Beautiful & Intelligent French Canadian Women
Honest Sexworkers Without the Legal Issues in the United States

Montreal Canada

Why So Many Beautiful Opened Minded Women?
And The French Culture Doesn't have repressive attitudes about bodies or sexuality

The French Agencies

The French culture of Quebec Province makes it much more like the openness in Europe, than the moralistic judgmental attitudes in the U.S.   Montreal is a large metropolitan city where hoards of young women from the countryside flock in search of education and jobs. Escorting is a good living for them, and there's a plentiful supply of talent. Montreal is a major fashion capital, and has over the past few years blossomed into a movie capital as well. Sprinkle liberally with the franchophone/European influences and you have all the right ingredients for the Escort Capital of North America for honest, intelligent, beautiful and sensuous young women.

Reports about the French Agencies

While most reviewers report great experiences at the English named agencies that mostly cater to English speakers, the French Agencies are reported to have the true gems for service and girl friend type experiences.  The French escorts also seem the most genuinely concerned with your satisfaction.  While most of the escorts speak little or no English, this is not usually a problem in sharing intimacy and great sensual sexuality the French seem to so enjoy.

There seems to be an inexhaustible supply of French women wanting to come to Montreal often from rural areas and work as escorts. Of course they enjoy the money, but they also seem to enjoy the work!  This large supply also helps keep prices very reasonable.

The locals use these agencies and won't tolerate the high prices or sometimes worst attitudes or restrictions of some women at the English oriented agencies. 

With the French agencies you can turn the girl away with no fees asked. I recall the report of a guy who couldn't decide between two escorts from the description given  by the agency owner on the phone, so he sent the customer both girls for whom to choose between at no additional cost.  

I also have seen a number of reviews where the man tried to tip the French escort and they refused the tip, saying they don't want to except tips just honest prices and service.  This is certainly a far different attitude than in the U.S. !

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