer slim and some breasts but not huge. That is my only physical major consideration. I will prove the fact you can't go by just one negative review shortly. So much for my spreadsheet with so many reviews tabulated! Yes, I'm the detailed accountant type coming from a CPA background…so I do spreadsheets of women to keep track of who I might want to meet or not want to meet. But…. I don't follow it as "gospel". But it is a helpful starting point.

I easily reached the phone gal at Sweet Dreams who was very helpful and had perfect English. Chantelle only worked days. But Destiny was immediately available (on my favored list) and Annie would be in at 9pm. I said Destiny sounded great. 

I asked about the difference between the $200 and $150 difference between some gals on website vs. their ad in the Mirror which only said $150. As I expected the $200 ones are considered the most beautiful and sometimes younger.

I mentioned that my main interest is sweetness (Sweet Dreams), enjoyment of sharing good touch and intimacy and not so much their "beauty".  Sometimes I prefer older gals for their maturity and intelligence not just young sexy bodies. She immediately switched recommendations to Annie who would be in at 9pm. Annie was a bit older (27 phone girl said, although website says 25) It was about 8:15pm now. Annie could be to my hotel about 9:30. And she said Annie was quite good with English.

Hmmm. Annie is on my avoid list but the reason is interesting. The reviewer did say a lot of good things about Annie but that she spoke almost no English and was very negative was that she only allowed you to cum once or wanted an extra tip for multiple cums even if the hour was not up. This sounded more like a U.S. type provider. I had heard this before but don't know if this is just standard at some of the English agencies or just some girls. 

Not to bore you with my sexual oddities, but if you have read my other research reports I have shared that I virtually never cum but can go on all night. This has advantages and disadvantages. I enjoy the very long sessions not interrupted by my cuming. Many others have written me about their same problem, which actually has a medical term. I won't go into details here, but since I will never cum, I may not have that same issue with Annie! Or does she just want to leave sooner…. But the phone girl says she would be very much my intimacy type…. 

While I'm talking about my sex life…the other thing where I need a common language is I am about the only odd man in the world that prefers to skip the bj. It just doesn't do anything for me (I know I'm odd). I prefer more body touch (me touching her nicely) I would rather spent that time massaging and doing my intimate touch things to the gal. Most react very favorable as it builds the trust and closeness before the sex part!  I always tell (or pantomime in Thailand)  the gal that so they don't waste a lot of time giving me a great blowjob while I'm more wanting to nicely get my hands on their body :) Some say that's great since they don't like to give head that much and love to be caressed and massaged instead.

OK lets take the risk. Order up one Annie to come…to my Hotel at 9:30. The nice phone girl says she will call me about 9PM to confirm Annie has showed up and will be at my hotel at about 9:30. Well just at 9pm the agency girl calls and says Annie will be at my door in about 10 minutes. Gee ahead of schedule instead of 30 minutes late.

Right on time is the soft knock on my door!  Annie is quite tall, which I tend like, and attractive. We sit and chat a few minutes in the living room. She seems a bit cool but is friendly. She has only been doing "this" about 3 months and only to help pay for schooling. She seemed a bit embarrassed about her work but said she was comfortable doing it, just doesn't want to it long term. 

Interestingly she is getting a Psy degree! I suggested this was excellent "field work" for such a profession. She laughed a lot and apologized a couple times for her poor English. But actually I found her surprisingly easy to understand. I suggested we go to the bedroom and unlike last nights gal (from Heartbreakers) she didn't need to use the bathroom and get ready for a long time. 

She was concerned that the bedroom curtain was open just a crack. No one could see in but I more fully closed it. She seemed to want to have it quite dark. I wasn't sure how comfortable she was…not sure if I was an old scary guy, or the situation. 

I got comfortable but she kept her bra and panties on at first. When I suggested she take them off and lie on her front and let me massage her back she had no hesitation in doing so. Maybe some men like erotic undergarments, but I prefer the beauty of the natural body, but she can't read my mind to know this.

I start doing my massage thing. If you've read my other reports she started out as what I call a "non-responder" so I couldn't tell if she was enjoying it or just allowing it. But as we progressed a few purrs and "gee, that's nice" motivated me to continue. And as she got more comfortable with me started being more responsive…and more responsive…and more responsive:).

Skipping the sexual details it was a wonderful session!  The phone person was right she did seem to very much like the intimacy I like including combining what I consider intimacy things while having sex. Instead of trying to escape early we shared together for the full hour. When she had to call in to her driver she kept saying she needed to go,  but joked that is what my mind is saying but her body enjoyed being right here. She asked if I plan to return to Montreal soon. I said yes and she wanted to be sure to consider calling for her on my next trip.  

So my experience of a  gal I thought I should avoid based on another review, was VERY positive. This shows you can't just go by one persons experience. There  is differences in chemistry between two humans and different people enjoy different forms of sexuality. Sexworkers are also human :) with the same emotions we have, not just mechanical sex machines.  Most of us value this and seek more a human interaction, even if only for an hour with a paid provider.

Fascination - try again
I really am satisfied with just one great "encounter" a night and I didn't have a high motivation to try another yet tonight (my last night in Montreal this trip) But for the sake of "research" I tried Fasination again, since I had read so many good reviews of Simon and his girls. But the line was STILL BUSY!

Then a friend from Phoenix called who had a personal crisis that I had been helping him with before. We talked for about an hour and I decided to not try and find another provider.

Trip Conclusion
Based on my brief 3 days in Montreal my good vibes from reading so many reviews were confirmed. There are so many wonderful women to meet. Next trip I might like to try a few of the independents that advertise in the Mirror. And try a few of the massage providers. Next trip I will stay longer and have a car for more adventure options not just outcall to my hotel room. And I might try some of the more liberal non-downtown strip clubs.

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