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My desire is to support by sharing information, legitimate sex workers offering sensual services for consenting adults at a reasonable fee, the ordinary working man can afford.  In my mind this is up to about $200/hour at least in Phoenix.  In other cities fees differ and of course their are much higher cost more sophisticated providers if that is your choice.   Any fee in my mind should be quoted as a total fee for full sensual service, not an agency fee plus silly tips.  If sex workers what to be treated as professionals, they should act like it and not be tipped like a waitress or other non-professional service worker.

On the other hand, she should not be treated as trash just because she gets a reasonable fee for providing a needed sensual service.  Just like good food or fine wine, good sensuality shared with a women who is attractive as well as intelligent and warm hearted, should be a honorable service to provide.

One problem on the internet is there is such a huge demand for sex work that when someone puts up a site or is announced as a legitimate sex worker she is often overwhelmed with E-mail.  The flood gets to be a major problem.  Many handle it by raising there fees to whatever the market will bear.   This is the American way.  By being so "out" the sex worker takes more risk by either undesirable customers or vice officers posing as customers.  In the U.S. fees of course have to reflect any legal risks, unlike in most of the rest of the world where their aren't nearly the legal issues.

Some sex workers charge a very affordable fee, some as little as $150 for "full service"  They are the most likely to get the best steady customers which dramatically reduces the risk and hassle of finding new clients.  The lower the fee the more steady the repeat business usually will be assuming other factors are the same.  On the other extreme the very high rate workers may appeal to men who get an ego boost by paying a large fee (snob appeal perhaps).   Obviously the younger more desirable sex worker who is intelligent and treats men as they wish can command a much higher fee if she wants to.  But it is not always a case of you get what you pay for since some workers aren't in an area or situation where they can only have wealthy customers or they want to charge less to have a more steady base of known customers.   Often it is the older provider that also is much more skilled at providing good service that the hot often ditzy young gal.  On the other hand there are very fine younger providers.

I also support those that are commanding the high fees.  It is simply my personal choice and interest to help those that are more struggling financially and may charge lower fees since they don't have a big existing customer base more so than the service provider that is very well off financially.  More power to the well off ones, but they don't need as much support as the provider that is struggling financially but is also warm, intelligent and sometimes much more down to earth and sometimes even nicer than the often "hardened" experienced wealthy service provider.  Of course many providers are both wealthy and have all the other good personality qualities I prefer. 

The issue is having honest choice and not being ripped off regardless of price level one is willing to pay.

Cayman Island $2500-$3000/night example
Here is an insight look at a service that typically charges these high rates: http://www.geocities.com/RodeoDrive/7234/index.html

Nevada brothels are also very high priced and most sell you hard to get a very high fee.  This is exactly how we don't need legalization.  Instead the women should be in charge, not house owners and government bodies.

A Houston Provider explains why she charges so much:
Intrigued, I wrote xxxxxxxxx and asked her what she believes justifies such a premium over the standard $200-$250 going rate in Houston for intimate companionship. The lady is articulate and sounds special, for those who can afford her.

Her response:

I really appreciate your response, and no, it doesn't offend me in any  way. As for an explanation, the best I can offer is that I do not watch the clock in any way. Frequently, 1 1/2 hours turns into two or three, if the client is up to it. Also, the clock never starts until the socializing has concluded. I do things this way so that the client is sure to NEVER feel that he is being rushed or simply treated as a automatic teller machine. Unfortunately, I have experienced a few clients who, for various reasons, find themselves unable to finish in anywhere near reasonable time. I simply do not see those clients again.

I'm trying not to sound conceited, or self-centered, but I know what my talents and abilities are, and I'm not desirous of mass volume clientele. I would rather have a limited number of regular clients, with whom I am able to develop something more than just the normal provider/customer relationship. I have been fortunate in that the vast majority of clients whom I've seen once do become regulars. I guess I must do something right.

I also do not in any way want to criticise any of the other escorts in this, or any other area, for what they charge. It is strictly a personal decision, made by each of us in the field, based on widely varying requirements and criteria.

