Most Prostitutes Aren't Victims -  They  choose sexwork as a wholesome profession

And they should have that right in the U.S. just like in most of the world

Most prostitutes aren't victims but choose to provide a much needed wholesome service. Many feminists and religious groups are trying to twist sexworker debates, especially Internationally for their own agendas based on emotional rants, not facts.

Lets get over this crazy idea that ADULT prostitutes are victims. That may be true for streetwalkers who are a very small yet visible side of sexworkers. But the vast majority of sexworkers provide in private, by their choice, a much needed service that should be looked upon with respect. They aren't desperate for drugs, they don't have pimps, they simple offer professional sexwork which is legal or tolerated in almost all the world except in the U.S. Obviously I abhor child prostitution or forcing anyone to be a prostitute, but that is a totally separate issue from consenting adults that make up 99% of private sexworkers.

Sample views from the more typical private sexworker who is providing wholesome sexwork by choice:


I have been a provider for 3 years now. This has been some of the most pleasant, varied, and interesting work I have ever done. I have met men from all walks of life, with some of whom I share a close friendship.

I have always approached my work as a customer service, the goal being to please the client, relieve his tensions and help him to feel good about himself and his needs. In return I get both financial and emotional compensation.

That the profession is illegal seems to me to be the greatest crime, where is the harm in helping people? Why shouldn't I be paid well for this service? In no other service profession do we see such a furor, all in the name of "morality". We do not condemn professional counselors and psychiatric workers for their jobs!

As to health concerns, my physical and emotional health have never been better, I protect my self and my clients.

For me, all the most negative experiences have all come from Law Enforcement. Harassing phone calls, crude and rude attempts to solicit me at my other job, threats against my safety, have all come from them. Sadly, on their way to bother me, I know these same guardians of public order and decency pass crack dealers on the streets. I guess girls like me pose a bigger threat than they do.

Lilac a Dallas Blonde
Dave notes, above excerpts from her E-mail to me used with her permission

Another provider says:
I have clients who have had terrible, terrible childhoods of abuse and torture who just want to be held. I have had clients who firmly believe that their genitals are deformed. The look on their faces when I tell them they are perfectly normal is almost obscene to watch. I have had clients, who want to get down and dirty as quickly as possible. I have had clients with disabilities who needed some pretty tricky manouevering in order to achieve sexual contact, but who were so grateful afterwards it made me cry.

This is such a fantastic job. I wouldn't change it for anything.

A very wise note from a provider in Dallas (from guest book) says:
"It's absolutely ridiculous that it's an illegal profession, because the guys I see are so normal and just want some company, to see someone's "smile" and warmth...and of course the sex...usually they are not getting elsewhere. I see this occupation as very healthy since it provides so much to a man and the woman also. Not often can the man find the convenience of a woman who is sexy and willing to cater undivided attention to his desires and the woman able to fulfill her most needed financial desires. And both are usually/hopefully smiling and happy with the experience...for myself, I am elated to have someone so pleased with me, and also because I have usually made his happiest part of the week or month...whatever it be. As the old saying goes when someone has an awesome experience, "this should be a crime"...did someone think that was meant to be literal??

I'm really into thinking good about yourself. I think this business should be a win-win situation for everyone. Since you are into counseling, you know what I mean. That's really my intention...and I do offer my friendship to my clients. This business really gets bad hype, but it is so ironic that I have found it for me and my clients to be such an uplifting experience. Besides from the (legal) risks, I think it to be one of the most positive jobs there is."

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