Dave's Guide to Nogales Especially for first timers.

To start off I only know about two Mexican words...casa and no espanual sp?.. But that wasn't a major problem at least with the handlers or others. They understand English better than in Thailand where I got along fine. The girls are sometimes another story. Many speak no English others a little. Tony was the only dancer quite fluent in English.

Follow the Interstate all the way to "International Border Crossing" don't get off on the truck route or other streets. At first I was concerned I would wide up in the border crossing line with no escape since I wanted to park on the U.S. side and walk across (avoid having to have Mexican insurance and car is much safer on U.S. side). But after a series of sort of S curves you will see a huge McDonalds in the distance and look to your left and you will find a $4 UETA parking lot which is to the rear of the Greyhound bus station. This lot has been recommended in many reviews. If you go beyond McDonalds you have one last right turn to get out of the International border crossing line. The "$4 UETA parking lot back side takes you out to almost in front of the pedestrian crossing thing... to walk into Mexico.

Besides having to have Mexican insurance for a car, someone reported, " you DEFINITELY don't want to drive into Mexico... ...all the time I was there, it was like being at a demolition derby waiting to happen... ...the vehicles I saw there all indicate that this isn't unusual... ...so unless you've got an old junker, if I were you I'd DEFINITELY keep my vehicle on the US side of the border."

I suggest having lots of smaller denomination bills $1's, 5's and 10's. Some postings have suggested if you have larger bills often the handlers/arrangers don't have change so you get shorted. I did not find that a problem. All the handlers in the bars/clubs were honest and provided correct change. (If someone knows a better word for the "handlers" let me know... other than pimps!

To get more small bills I asked the nice fat Mexican guy at the parking lot entrance if had change for $20, which he did with no problem. You park your own car and lock it. The lot is open 24 hours.

When you get across the border you realize you are in a very poor country. Everything is dingy and dirty with tons of cabs and hawkers lined up to take you, get you drugs, girls, or girls. Actually other than the Rio hawkers, I experienced fewer maggots trying to have me buy something than I expected based on other reports. I was there on a Thursday night May 23rd arrived about 8PM and left a bit after midnight.

At this point it is fairly easy to get confused where to go if its your first trip. I had a map, but hard to follow where you are at the pedestrian entrance, but helped me once I got my bearings...and found those railroad tracks. I highly recommend you take MrBill's Nogales Map at http://nogales.clubhombre.com/mrbill/nogiemap-clubs.html.

Club Hombre http://www.clubhombre.com and World Sex Guide at http://www.wsgforum.com has some of the most useful accurate information on their discussion boards, for most of the world, including lots of Nogales discussions. You have to register but the information is very useful (similar to TSM I found so helpful in Thailand but it is also a pay site). Club Hombre seems to be a better alternative to TSM.  Here is a good new website found December 2002: ladies of nogales banner


I easily found the Obsessions/Rio block but as I approached Rio the swam of maggots (hawkers) pounced trying to get me to let them take me in so they could get a fee to feed their children or something. I was so turned off by it I walked in the street to go around them and bypassed the club, continued around the block and found Obsessions. After Obsession, I tried approaching Rio from the other direction but was met by more hawkers, so I never made it to the club (you couldn't even get in the door without pushing through all the hawkers trying to let them take you in!). In Thailand you have all the Welcome Girls with the constant harrang of "Hi sexy guy" but you get use to it and they aren't nearly as aggressive. Rio was the only club I experienced this at. Some other clubs had "doormen" usually nicely dressed, outside encouraging you to come in but they were far more polite and less desperate than all the hounds around Rio which looked more like street urchins.!

The Game
The game is the same at all the clubs I visited. Most had no cover charge but Obsessions charges $3 but that includes your first drink. The routine differs from what we are used to on the American side. Girls do not generally approach customers for dances. Instead, male handlers, who often speak far better English than the dancers themselves, sell tickets for either table dances or private shows.

