Philippines Intimacy/Sex Research Report

Angeles City Bar Girl Adventures - Final Details
April 12-13, 1999

Welcome Inn During Day
Reviews Iíve read say this is a good afternoon place.  Yep, very friendly folks.  Only bar stools but at least they have backs!

There were only a few customers but about 20 girls, some very attractive.  Women dressed more as hostesses were also giving some very good massage to another customer and me.  I appreciate and recognize good massage when I feel it so I bought her a lady drink. There were a couple nice dancers that I would have liked to meet if there was any booth seating for my nesting.

Was VERY hot and Iím perspiring outside.  Went to Kokomoís for some nice ice cream.  But like Margarita Station they donít have air conditioning, just fans and it was too warm for me to stay long. The bars are cooled but decided to return to hotel and wait for the coolness of the evening to do more.

Had another big storm in the afternoon which resulting in a power failure for about 30 minutes at the hotel. Started to get hot again without cooling, but power came back just in time to not get too hot.  Returned to room and a quite little lizard greeted me who had come in out of the rain!

There were a few good booth seats but dancers mostly too young and immature for my tastes. Customers also seemed younger then in most bars.  I only stayed for one diet coke.

Nice booths but they were all taken.  A girl at one moved to give me room.  A Japanese very cute girl paid lots of attention to me. Was warm in bar and I perspire a lot.  She kept blowing on my hairy chest to cool me off and playing with me.  Very little English but very attentive, good intimacy and I bought her a lady drink. She even sang a song for me, which was very cute.

Just chairs and not very crowded.  I just did a walk around and left.

Very nice booth seating and I was attracted to many of the girls. Two girls headed for my nest and I would up with one in each arm.  The girl on my right I was much more attracted to then on the left and she had arrived a split second before her friend.  As usual she spoke little English but enough to get by.  We had a great intimacy connection and after lady drink she asked if I would barfine her.  I was quite attracted to her so despite language barrier I agreed.

Back at the hotel she was less intimate. We had some sex but not too long lasting since she seemed to hurt. She had this thing about wanting to keep her bra on.  She seemed to enjoy my caressing of her back but would be very shy and not let me caress her front. She only lay on her back during sex, but since she really didnít seem to be enjoying it I didnít either that much and didnít want to have much. She asked what she could do for me, and I suggested a hand job. She was glad to it but her technique was very basic.

In the morning she was playful and we watched some TV (in Filipino).  She seemed to enjoy lying almost naked with me as long as not sexual and always kept just her bra on.

She was also concerned that my condoms were ďreal strongĒ because she now as a 6 year old child from ďone bam bam with a man living in England.Ē  Child is living with a sister in Manila. She tries to make enough money to go the Manila every 15 days and very much missed her child. I sort of felt more sorry for her than any concern about not having more sex.  Seems of all girls I barfined she was in it more for the economic pressures of having to make money for child and didnítí really enjoy it much.  

Return to Manila Decision & Conclusion
Iíve been in Angeles five days now and sampled and enjoyed interactions in the bars with a wide variety of nice, attractive fun women.  I Ďve had wide variety of sexual and/or intimacy experiences with the girls I barfined and didnít really have any problem now even if wasnít very sexual.    The language barrier was worse than I thought it would be and was one reason I didnít have much hope for finding ďspecial womenĒ as I discussed earlier.

I decided to return to Manila for the 3 remaining nights before my plane leaves for home.

Being a bit bargirled out by now, I wanted to catch up on my notes and some of the enjoyment reading I also brought.    Planed to go to EDSA Complex once more and maybe some of the other Pasay bars I hadnít visited when in Manila the previous week.

Was sort of feeling good about my experiences in the Philippines, I learned a great deal that you can never learn just reading about it, and enjoyed it.  But sort of wanted to start wrapping up and get ready to return home.  Especially since I realize Iím probably not going to find a ďspecial personĒ this way.    Itís too bad you canít spread out such experiences.  I have virtually no opportunity for this kind of adventure and meeting so many attractive young women in the U.S. vs. so many at once in the Philippines.

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