After the initial meeting, I ask my clients into my home, which is located in one of the more affluent neighborhoods of Houston. It is not your usual apartment, or tract home, and lends itself quite well to the ambiance I wish to establish. I have over 4000 square feet in which to find a place to suit a client's whims and needs

Diana Of Dallas Example
Diana:http://www.dianaofdallas.com  Diana is one of those workers in huge demand. She was highly regarded on the Texas private E-mail list (TSML)  run by Dick Stone and was featured in Climax Times, America's Hornest People, etc. God gave her the gift of a VERY attractive body and she exploits that gift to the fullest to become rich while she is still young and can demand high prices. As the demand for her body has grown she commands higher and higher prices. Her fee is $300/hour incall or $350/hr outcall with no price breaks for more than 1 hour. She also requires a 50% cashier's check deposit before she will even consider an appointment.   She can be that fussy.  She is in huge demand and customer have to book appointments many days or weeks in advance. She requires 7 days notice to cancel an appointment to get a deposit back.

The following is an exchange between me and someone who is attacking her when she says she "cares" about her clients. NOTE: All posts published on this topic were public posts in the alt.sex.prostitution newsgroup so no privacy issues are been compromised.

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From: Dave in Phoenix dave@davephx.com
Newsgroups: alt.sex.prostitution
Date: Monday, October 20, 1997 3:11 AM
Subject: Re: [ASP] re:Diana

Someone said:
>Face it Diana, you care about your clients until they they run out of money,
>then it's farewell & goodbye. You have to put up the illusion of caring as a
>lot of your clients are not only there for sex, but for love, attention &
>caring. You, being a business woman, offer them what they need, period.
>Please don't give me that, I care about my clients line. Any of your clients, or
>the clients of any working girl, who believe that the working girls they're with
>actually cares more for them than their cash is delusional.

Dave said:
OK... I would never see Diana since I prefer to support sex workers that the average person can afford.  In fact I may link her web site to ours http:www.sexwork.com (under construction) as an example of a successful,very attractive real person who can demand whatever price the market will bare and that seems to also be a real person with emotions etc, not just treating men as a cash machine. I hope men don't just treat her body like a pinball machine.

If you think Diana is expensive we will also may link to a $2500 sex worker. Unlike many, especially here in Phoenix, she is very open and honest about her fees.  She doesn't rip you off by saying $150 but its really $300 to get what you think you will get for $150. 

I can care about someone from the opposite end.. as a customer even if paying her a fee.  I can love a person for the moment and express that physically even with a sex worker (although I seldom do since I find lots of real women that enjoy good touch and non-sexual physical intimacy which I enjoy so much at nude clubs in Phx for $25, not $300.

But Diana is lucky that God gave her a very beautiful body and most men will pay more to be with a beautiful women. It may be unfair that she didn't have to work very hard to get the body, it was a gift from God.  I'm sure she spends lots of time keeping it beautiful.  I prefer a beautiful spirit and sharing tender touch more than a perfect body.  Diana may have both, I don't know, never met her and never will.

To me choice and honestly are the real issues, not the fee someone can command.   You can choose not to pay $300.  But your attack I suspect is more based on jealousy than any factual truth.

I lead couples intimacy workshops and speak at many swing conventions, and I can have a wonderful loving interaction with a women I've just met.  Just because money exchanges hands based on the American capitalist way of charge what the market will allow doesn't mean she can't have good loving and caring feelings for her clients also.   But its not a possessive love that has to cling and hold in.  It can be true love that can share for the moment and be released to others.  I admire women that can do this as a sex worker and not get hardened by all the men (and many are jerks) they have to deal with.

I don't know anything about what's in Diana's heart or what makes her tick. I simply believe it's totally unfair to think you do by the claims you make about her.    I think you simply have a jealousy problem.... Understandably with her body, but totally unfair to her who can't help it..she was born with it!  And she uses it to make lots of money just like great athletes do.