The game is the nice handler/arranger guys after they seat you try and sell you lap dance tickets ($7-10) or private room tickets ($20-22). The idea is either the handler will introduce you to a girl, you tell the handler what girl you want, or at a few clubs the girl may come sit with you and wine till you buy her a lap dance or private dance.

The goal of the lap dance is to get you to buy a private room session with the girl. I was only in one private room (Lipsticks) but from what I've read they are all the same. Very tiny closet like with a chair and nothing else. You pay $20-22 for the room for about 6-10 minutes and you tip the room guard $1 or so. For $30-50 for the girl you get a blowjob or for $40-$100 get a fast fuck. All rates negotiable except the fee for the room. The rooms besides being tiny are mostly very dirty and dingy. Since that wasn't my interest I never did any private rooms except with Tony at Lipsticks but she liked me so much from the dance my only cost was the room fee.

The Environment
Why don't they have these places where you can SEE the girls on stage? Most had very dark stages, some had strobe lights blinding you but no light on the stage so very hard to see the girl, unless old Dave is just going blind! As expected the music was loud and blaring so any attempt at any conversation even without the different language problem was almost impossible. But that is typical of most all strip clubs including in the U.S.

If you have read my other trip reports you know I don't like beer...or any "drink". I just don't like the taste,I never have. In Thailand, Philippines, Canada and Calf clubs always order diet Coke or Pepsi. In Nogales they didn't seem to understand "diet" so at first too clubs at regular Cokes and a Sprite. But then I was a bit worried about the ice cubes in the glasses they brought. In Philippines and Thailand you were warned not to use ice but soft drinks fine even if from a dispenser machine. And of course no problem if in a can. Knowing I was definitely not used to foreign bacteria and how many folks get sick from Mexican water, I switched to bottled water which to my surprise the clubs had.

Specific Club Overview

More modern than some. Long dance stage in 2 sections. "Girls in waiting" sit in elevated area and can order them by number. Better lighting than some clubs but still not enough on stage. I always have a hard time trying to select girls just by looks. I much prefer when they come over to you and introduce themselves so you can judge their attitude, etc better. Or, I figure if the girl comes over at least she isn't totally turned off by older men like Old Dave. Obsessions was not very busy and girls were not circulating so finally wanting to experience my first lap dances in Mexico I selected two taller slender gals.

Both were very mechanical non-intimate lots of covered crotch in your face and didn't even take their tops off (were in bikinis). Lots more contact and my allowable touch than in the U.S. but very mechanical non-responders. Both tried to get me to private room but I had zero interest since I am turned on more by physical intimacy during dance than just nice body. As in all clubs dances were very hard fast grind - not my type. Tony was the only great responder (later report from Lipstick which other than Tony was probably worst club).

Find Those Railroad Tracks
After Obsessions walked around the block again to try Rios, but the hawkers again were just too aggressive for me. And I was getting dizzy walking around the block :) Now...where are those famous railroad tracks that get you to the other clubs. Some reports will say you can't miss these clubs since they are immediately to your left as you enter Mexico. But this must be if your driving. They aren't "immediate" if you using the walk in entrance which confused old Dave.

I at least knew I had to go Left to find and sure enough after you carefully cross the oncoming auto traffic leaving the border crossing, you stumble on to the railroad tracks (very rough walk across at least where I crossed). Now you are on the main strip club area with Placers, Lord Black and Cherry's (closes at 9pm so I was too late), on first street and on next street over you have Lipstick and Ferni's.

Larger a bit more modern but very dark. Wanted to try a lap so bought ticket from handler and said surprise me with someone since I hadn't really seen anyone of particular interest but most were OK. Did usual mechanical lap and was disappointed I wasn't interested in private room. Kept asking why in limited English, hard to explain I just wasn't into hot fast mechanical sucks or fucks in a closet.

It was so dark it was very hard to see the girls especially on stage. They had a 2 for 1 private dance special and had all the girls come on the stage and the handlers running around selling private dance tickets. But it was so dark all you could see is their outline! Flashing strobes were in my eyes, but not on the girls so you can see them well. I would have been willing to do a 2-1 private if that is all but not the expensive fast extras that as I understand are usually expected if you do a private room gig. But if I can't talk to them first, I would at least like to see them in the light to make such a decision!

