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Chateau Royal Hotel -  Comfort Suites
And Downtown Hotel Observat

Since it seems most the escort services prefer to go to the downtown hotels and in Montreal there are far more outcall agencies than incalls or independents, a downtown hotel was the only clear choice.

When planning my Montreal trip a month in advance I did a great deal of reading reviews and web searching.  I prefer a mid range type hotel but under $CAN150.   The only option I found was the Chateau Royal at 1420 Crescent with an Internet Special of $CAN118.  I tried the Best Western Europa, but it was booked full even a month in advance. 

I considered the Hotel du Fort but wanted to be within easy walking distance of the downtown action and strip clubs without taking a taxi.  It is also quite warm and humid in June so I didnít want to have to walk that far.

Queen Elizabeth (The) has had mixed reviews and isn't as convenient.

The Ritz Carlton has been renovated to retain its Louis 14th architectural theme.  But reports are it is a bit  too laid back and stuffy. The top floor penthouse is the residence of the Prime Minister of Canada, and reserved for his use while in Montreal. The Queen will stay there when  in Canada as well.  (Thanks to Terry here is a correction to this info: "The Official residence of the Queen while in Canada is not the Ritz but The Governor Generals Residence in the Capital Ottawa,Ontario, Rideau Hall.   However she may stay at the Ritz while traveling through Montreal but the Queen Elizabeth is the preferred hotel after all it was named such in her honor.  The Ritz was at one time the official Residence of the Premiere of Quebec not Canada and due to the nature of the current body in that position the Queen would not be seen in that Hotel it might cause a stir.  But this is a mute point as the Premiere now has an Official Residence in Quebec City proper.

The Official Residence of the Prime Minister is 24 Susex in Ottawa.  As well the current Prime Minister  is from Shawinagan Quebec.  When on holiday he will stay for the most part at his home or his cottage although he has been know to slip down to Palm Springs for a bit of golf."

There are a number of hotels on Sherbrooke street  a few of blocks from the action, but again I decided to be as close to the popular St. Catherine's street as possible which is the main entertainment drag of the downtown Montreal.

Hotel de la Montagne, Marriott Chateau Champlain, and the Loews HŰtel Vogue ($450/night and up with Jacuzzis and across the street from Hotel de la Montagne) are the prime high priced, very nice hotels. The escorts love to go these, but they are far, far, over my budget.  Room rates in the winter with snow, are usually less.  The higher priced, high season runs mid May to about mid to late October. The Comfort Suites looked inviting but it was a bit more expensive than Chateau Royal.  So I decided on Chateau Royal.

Thursday's bar at Hotel de la Montagne has been reported as active to find sexworkers looking for clients.  But reports indicate the bar pickups are often more expensive ($CAN300) vs. $CAN100-200 for the agency escorts and they tend to me older and less attractive.  I tried to check it our but there was such a long line (almost out the door) to wait for the elevator to the bar, I decided to pass.  It was graduation night and it was mostly young couples in the line.

All the resorts mentioned have been report as being escort friendly so that isn't a problem.  Some hotels have the phone numbers for some of the escort agencies at the front desk.  A few for security reasons after say 11pm require you to come down to meet your "date" in the lobby instead of letting her just go to your room. Remember, unlike in the U.S. escorts are common and no big moral issue in Montreal, as long as its done in private like in hotels. 

I tend to prefer new and modern type rooms vs. what seems to be the typical Euro style older, quaint, with charm, which understandably is the norm in Montreal.  I almost never stay downtown in any city since I prefer avoiding downtown premium prices.  But in Montreal for our interests you almost have to be downtown since it seems that is the only area serviced by the many agencies.

I should know that website pictures always look better than the real thing!  From the Chateau website  the hotel and rooms looked very nice.   Actually it is fairly nice, but I donít have any frame of reference to compare it to other downtown Montreal hotels. 

When I got to Chateau I had just come from 3 nights at a $US350/night suite in Manhattan (between Central Park and Times Square).  It was VERY nice, but I wasnít paying for it either, the company that wanted me to visit them was paying the hotel!

 After a few days Iím getting more comfortable at the Chateau Ė its just older, much smaller, and quaint!  Of course housekeeping doesnít come in 3 times a day including turning down your bed at night and leaving a chocolate bar either!  But I donít need that much maid service.  

The Chateau might have advantages to you if you cook your own food since it has a full kitchen as well as a separate dining area.  But since I donít cookÖ   And there are tons of restaurants and fast food places very close most open till 3am or 24 hours.  My favorite restaurant was. Ösome guys nameÖPeteís? about a block up on St. Catherine.  Open air cafes are common here, but its too humid for me, I prefer an indoor air conditioned restaurant with booths not those tiny chairs. Iím just too big!  There is even a 24 hour McDonalds within a couple blocks and a European style cafť attached to the hotel where waitress was very friendlyÖno not that way like in AsiaÖ 

My only real complaint is that there is only one air conditioning unit, which is in the living room.  It barely keeps it cool enough (for me) with the warm humid temps.  The bedroom has no AC, only a ceiling fan that doesnít cool much.  Living in Phoenix, Iím use to very good air conditioning!

Photo Page of My Room at Chateau Royal Hotel


The Comfort Suites Hotel is a couple blocks away from Chateau Royal.  Both are on Crescent St.  I stopped in and looked at a room.  I like it much better for my next trip. It is more modern, and while it is just one large room, it has a separate sitting area.  It has no separate dining room, kitchen or living room like at Chateau Royal.   But since I donít use them anyway, I like the newer and hopefully better AC at Comfort Inn. 

It also had a great balcony view from the 17th floor room I visited.  In fact I took some city pictures for the website from the balcony.  I think the Chateau Royal has tiny balconies also, but Iím only on the 4th floor (of 20) and there is no view other than garbage area of next building!

Normal rates that Comfort Suites quoted me was $138 weeknights and $168 weekends.  Next time I hope to stay much longer, like 5-6 days and will probably rent a car. The rate is not too much more than the $118 Internet special rate Iím paying at Chateau Royal.  Comfort Suites may have other discounted such as AAA rates that most hotels here seem to have that will bring down the rate even closer to what Iím paying now.   The parking fee is $12/day with unlimited access.  

I also asked about Internet connections.  Some rooms have LAN connections and they donít cost anymore.  Iím curious how this worksÖ. do I still use my dialup provider of do they have their own ISP via the LAN.  The counter gal didnít have a clue, only knew they had LAN connections.   One disadvantage with dial ups at most hotels is you tie up the line so you canít call out or receive calls while online.  Often I wanted to check with an Escort service who might be available and if I didnítí already have her in my spreadsheet, I could look up her picture on the agency website if I had separate phone lines.

Research Sources I used to Select Hotels: Downtown Montreal Section

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