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Montreal Canada

Montreal Escort Scene as seen by a first time visitor
Valerie at Heartbreakers

Pardon my usual detail reports, but they are designed to give a first time visitor an idea what perhaps to expect, at least on my limited experiences.

As reported in an earlier review, I had interesting experiences at Teazers Saturday night but was anxious to try some of the agency gals tonight (Sunday June 25, 2000). 

Having saved and organized many reviews I wanted to see if either Jessica or Valerie at Heartbreakers was available. I actually had a much longer list but the others weren’t available on weekends or needed advanced appointments per the Heartbreaker website at  Both Heartbreaker phone numbers had recordings so I had to leave a message and indicated my interest in either of  the two providers if they were available.

I was unsure how long I should wait for a return call before giving up and trying another agency.   A bit over an hour later, Tina who owns Heartbreakers called.  She was very friendly (and perfect English).  She had called Valerie and confirmed she was available.  She was going to pick her up (at home I assume) and bring her to my hotel at 8:40pm.

About 9:10pm she arrived.  I was her first customer after she had taken a break from escorting for 3 weeks.  After about 10 minutes of small talk on the couch I suggested we move to the bedroom.  The hour fee was CAN$150 = US$101. 

We had an enjoyable session; she was very skilled and responded nicely to the little things I like to do, such as massaging her (she especially said she enjoyed my massaging her hands).  Very accommodating and responsive in sex although I can seldom tell if provider is just a good actress or not.  I would say borderline GFE  (Girl Friend Experience) based on my definition.  Overall a very nice session.  She did take a long time to freshen up before and at least 15 minutes to shower at the end.  So the actual time enjoying her was far less than an hour, but that might be standard in the English Agencies (later found no, not that common).  I’m spoiled by Thailand where you shower TOGETHER before and afterwards and the sessions are 2 hours or more.   At the end she called her “driver” who was nearby in a car with a cell phone.

Valerie is a fairly tall, slender French Canadian (born in Quebec), with an athletic build, age 25 per Heartbreakers website.  Breasts quite small, but that is fine with me.  Not a showgirl or model, but attractive, slim, responsive and intelligent.  She has had other very good reviews, “my angel” as one reviewer said, especially with longer time sessions.  One person liked her so much he spent 5 hours with her.

Afterwards I was anxious to find another provider since it was only about 10pm.  I called about four other services that I had providers who I was interested in from my spreadsheet,  but either no answers or no one was available tonight.  It seemed being a holiday weekend, Sunday night was very busy, or maybe it’s always this busy?  I asked Tina at Heartbreakers and she said, “we are always very busy”.  There are so many agency ads in the various Montreal papers, especially The Mirror obviously it is a big industry here.  And unlike U.S. escorts ads,  they aren’t rip-offs but the real honest deal since they don’t have the legal issues like in the U.S.!

A couple of the women on my list I was told would probably be available Monday night.  So hopefully I can meet a few more Monday before I leave on Tuesday.

Interestingly while outcall is perfectly legal in Canada, agencies or making money off a prostitutes earnings (like an agency split) is not legal.  Yet it appears based on a long accepted cultural tradition in Montreal, there seems to be no enforcement or worry about enforcement of this part of the Canadian Criminal Code.   Interestingly there are only a few independent providers it seems compared to the large number of agencies with many women available mostly to downtown hotels.

In response to my comment about agencies someone replied, “The legal system works differently in Quebec than in other provinces. In other provinces laws are laws. In Quebec laws are not laws. They are "suggestions".”  I think he was joking… or maybe not!

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