Lord Blacks
Big gray building with pink neon. A bit more modern and nice, more like U.S. "Gentleman Clubs", good seating for a girl to come sit in your lap and talk and for much of the times more light but only when no girls on stage. But at least enough like you could see the girls on the floor. When did stage dancing dimmed lights to dark. I had two lap dances from quite attractive gals, neither spoke any English. They take your hand and lead you to a more private area. In both cases, they unbuttoned by shirt licked my nipples (sorry not sensitive), and unzipped my pants getting access to and stroking you know what. That was OK, I am not shy! They had me rub them all over and got in various fucking positions and simulated fast hard thrusting - not for me. Of course their main goal was to get me to private room. But was very mechanical not the sweat Asian or Canadian type interaction so I passed. They were disappointed but nice about it. 2nd gal took me to the upstairs area which was nice and a bit more private...actually we were only ones up there!

I understand there is a nice bedroom with a bed at Lord Blacks for about $200/hour with no knocks.  But then pay the girl and you are paying way more than for many FS escorts in the U.S.

Worst of the clubs for seating and lighting. I was 10 feet from stage and couldn't even see face of dancer so dark. Like to see if they smile at least! Seated on elevated area on edge of drop off, table, cheap chairs. The "available girls" were in elevated area but was so silly. Background area about 4 feet high had red lights to you could see the their legs, but absolutely impossible to see faces or most of top half of their bodies it was so dark. From what little I could see, seemed to have the least attractive girls..maybe that is why such bad lighting!

Not seeing anyone that interested me (actually hardly seeing fully any gals in the dark) I was just about to leave when out of nowhere Tony sits on the chair next to me. She says something like I hope you don't kick my ass for sitting next to you... I really have a nice ass...feel it (as she takes my hand to her rear). She spoke very good English and we started talking. She was first to cuddle up next to me like I like. She is from Baja California and was quite sweet as well as good salesmanship and nice body.

I did a lap dance with her, as she led me by the hand up the stairs to more private area. As some others did, she took my hand and placed it on bare vagina, breasts etc. About half way into lap, doing as I usually do, including the nice breast massage I enjoy giving, she started responding wonderfully to my more slow gentle caressing touch as many dancers do in Canada etc. I sort of "tamed" her from the wild sexy fast ride, to enjoying a much more intimate connecting experience. She said as most "responders" do, "gee you have nice touch...and such smooth hands". She said how much she wanted to give me a hj with lotion she carries if I would do a private room with her. But than she took me totally by surprise and said she enjoyed me so much I wouldn't have to pay her anything just the $20 room fee and $1 for the room guard.

Well, that was an offer I couldn't refuse and was interested in seeing what these closet rooms I'd read about were like. So off we went. The room was small and dingy with only a chair. She got naked quickly and kneeled on floor doing a fairly decent hj with lotion she had. After the allotted maybe 10 minutes the light flashed, she said ignore it and soon someone was pounding on the door. The hj was OK but actually I preferred the more full contact intimacy of the lap dance. Very nice hug at end and to my surprise she told me when she worked, but would be off for a week, but looked me in the eye and said how she wanted to see me again if I was in town. Obviously she was sincere in her appreciation for the type of intimate touch I enjoy sharing, but didn't find from my brief experiences at other clubs.

After that good ending and having been to all the open clubs other than Rio with the hawkers or Ferni's which has been reviewed as a "dive" next to Lipstick I decided to head back to Phoenix. As soon as started towards the track this little guy started yelling at me... "Going back so soon...how come?... I have really nice girls for you...I take you to Rio....you enjoy....ever been to Rio?" Sigh...another Rio hawker and we are about two blocks away. He kept hounding me about how he had another beautiful girls he could take me to, as I try to ignore him and walk fast (almost tumbling over the rough ground getting across the railroad tracks). I finally escape him and Mexico.

