Wise words about a London College Student Phone directory that runs brothel ads

"Student Pages ran ads for brothels. And they don't care."

Masseuse: "Hand relief is £35. Or £45 if you want me to strip first".. She also offered ‘full sex’ and oral sex for up to £70.
http://www.londonstudent.org.uk/4issue/news/leadingnews.htm (link now broken)

Prostitution itself is not illegal in the UK, though asking for or offering sex in a public place or bawdy house for money is an offence.

No Condom, no brothel love in Germany
MUNICH, Germany, April 12 (Reuters) - Bavarian men love lederhosen, the tight-fitting leather pants seen as the southern German state's unofficial uniform, and if the government has its way, another covering will soon become more common: condoms.

The health ministry in the state known for its beer and good humour said on Thursday that it will require men who hire prostitutes to use condoms to prevent the spread of disease.

Prostitution is legal in Germany and prostitutes usually require that customers wear condoms. But some offer to perform their services without protection for higher fees. There are about 1,500 registered prostitutes in Bavaria.

"Requiring the use of condoms is an appropriate and necessary measure to protect against the spread of disease," said Erika Goerlitz, Bavaria's deputy health minister.

"It is also in the interests of the prostitutes, their customers, and in particular the spouses and partners of prostitutes and customers," she added.

Bavaria would be the first German state to regulate condom use. It plans to introduce the new regulations "within weeks," a health ministry official said.

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