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Intimacy At Los Angeles Hostess Clubs / Strip Clubs 

Invitation to private party with LA  Escorts was my excuse to update report of January 2000
Having been twice to Asia in 1999 and enjoying many great "in bed" experience where I can more fully share my sensual intimacy interest, as well as great sensual sex with women, I no longer go to clubs in Phoenix.

However, I was invited by a private group to come to a Thursday luncheon in Los Angeles (Anaheim Hills) where I met six great escorts along with about 20 great guys that are very active in the "hobby" of meeting women and sharing sexuality at  in LA.  

The great lunch was a perfect excuse for me to  update my Hostess Club reports from my slightly different prospective. I also visited quite a few Strip Clubs in The City of Industry to check out their more open attitude. I had some really great experiences, but also confirmed why I seldom go to the clubs anymore but prefer a bed where I can more fully do my "intimacy things".  But I did have some really interesting interactions with dancers etc as I have had on two prior visits to LA which I will again report on in my usual details.  Also I will share some of the questions from other men and my responses regarding some of my interests.

Interactions with "Hard Core John's" from luncheon
The group I was with, is a private LA group whose purpose is to share experiences with sex providers in a confidential manner far without the risk of exposing providers to possible vice cop action risk that is such a big concern on any public forum.  Group membership is by invitation only and before everyone E-mails me wanting to apply, I have nothing to do with who gets in and there are no more openings and a long waiting list. You have to be known to the leaders because of the private nature of the group that is important for all.   Both providers and customers are very active sharing in the group. Of course their are no street hookers, but just a great group of honest open people from all walks of life, mostly professional types it seems. I point out the "hard core" nature because surprisingly so many of them wanted to talk privately with me about my intimacy interests. 

The Providers
Of the six women there most were the "hot" and "wow" type most men seek.  I've never been that interested in hot and wow, but at least two while they maybe hot, seemed also very much my type who enjoys intimacy.   One, very dynamic gal raised in a conservative Christian background in the Midwest, as I was, is now enjoying greatly her new found sexual freedom.  She is also very sharp and in pre-med school is a massage therapist (as I have been trained) and only takes about two appointments a week for escort service by private referral only.  She can fully enjoy her sexuality but not get burned out by seeing many men or  taking the legal risks of advertising .  She even brought Chemistry books to study after the lunch and before going to take an exam.  Tall and slender (my perfect body type) different ethnic background and just as warm as can be with great hugs etc.

Another escort, "sensualashley", seems very much my type. See welcomes referrals and her very attractive picture and information can be found at, .  This is on in the pampered section

Others were "hot", very nice, attractive young women, but I didn't think they were the kind I seek, although I could be proven very wrong if I got to know them better.

I am reporting my experiences out of order here, because I wanted to get to some of what for me where the more interesting social issues and setting the stage, before reporting on some of my great experiences the day before the luncheon when I visited a bunch of clubs in City of Industry, and had some great experiences as well at Club Fantasy in downtown LA (details later in this large report).

In fact, at lunch one of the more active guys told me that  I had been spotted the night before, at Club Fantasy, doing my intimacy thing, with a very favorable report!

Believe it or not, I use to be so insecure with women, so scared of them, I never dated till a jr. in college and in my early Stan Dale experiences was looked upon as needy so women were not attacked to me. Then over time the opposite started to happen. As I've told others privately, I can't explain it, it amazes me. But if I can turn from a nerd into someone whose intimacy some women seem to like, I like to share my experiences with others if helpful as well as rejoice when I find what seems to be linked minded women.

But with my own long established insecurities it is meaningful to know I'm not just fantasying the favorable reaction I get from some gals from the intimacy stuff I  so enjoy. It has been confirmed so many ways over the years that I accept it now as true, but I certainly am not god's gift to women, and not everyone will like my kind of intimacy.

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