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Temporary Boyfriend - Unique attitude of French-Canadian Women & Escorts
From a Canadian Discussion Board

I experienced a unique attitude with most of the French Montreal escorts that I have seen during my Montreal trips. As I would get to know the escorts better during the session some of the French women's attitudes were that escorting was an almost socially accepted substitute for a "boyfriend." In many cases their families and friends were accepting of their line of work. The words seemed to be backed up by action in these cases, as the sessions were very GFE and in one case the escort agreed to let me take her out for a drink after the session. This just floored me, in the US escorting seems to carry a much greater stigma then it does in Montreal. I am looking for a local explanation of of this French attitude. I would like to know if anybody can relate to this and could explain the cultural side of this further. Hopefully this makes sense and I appreciate any input you may have as this will just help me under

Just an anecdote to help you understand the Quebecois (French-Canadian) a bit better.

The Qeubecois are a way way more open minded sexually compared to the english or American. When I was way younger one of my first girlfriends was French and after a few dates I slept over at her parents house. When it came to go to bed (sleep) the parents just said good night to us and we both went to bed together. I never had that happen to me with another cultures ie dated English, Italian and greek girls but the only one to let me sleep with their daughter were the Quebecois. They seem to have no hangups like most north americans do. Why I don't know but I love it. P.S. didn't do anything, just too wierd having her folks there!

Interesting, really?
Well, here is an explanation of first hand experience.

We have a daughter (now 23) and we wanted her to be comfortable in her own sexuality. When she was 15 (yeap 15...) we explained to her that sex would become soon (if not already!) part of her life. We told her it was OK, but she had to take some precautions. We gave her a box of condoms to put in her bathroom and we said that when it would be depleted, we would fill it back up. She was... confused and amazed. We also told her that if she wanted to go on the pill, it would be OK. (she asked for it a few weeks later... thank god...)

It may seemed a little "unorthodox" but, knowing that at this age I was going around like a rabbit, I didn't want any incidents/accidents to happen. Worse, teenagers will have sex in the worse conditions, even if they aren't ready for it. We wanted her experiences to be as "positive" as possible, even if it meant that we would have to be more opened than most people can be. Most parents don't believe their kids are having sex at such a young age, and will refuse any type of: acknowledgements, recognissance or acceptance. Playing the ostrich game is not good. You can either let them be free and let them play in their own home, or "refute" the obvious and let them play in dangerous places. Knowing that your kids may (or may not) have sex in the comfort of your/their home is much better than not knowing where they are.

In Quebec we pride ourselves in our way of thinking. If they can be free, they'll have more respect for you in the future. I just wanted to share some of my own experiences showing that we are more trusting, which results in more trusting relationships.

In the escort world (which my daughter is not part of, and of course is not aware that I am taking part of either...) it means that the french attitude is warmer. We have latin blood, and it's hot!. Our women (and we loved them!!!!!) are also hot and extra friendly.


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