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Special Research Report   Updated October 2001 and September 25, 2000

My focus is intimacy sharing not just how far you can go sexually

If you are  just looking for "hot babes" to grope and get sex from,  this report is NOT for you.  My interest in hostess clubs and some strip clubs is not in looking at big boobs and sexy tease dances of a naked body. I am more interested in inner beauty combined with a reasonably physical body attraction.   I share ideas that men who might also enjoy, being able to share good touch with women and treating them with loving tenderness as a person and not just as a sex object to get stimulated by.  The response over many years from like-minded men has been fabulous which has encouraged me to continue to be outspoken and share my ideas and experiences.  There are far more opportunities for such intimacy outside the U.S. since laws  in the U.S. usually only allow women to be sex objects to gawk at instead of the positive interactions I enjoy.  But there is also some limited opportunities in Los Angeles, especially at hostess clubs, which are now unique to Los Angeles.

Over the years, I've been involved in many discussions.  Sometimes there is a hostile attitude of some men who are apparently very  insecure and think intimacy is sissy stuff. They are really macho men so they made fun of my ideas.  But the vast majority of men over the years that express their views, do have an interest in good touch, even if non-sexual, and more and more are finding they enjoy their more sensitive side, instead of just being the macho stud.  

In our culture men are constantly teased by women's sexuality to sell almost everything, but heaven forbid we actually interact intimately with a real women, especially a sexworker.  Violence (including sports like boxing/wrestling/Jerry Springing antics) is the norm and accepted.  Being macho is what is in, not being a warm intimate good touch man that so many women would prefer.

It is the same thing that wives tell me in Liberated Christian workshops about wishing that their husbands were more intimate. But we don't train in our culture good touch/intimacy skills and its not something that is just natural for most men. Lap dancing or hostess club interactions can be a "lab" to experiment with good touch ideas to be used in real relationships.

There is nothing wrong with being sexual. That is man's natural inclination with women. But I simply suggest that for some of us, learning good touch skills can wonderfully enhance our relationship with a wide variety of women.

Some of you men are much better intimate loving toucher's than I am I'm sure.  Many of you also have the advantage of being younger and more attractive than I am. I'm more than twice the age of most of the dancers, graying with a  paunchy midriff. I don't offer much money or physical attractiveness. I offer something very different and I enjoy the reactions I get from various dancers and hostess club gals.  My interest in relating to dancers in not any better than anyone else's. It is simply an alternative to try for men that might enjoy more intimate, high-touch, non-sexual interactions with wonderful attractive women.

I also very much enjoy more intimate full sexuality.  Without the legal issues, and far lower costs,  I highly recommend Canada, especially Victoria, B.C. or Montreal, or Thailand as I have reported on in great detail in other "hands on research" reports. There are of course many other great places without the legal issues that are virtually unique to the U.S.

Note: More extensive research links and reports from September 2000 trip are below this updated report
October 20001 Trip Updates on
Los Angeles/City of Industry Hostess & Intimate Strip Clubs

In Los Angeles
MAP Of Reviewed LA clubs
Spearmint Rhino Downtown Strip Club 
Club Fantasy Hostess Club
L.A. Grand or aka Club Grand
STAR Health & Pain Center  Massage

In City of Industry Area
Map of Reviewed City of Industry Area Clubs
Sahara Theatre Strip Club
Hawaii Theater Strip Club
Boss Club Hostess Club
Sun Massage
VIP Lounge Hostess Club
Minato Hostess Club
Below is much more detailed information and prior trip reports

Introduction of my Intimacy Interest in Hostess Clubs and some Strip Clubs

Boss Club Hostess Club
City of Industry
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City of Industry - End Day 2
The Pros & Cons of
Hostess Clubs over Strip Clubs
Hawaii Theater Strip Club
City of Industry
Legal Situation Update Sun Massage
City of Industry
City of Industry
Greed and Sleaze Forbes Article
VIP Lounge Hostess Club
City of Industry
Note: Clubs and experiences in table from here on are in order in which I experienced Sept 2000 and also include any earlier reports from prior trips Minato Hostess Club
City of Industry - End of Day 3
Day 1 afternoon after landing at LAX
Jet Strip Strip Club
Sugar Honey Club
Bare Elegance Strip Club Conclusion
Samís Hof Brau Strip Club Restaurant Note: The following are prior trip reports and clubs I previously reviewed but not during my September 2000 Trip
- now closed
Spearmint Rhino
 Downtown Strip Club 
PlayPen Strip Club
Ramada Inn - Downtown Las Palmas HC 
Club Fantasy Hostess Club
Downtown LA
Spearmint Rhino Strip Club
City of Industry
L.A. Grand or aka Club Grand
Downtown LA - End Day 1
Miss Kitty's Strip Club
City of Industry
STAR Health & Pain
 Center  Massage
Paradise Show Girls
City of Industry
My Life as a Prostitute Play
Santa Monica
Private party with LA  Escorts
of January 2000
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