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Montreal Canada

New York City

I was in a business meeting for 3 days in New York before going to Montreal.

The pictures here were taken from the 54th Floor of the Rihga Royal Hotel at 151 West 54th Street where I had a beautiful $US350/night suite.  But someone else was paying for it not me!. 

My hotel room had the first toilet I've ever seen that on the lid said "Read Instructions before Using"!   It has all sorts of electronics I ignored...and everything worked the old fashion, non electronic way.  Actually all the electronics was for the bidet thingy.

Wow Have they cleaned up Midtown!
One night, being the explorer I am I set up to work from the hotel.  I hadn't been to New York for 20 years but from what I've heard about New York I was concerned how safe it was walking at night, but the hotel people said it was quite safe.

Having no idea where I was, I started walking.  Gee, lots of people.. Lots of smiling young people, couples. etc.   As I walked the street got more busy and more lights all over from signs and buildings.  I wound up in at Times Square!   My hotel was just a few blocks from Central Park (picture at left)  which was the other direction.

I had never dreamed Times Square was so cleaned up. I only saw 2 panhandlers.  The only "gang" looking youths were two that had on "Guardian Angels" shirts.

Since I had a long airline flight I especially liked the idea of the Asian massage gals that were on the sidewalk offering chair massages for $10.  I couldn't resist.  It was VERY good for my tight back and neck and she was very good.  All none right on the sidewalk near Times Square !

No Street Hookers?
I didn't even see one street hooker in all my walking around Manhattan.  I wasn't interested since I was going to Montreal besides having no interest in street women!


FIRE at Hotel? 
Oh yes, one night just as I got to sleep I awoke hearing sirens.  My room was on the 19th Floor and they sirens seemed to stop near by.  I got up and peaked out on window and say a fire truck but didn't look like much was going on.  But then I peaked out another window and the whole street was full of fire trucks in front of the hotel.

Being as curious as I am, I put my clothes on and decided to check it out.  The elevators weren't working...which made me even more curious since that meant it was the hotel that was the concern!

Being ambitious.. I decided to try going down 19th flights of stairs as long as there was no smoke in the stair well.  Actually going down isn't very hard, except was almost getting dizzy since I kept going down in circles so fast.





About half way down, there was a blaring announcement over speakers. It was hard to understand it was so loud but it said something like stay in your rooms until you are instructed otherwise.  And then the very loud fire alarm was sounded !

Some other people from lower floors joined me going down the stairwell.  At the bottom we were in an employees area with no obvious way to the lobby.  Someone led us though a kitchen and wound up in the main lobby.

The lobby was full of firemen with hoses over their shoulders waiting for reports from the "entry team".  I positioned myself near the huge fire control board (flashing fire) so I was out of the way, but could hear what was going on.   What apparently had happened  was that a freon line for air conditioning was leaking in a room on the 4th floor which set off fire monitors that brought the  fire department.

It was interesting that the fire department was already on scene about 10 minutes before the alarms went off.   

But if there was a real fire picture this:  A 54 story hotel, 550 rooms with maybe 800 people or more having to escape with no elevators.  Since being stuck in an elevator in a burning building is not exactly a pleasant thought, they automatically return to the ground floor and can only be used with special keys when the  fire control system is activated. 

An interesting person in our group was a "little person" (like about 3 feet tall) who was also in a wheel chair.  His room was on the 50th Floor!  I wonder what they do in case of a real fire?   I happened to overhear him discussing being in Thailand and the narrow boats on the river.  Since I had recently been in Thailand we had a great discussion.  When he knew my interest in Thai women, he said we was in a club and surrounded by gals wanting to be with him (even in a wheel chair! and his odd physical appearance.  He was with his wife and avoided any offers!


Sorry, No Pictures Of Sexy Women, Just Big Buildings of New York !





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