Kelli from Dallas who has been made popular by the TSML list and alt.sex.prostitution newsgroup says:
HI! Guys here's my two cents.........if I get enough calls to make 4 to 6 appts. a day and I charge 250.........I just changed to 300 last week..........will I slow it down to 2 to 4 appts a day? I hope so.....dont want 4 to 6 .....stick with 2 or so a day...... Yes your right 36,000 a year is great! If I could do it for 10 years that would be great!.... but theres no way that would happen..... If your arrested twice your out of the game! Third time is Jail time! and thats not for me! What would you guys do? Be fair with your prices? even if it could end in a month or two? Or make what you can while you can?....................................Do you really think Ken Griffey will sign a lower deal at the end of this season , just because its fair market price! As Donald Trump once said "something is worth, what someone will pay for it!" remember this is a short part of my life.............Just stop to think about that and dont take it that I'm money hungry, its just like Ken Griffey and all of the other sports figures..........your only in the game for a short time! Kelli "with some input from Diana".

Humble? Diana Says:
I would like to explain my upcoming changes in my pricing. For one thing I will be working very, very part time. Its the old rule of supply and demand.And yes I know theres plenty out there. I used to spend 4 or more hours a day on answering e-mail. Since I want to continue to work when I get back to Dallas, but part time, I will raise my prices. That will cut down on my e-mail, due to the fact that I'm out of many clients range......I wish to provide the best hour or more with each client, not book my self fully each day I work and then spend all that time on the computer, I cant keep up with it all. Yes guys I know I asked for it! I wanted fame and you all gave it to me! Thanks for all the help in the group! And a big thank you to Dick O' Stone!!! As far as any bitching in the future about pricing, #1 Its me in the photos and not 30 lbs. over weight#2 No tipping#3 I'm the only one that will be showing up! no I'm here because "Diana" was sick kinda stuff that happens. #4 I'll be there.........not like many that wont show up or cancel at the last minute. I and my page has been well documented in this group and you get what you pay for !.............Am I worth it? you bet! Will I over price my self? in most cases.........you bet! There's many out there! some goodlooking some not.........You take your pick! But what about the person? I feel and all reviews state two things........Diana is very attractive and she looks better than her photos by far! and also........she a very nice girl, very friendly, sorta the girl next door type................BTW the second statement is the most important! I will be posting more of my thoughts often until my web page is updated, look for it soon ! P.S. Thanks for all the support in my last posting! Its nice to know that I'm still remembered! Diana.....

Some Good Replies from various customers and providers

I had some comments on your pricing section. I live in a large metropolitan area. Rates for FS escorts (this doesn't include the oriental tanning salons or streetwalkers which I do not frequent) range from $200 to $500 per hour. I see alot of guys complaining about such high prices, and I've seen escorts defending their rates. My opinion is, they charge what the market will bear, and that is nothing but good, old fashioned free enterprise.

My regular independent provider has a flat $350 fee, all inclusive, no tipping. She will, however, spend at least two hours with you (I haven't ever asked for more) for the flat fee. Thus, you are never rushed and she devotes her full attention to you. She is absolutely gorgeous, and she is the sweetest, friendliest girl I have ever met. And the service is indescribable. She is worth every penny, and I usually give her tip on top of her fee. She is very selective about her clientele, and I am glad she is. She's certainly not for everyone, but I rarely see anyone else. Am I satisfied with paying the high rate? Absolutely.

I just thought you would be interested in a positive perspective on high rates from a satisfied customer.

Thanks for the behind-the-scenes look at what's involved. That's the beauty of regular customers. When I schedule a session with someone who knows me, it's a 45 second phone call where we agree on the time.

I'll bet most of your e-mail requests are for almost exactly the same information. There are e-mail programs that make automated replies easy to send. They might save you some time.

Most of us work 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. Why does a hooker have some alleged right to work for 90 minutes, every other day?

If enough customers said the price was too high, you'd lower it, especially if your fixed costs were minimal and your variable costs consisted of a couple of bucks for gasoline and a condom. With regard to the risk premium, there's also this to consider: $300 precludes a lot of business from in-town regulars. That forces a lady to rely more on a succession of new customers. I don't think it's right for me to have to pay the risk premium associated with the other guy, the one she doesn't know, after she's already seen me once and knows I'm neither a cop nor a threat.

Again, more power to the ladies who think they're worth $250 or more and can get it. But more power to us who can find the quality we seek at what to us is a more reasonable price.

There are a good number of quality women in Dallas, Houston and Austin who will provide a session for $150-200. The best session I've ever had cost under $200, and the woman earned a repeat customer for as long as she's in the business.