The street pimps for private girls
In other reports some say these pimps for girls actually do have nice girls they can set you up with privately. But I wasn't that brave. One report said he was approached by a guy outside of ... where else...Rio who worked out a deal for $50 for a girl and then mentioned he expected a $30 commission on top of the $50 for full service. The guy offered him $10 and he tried to steal the guys wallet. Before going to Nogales I read many reviews. It seems if you stay close to the border, you are usually quite safe, much more safe than in TJ. Other guys report they have had very good experience with these arranged dates by the pimps on the street.

Another public report:
I have been going to Nogales to sample the "mexican fare" for over several years now.. over 100 visits and have never been assaulted, mugged or otherwise hurt or put in trouble in any way. And this includes day and night. But it does happen. and I've heard 1st hand accounts and they all begin with a "middleman" taking some horny bastard to a house/apt/room for a chica. There are plenty of places like this, make no mistake, but in more than one occasion are tourists mugged or robbed and are too embarrassed to report it.

There is not as much street action in Nogales as , lets say TJ, but any girl you pickup there is concerned with her safety as well, even with gringoes. She might bring you back to her room, but will have someone look out for her. If you are concerned with safety there are a few chica-freindly motels in Nogales, that are safe and clean and if they are a legit provider they will be more than happy to go to a motel room.

By the way, the strip club scene has really cranked it up down there with school started. All thos UofA students (and their money) have attracted a lot more chicas. The unfortunate side effect is that they generally don't bargain well and seem to jack up the price for everyone. You always get your best deal if you negotiate before you go for your "privado".

Rio's - Based on other reports
Not the best looking place, and during the summer they sometimes didn't turn on the AC until late. Opens in the afternoon, closes about 3:00am. Some reports are great selection and attitude others say terrible. One says never had to pay more than $40 for FS in the closet.

Brothels vs Strip Clubs.
As in most mexican cities, especially border towns, there is a red light district where prostitution is legal. In Nogales there is an old, red light district a few miles from the border. The brothels are small bars with a few back rooms for sex. The largest of these is the Congo (La Conga Club). Some reports are very favorable and others say the girls are much less attractive in general than in the strip clubs.

The strip clubs are in the tourist district and not the red light district so prostitution may not technically be legal but its just accepted since it brings in lots of $US. Unlike in the legal brothels you don't have back rooms for sex or upstairs hotels like you do in TJ etc. Instead you have locked tiny cubicles in the strip clubs.

La Conga Club
I didn't visit but reports are this is a bit more laid back brothel in the Hills about a mile from the border. Cab is $5. It reportedly is more friendly and the prices are more reasonable, you're getting more for your money-no rushing or filthy closet rooms. You can walk it without any problems, but it's a bit of a walk; you have to know where you're going. Someone reported "For those who like some cuddling and a bed and more time at $65.00 there is La Conga. A true Mexican brothel."

Another bar/brothel is Copa. Someone reports, "I usually take a cab from the border to a bar called The Copa, I have only been there in daylight but usually there about 6 women to choose from who range from a 4 to 8, there has always been that one 8 there whenever I have showed up. Prices are good at around $40-60 depending on the girl and the service requested. In my opinion the area isn't the safest and that is why I always go during the day, the cab will cost about 5-10$ but is worth it, all the taxi drivers know the place so just tell them "Copa" if you don't know Spanish and they will get you there.

Leaving Mexico
You leave via a walkway closer to the "left side across the railroad tracks" bars. There are signs in English. The customs/border patrol guy just asked my citizenship and after saying U.S. I easily got back into the U.S.

There was a much more extensive checkpoint on I-19 heading back to Tucson. About the first exit N of Nogales the Interstate is totally blocked and all traffic has to exit and go through a check point with heavily armed military looking agents. They asked my citizenship, look in the car...asked what was under my jacket in the back seat (a Wall Street Journal) and wished me a safe trip. Old Dave hardly looks like a terrorist or smuggler. I do like the idea of the check points at least one attempt to keep America secure!

I might return to Nogales since I may go to Tucson more often but hope to find more gals like Tony or nicer places to have more intimate sex. 

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