Beautiful & Intelligent French Canadian Women
Honest Sexworkers Without the Legal Issues in the United States

Montreal Canada

Pros and Cons For Dave's Travels

Due to limited time and money to travel I am trying to be selective and find a "playground" to return to frequently, maybe 3 or 4 times a year if possible, to relax and enjoy meeting women as well as enjoying cultural activities in a city/country without the sexwork legal issues in the United States.   I also enjoy being in countries full of wonder women who don't have the moral hang-ups and issues regarding sexuality.  Of course most any country outside the U.S. seems to fit that requirement.

Enjoying Thailand totally eliminated any interest in returning to the Philippines.  Thailand (Bangkok and especially Pattaya) is truly an adult Disneyland.   So many nice, attractive women trying to be with you.  Since I like spreadsheets so much :) I have done one on the pros and cons of Thailand vs. Montreal for a more long-term playground to return to.

Advantages of Montreal Advantages of Thailand
About 20 hours closer to fly to. Therefore can travel more often since a couple days/trip saved in travel time. Hotels about a third the cost as Montreal
About $350 RT air vs. $450-$850 typically to go to Thailand Sexworkers less than 25% the cost of Montreal
Much more English Spoken Enjoyed the bar and strip club interactions, getting to evaluate chemistry more before committing to taking them to a hotel.
French can be easily translated by software unlike Thai Fabulous body/body massages
Physically I prefer  the taller, European body type. More "exotic" and interesting since so far away and different
Can easy rent a car and drive, I'd never try it in Thailand, But getting around in Pattaya by baht bus not very hard. Nice Ocean to lay by and enjoy seeing in Pattaya
I will probably find other men I might want to meet in Montreal also so this balances out the Thai advantage. Freelancer Bar to meet other men in, have long been on some Thai mailing lists and have men I'd enjoy meeting
Intellectual level of women in Canada FAR higher than Thai bar girls. More likely to sincerely want to be a "real" girlfriend even if expect financial help vs. Montreal
Very good sensual Intimacy Response of sexworkers Also very good intimacy response of bar girls.
More American food choices, since I don't really like to try foreign food. Had my Diet Cokes in every bar and strip club while I had to have regular cokes in both strip clubs in Montreal 
Less jungle like climate not quite as rainy, hot and humid Doesn't get cold nor have snow
Legal system like U.S. don't have to even think about bribes if have legal problem (more problem in Philippines) Buddhism isn't sexually negative like Christianity or especially large Catholic influence in Montreal
You can be sure a beautiful women is really a women and not a Katoey.  
A bit less risk of being pick pocketed by gangs of Katoeys but the risk is low and otherwise felt equally safe in both countries
Cab drivers probably understand English and won't get lost like trying to find my hotel in Pattaya.
Less traffic congestion and bad air than Bangkok? 
No concern drinking water or eating local food due to bacteria we are not used to.
More potential (but not much) to find a real relationship since much similar backgrounds. Communications would be key to any potential relationship meeting a non-sexworker.
If develop any real friendships with women, won't have to also be supporting large families or give wedding financial donation to poor extended family

Well, I may add to this list and welcome input from others.  I hope I don't offend all my Thai friends too much.  I really do want to return to Thailand but Montreal is just more practical for more frequent visits!

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