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Minato Hostess Club - City of Industry
October 2001 Update
Nice Phil still the manager.  On Saturday night they only had 5 gals and all were busy with one other guy waiting for next available gal. I saw two gals and they were both quite attractive. 

I noted the City notice on the door about getting a liquor license.  I wonder if that will mean more restrictions on what touch can be done.  It has always been quite a conservative place it seems.  Nice and clean and seems to have potential but needs more customers and gals.

Minato Hostess Club - City of Industry
September 2000 Report
16025 Gale Avenue, City of Industry
Inside Cathay Bank Plaza on Gale two blocks East of Hacienda, next to Sahara Theatre.

The old Minato started being harassed by the Police and got spooked and changed to a Latin format. But then it was sold and reopened as Minato 9/1/00 and returns to the formal hostess club format. 

Instead of the one way glass where the available girls use to be from prior visit, it is now just an open area where they sit. About 20 gals, many Latin and many quite attractive to old Dave, but hardly any customers! I happened to note one American looking blond that actually smiled a bit at me. But I don't think I want to try an American bred gal again!

Phil the new manager use to be a client and was very friendly and showed me around. The two dance areas the two couch areas, one a bit more private in the TV room without the noise from the music but with the TV going instead - in this case a Jerry Springer show..yuck!

I talked to Phil a bit about the HC scene. He says he has to firmly follow the rules about no sexual activity since LE does come in and check like they do all the clubs. I told him of my intimacy interests and he immediately recommended guess who? Yep, the American looking blond that smiled a little at me. OK...lets try her.

Bingo! Finally an American bred gal that broke the stereotype. Very nice, great touch, great conversation about many topics all within the rules. No touching upper thighs above certain level or directly on breasts (thru bra ok). She was very interested in my experiences at other clubs etc. She is very open to much more but always respects the club rules to not get the club in legal problems. She mentioned she is probably among the most open of the others. She honestly enjoys good quality touch more than allowed at HCs but I give her credit for her respect of the rules. She was pleasantly surprised that I asked her what the rules were and what I could and could not do. Most guys just grab and she has to tell them no!

Even with the rules that I respected I had a very good experience with her. In fact I was with her for 70 minutes for about a $30 fee and I tipped her $30.

I think this points out an issue that some people try and make the clubs out to be more than they are. Most HC girls as others have suggested are the sit and cuddle girls. Only a few are "high mileage" but those are the ones that put the clubs at risk with LE.

But Minato needs to attract more clientele in order to keep attractive gals. Yet find the guys that will be satisfied with a lower level of good touch intimacy but not sexual combined with a nice intellectual interaction with a attractive women. But most men seek more since their are few good options for more sexuality at least without the legal risks.

July, 1999 Report
After getting lost a few times trying to find two downtown LA strip clubs to compare to the Hostess clubs (see later discussion) I finally got here only 45 minutes before closing my second night.  The drive was so long I thought I’d soon see a sign saying “Welcome to Arizona” but I’m not use to such long distances in a metro area!

Minato is a newer club with a little different twist.  Asian host was very friendly but said it had been a slow night so had just let about a dozen girls go home.  Was only a couple of gals left.  Admission is $5 and dances are the usual $0.40 minute but the girls are behind a one-way glass in a large room.  You can see them but they can’t see you.  Not sure if I like that or not, but different. 

My fast selection was from Columbia (so much for them being all Asian!).  She had worked previously at some of the downtown clubs but made much more money in tips here.   They make nothing off the time fees like the downtown clubs but most of their clients are very high tipping Asians that don’t hassle them for anything sexual, but just enjoy talking with and the company of a nice lady.  she comes out much further ahead even if all she gets is the tips and none of the time fee..   Couch areas very dark.  She was nice but not particularly responsive almost as cold as American woman earlier.  But I obviously wasn’t a rich Asian which may have had something to do with it.

They also have a private club in West LA requiring a high minimum tip I understand of $45 even if you don’t like the lady and return her after a few minutes.

I had planned to visit then strip club Spearmint Rhino which was not far away which was supposed to have a high “nasty factor”.  After my bad experiences at the other two strip clubs (boring and no intimacy) earlier in the evening (will discuss shortly) I assumed “nasty” wasn’t my type of intimacy but wanted to check it out.  But was about to close since just before 2am.

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