More Clear Proof of TBD's Censorship and Agenda on TBD Boards

Obviously we all know TBD's agenda of promoting certain types of providers and then his lies about doing so, his slander of those that disagree with him, etc. That has been well documented by many.

Here is the latest proof.

There have been a number of folks on the TBD Los Angeles board asking about hostess clubs as they are unique to LA and many guys enjoy them. I have seen a couple requests for information about HC on TBD that have been deleted, since obviously not part of TBD's agenda to promote since can't make money off them, they won't be on his top 10 etc.

About 3am I posted my note (below) about the extensive Hostess Club report I had just completed. Looking at Hitmeter reports while it was up it was getting lots of people going to the link the report even in the very early hours. It is obviously of great interest to a lot of folks.

But of course, it was deleted by TBD..... His agenda again shown very clearly and his censorship. The TBD boards are very popular since it is about the only well organized national board with sub regions that is so active. But TBD himself is the boards only problem - his censorship and agenda.

Unlike TBD nothing I do has any commercial or financial benefit. I share openly and honestly trying to help those find good, healthy sensual enjoyment. Sadly this clearly is not in line with TBD's agenda.

Here is the deleted post:

Intimacy Search At Los Angeles Hostess Clubs / Strip Clubs 
Special Research Report September 25, 2000


Introduction of my Intimacy Interest in Hostess Clubs and some Strip Clubs
What the Heck are Hostess Clubs?
The Pros & Cons of Hostess Clubs over Strip Clubs
Legal Situation Update
City of Industry Greed and Sleaze Forbes Article
VIP Lounge Hostess Club
Boss Club HC
Sahara Theatre Strip Club
Minato Hostess Club
Sun Massage 
Jet Strip Strip Club 
Sugar Honey Club
Bare Elegance Strip Club 
Sam’s Hof Brau Strip Club Restaurant 
Spearment Rhino - Downtown
PlayPen Strip Club
Las Palmas HC 
Club Fantasy Hostess Club
Spearmint Rhino Strip Club
L.A. Grand or aka Club Grand
Miss Kitty's Strip Club
STAR Health & Pain Center Massage
Paradise Show Girls
My Life as a Prostitute Play