From the woman's perspective, a high price limits repeat business. If a particular woman is priced above the market she's in, she'll find her regulars sampling others, and perhaps being drawn away. This situation is true in any service business.

Since most of the risk is with new clients, repeat business is a good goal. And since there's minimal risk of arrest with repeat customers, she can maximize her profits and minimize the chance of ending up in jail, a valid concern.

As far as the actual pricing goes, I could see paying $250 for a woman who's incredibly attractive (like Diana), but there aren't that many women who fit into this category. If the price is $300, she'd better be very talented and gorgeous. Beyond $300, she'd better be Jenny McCarthy or Pamela Anderson.

With premium pricing should come great service. Don't watch the clock, do the little things like the cleanup with a warm towel, that sort of thing. For guys, a session is like a trip to a spa, he should leave relaxed and feeling wonderful, and looking forward to his next visit.

My remarks are about independents. If one uses a service, realize that the woman only gets a fraction of what you pay. (I laugh when I read what guys in Nevada end up paying.) To get the most for your investment, and to make sure the money ends up where it belongs, stick with independents.

Dave said in this price discussion:
Some men are creeps that no sex worker should have to put up with. If we decriminalize it the price would not have to include a risk premium. 

In Denmark, Danes have decided that citizens who are disabled need sex too, and should have equal access to prostitutes. To that end, some cities have arranged for social workers to escort disabled people to prostitutes for 30 minute visits. A city official explained, that sexual help to a physically or mentally handicapped person offers him or her a much higher quality of life and helps uplift spirits.

We would also have less sexual violence if sex were just as available as food, at different prices etc. I'd much rather pay $100 for a wonderfully warm spirit and tender loving my an older women and would never pay a knock out like Kelly more than $150 (I'm assuming she is also nice and warm, but often I've found the more gorgeous the outside the more hardened the inside..often caused by being looked upon as a sex object due to beauty, than a real spirit and soul. But its all about choice, and in our sexually repressed society so full of tease and titillation, its the great bodies that command the higher price.

I also say in my articles:
Pay A Fair Price For Good Touch - Like Good Food
Sharing good sexuality for its medical as well as emotional benefits is just as important as attractive food. Just like you go to a good restaurant, and pay a fair price for beautifully prepared food, you should be willing to support sex workers by paying a fair price to have important sensual touch needs met by an attractive woman. This is a legitimate need, especially for single men or those whose wives are not providing enough good touch. But what is "fair" to me..and everyone has their own view...is $100-150...

Other Practical Advice from a Customer To A Sex Worker
1. Voicemail is often the primary means of contact. Your message should give us an idea of whether or not you're working; something like "I'm not available today" will save a bunch of time. Similarly, "I'm free from 9 until 11" is very helpful. Even better is a message with all the basic information (and a sexy voice doesn't hurt), but I can see how that might be uncomfortable for you.

2. And please return the calls of the guys who're looking for an  appointment, even if to say "I'm busy". (Guys, if you're looking for an  appointment that day, say so on your message). If we don't hear from you, we don't know you're for real. We'll just stop calling.

3. When you describe yourself, please be accurate. A bit of slack is  fine here, but if you're 180 lbs., don't try to pretend you're a waif. If you're not busty, don't describe yourself as a C or D cup. And if you're 40, don't say you're in your 20's. We can tell.

4. I prefer a fixed fee for the session. Sometimes a woman prefers a session fee, and tips for specific services. I can live with that. But don't quote a fixed fee, then demand extra payment once the session starts. That's fraud in any business.

5. We've paid well for your time. We shouldn't have to deal with ringing phones, beeping pagers, or other distractions. You also shouldn't rush us out until the time is up. And if you're having a bad day, and can't hide it, consider taking the day off. Paying for a session that's not enjoyable doesn't make me want to come back.

Remember, a happy customer is a repeat customer. And with a repeat customer, you're dealing with a known quantity, not a potential cop. Everyone wins.

AND ONE MORE PUBLIC POST FROM DIANA! making a real enterprise of herself!
Okay follow me on this one, my page gets about 1500 hits a day, sometimes more, about 10% email me each day thats 150 (its more like 100 per day) about half of them are just saying nice photos, etc but about 10 to 15 of them are for real and looking for a appt or looking ahead in a few weeks. This builds each day,maybe of the 10 to 15 only 3 want appts that day or the next, but the remaining 7 to 12 want appts with in a month,then I go to the next day, before long I have about 3 mails for the day of but already book due to all the mail over the past month. Not sure if this makes since to you but I tried. That's why I only answer my phones for a 90 min. in the morning, thats all it takes , many ASPers have posted over the past 10 months that I can't be that busy but why only answer the phone for a hour and a half? Why dont I post my web site everyday, three or four times a day? I really havent posted (except in the last 2 weeks) more than 6 or 7 times in the past 6 months. When my new page comes out I wont be offering "package" prices , the main reason is that I'm going to be working very part time. Which will make it even harder to get a appt. By raising my prices and not offering "package rates" and wont be making out of town appts or overnight appts, hopefully that will slow things down a bit and allow me to interact better with the few clients that I do get! Keep in mind all of this was on a five day a week work week. I will be going to 2 or 3 day at the most.

>If someone is willing to pay your rates, and is
>respectful, clean and pleasant (i.e., not a creep) what additional
>qualities do you look for, Dianna?

respectful and clean and pleasant, how do we really know that untill you show up? its hard to tell by email and a phone call, but sometimes clients seem to pushy, those are the first to not get a appt and in e-mail, direct questions about my services , which I really cant answer due to the fact that I dont really know who the are, so I dont answer direct questions all I can say is that I'm FULL SERVICE! For the most part I've been very lucky, Ive only had several appts where I was not happy about the client, but they had no idea, some were rude, pushy,and unbathed!

What do I look for? Someone who is nice, and laid back! I usually get along with everybody! I will post my new URL in a few days to a week( hell maybe I'll post it 3 times a day or more! ) LOL, when its finished, my page will cost me 4 times what I pay now, I will be selling my photos once again along with other things such as screen savers etc. but take a close look at it, there is no advertisers or links(except my web guy, photagrapher,film devp.) no phone sex, xxx movies to download ,no banners.....it's all me, some say its all about money? Ive been offered from 750 to1250 a month for just offering the above list! For all those ASPers that think my rates are to high? There is plenty of escorts out there, good luck! I know alot! some nice, some not so nice! Roll the dice and see if it works out! ..............My web site! My actual photo's! No tipping! No switching girls at the last minute! (its just me) For the record...300 per hour is a hell of a lot of money, spend it wisely! Or gamble with 150 to 250 and see what's happens. LET ME SAY THIS! There are some very nice girls out there for those prices! I do work had on the computer and in the gym to keep in shape! Sorry this is so long! Diana  http://www.dianaofdallas.com

And from Jen we have:
>anyone who pays even $200 an hour for an escort is a sap. Fight the
> power boys. Hookers are a dime a dozen, and not a one is worth $450 or $350
> or $200 an hour. Lets face it, whether you have a good session or not is
> related to pricing or looks. Jesus Christ, I work for myself, pay my own
> taxes and my own insurance and my own rent and I only average $50 an hour,

Jen says:
Here's the average man's wham bam thank you mam post...
200 an hour is in no way out of line sweetie for a good escort... but since your just interested in getting off, why not just stay home with the vasaline virgin and save all your money all together....

Higher priced escorts are paid for more than getting off.... you better understand that point right away... and so an escort is not for everyone...  but don't belittle them just because you don't like their prices, because you're not even looking for what they really get paid for (in addition to intimate time).

As for you only making fifty dollars an hour.... do you have the risk of going to jail in your work for the 50 an hour???? or the social degradation that is placed upon them....

Also, have you stopped to consider that though you are paying 200 for an hour with her, she has actually spent more time than that with you, checking you out, setting things up, travel time, time spent having drinks upfront for which you aren't charged....

I'd say the escort puts in at least 3 hours to every one she is actually paid for, so that actually comes to about $67 per hour.... gee, alot closer to your number, isn't it.... All you can see is the hour..... step back and take a look at the big picture here....

Enjoy, be happy, and stay safe....

Jen (and only one Jen) in Houston

NOTE: All posts published on this topic were public posts in the alt.sex.prostitution newsgroup so no privacy issues have been compromised.

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