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Hawaii Theater Strip Club
October 2001 Update
Drastic changes from last year! No more high touch $20 laps.  Now little contact (no breast caress).  For "a good time" you have to pay $120 minimum... (deleted what I thought it was for see below)  -  I wasn't really interested.  Dancer is charged $40 and keeps the rest of the $120.

Note about minimum: Dave, your website is wayoff about the VIP times at HT. It's not 30 minutes for $120 (LOL)! Dude, its only 6 or 7 minutes! (That's 3 songs of 2:30 each, so at MOST it's 8 minutes) Although I agree with your pan of the club's new rules, please update this misleading info.

Only did one $20 lap with the only dancer that sat down next to me to introduce self,  instead of the masses that did the "want to dance" from a far thing.  I passed on about 10 others, some quite attractive, others a bit ditzy.

In prior trips had mixed reviews but some very good interactions.  But with the $120 fee for any good touch, I am deleting this club from my list to update on future trips.

September 2000 Review

15333 Gale Ave City of Industry
Off 60 Frwy Between Hacienda & Turnbul
On Gale Ave a few blocks West of Hacienda on the North side of the street, set in the back of a U shaped strip mall. 

There have been very mixed reviews of this club lately. Some love it and some hate it mostly for the scam of 2for1 or more songs that are cut short so its really still just one full song for laps. I also had some very good experiences here last trip, especially during the day and a bad one at night. So without much expectations I checked it out late Friday afternoon.

I love the bench type seating in back just in front of the lap dance back section. I can do my arms out nesting game vs the regular chairs that aren't suitable for my nesting.

Within a few minutes a pretty gal flew into my nest. She was quite seductive and good cuddlier, and stroked my pants etc. I asked her about higher prices I had heard about vs. the $20 topless laps from January. She tried to tell me most of the girls now charge $40 but she likes to keep it at $20, and of course tips usually make up for it. She had just turned 40 but was very attractive and nice intimacy. She says she is one of the original dancers when the club opened 7 yrs ago if I heard her right. She also mentioned about the great time we could have and how she can use a condom on me etc.... She certainly was a seductress and I was losing interest. I finally said I would do just one $20 dance and that was it. Fine... And we did have a very nice full contact lap dance.

I planned by game rules. A number of dancers just pranced around the room asking everyone the usually "what a dance". I turned all of these down. I rewarded dancers (if you can call it that) with a $20 lap if they actually came into my nest and wanted to make the effort to talk to me, not just ask for a dance. About 50% won.

Next winner (for all of one $20 dance) was a Polish gal. Not quite as intimate as first gal but nice and did a lot of crotch rubbing.

Next was a real winner. After a few minutes sitting with me, she kept asking if I had been in before. I said not since January but she said while she didn't recognize me by looks, she knew she had experienced my touch before. Interesting that it was that unique. Sure enough. If you read my January 2000 report about a soul mate experience it was her! This is first time I wound up with someone I had met on a prior trip. Wow....great fact I broke my rule and had 2. And then she had me stay, cuddle massage her and talk for quite awhile afterwards, clearly not on the clock. As I reported in earlier trip it seems they can control the interaction no one is timing or closely watching them so she could have free time with her wanting to be with me on the lap bench vs other clubs. We enjoyed light kissing and she was so sweet and sincere, another high touch intimacy lover like myself! She usually works day shift which is the shift I met her at last time. To my surprise she wanted to give me her phone number and get together for massage privately. Unfortunately I am leaving Saturday so won't make it, but if she is still interested and wants to contact me I will respond and catch her on another trip. She also just turned...would you believe...45 and has a 15 yr old daughter. She sure doesn't look it, very nice body as well as great intimacy skills which is more likely to occur with older women.

Last was a tall Korean-Hawaiian gal very attractive did nice $20 lap which was sort of half way between mechanical and intimate.

The day/night shift changes about 6:30 and I was there from about 6:15-7 so had a mixture of day and night shift gals.

All the laps were one song $20 topless and lasted long enough to be enjoyable and not overly rushed, although of course I wish they were longer.

January 2000 Report
Very dark inside, especially coming in from the bright sun. I had to let my eyes adjust or old Dave would have been tripping over tables he couldn't see.

They had a variety of seating including nice lounge chairs which are comfortable but not suitable for my nesting game.  I prefer a bench type seat where I can have my arm out sort of making a nest for a dancer to fly into if she likes.  Often at clubs this works great and dancers sit and snuggle up with me if they are the good touch intimacy enjoying dancers I seek.    This especially worked well in the Philippines and Thailand where so many dancers flew into my nest.  Doesn't work quite as often in Los Angeles however.

I found one of the few perfect seats without being in one of the high back bench seats used for laps. $10 cover charge/ $6 for your drinks and $7 for girls which I usually pass on if getting a $20 lap dance.  

Soon a nice little young bird flew nicely into my nest.  She is Asian (actually Filipino, Latin and Chinese!) She had somewhat of a Chinese looking face. She jokes about how small she is compared to me. I mention how often great gifts come in small packages.   She enjoyed cuddling with me, especially since it was quite cold inside and she didn't have much on:)  

I was immediately delighted when she took my hand and moved it to her  breast.  I really enjoy caressing nicely, smaller to mid sized breasts that say "caress me" much more than big ones.  She cuddled up a bit more like a pro than a Girlfriend type dancer.  She was a bit aggressive for a dance saying how happy she could make me. , I'm more use to spending more time talking first and getting to know a dancer but its mostly get to the dance attitude in Los Angeles.  She then gave me the sob story about having to work both day and night shifts to feed her kids etc.  I'm thinking, yep that is the Filipino in her since in PI, they seem to all have sick or hungry kids, mothers, dogs, anything to make you feel sorry for them to get more money!   Sometimes the same is true in Thailand but not as bad as in PI/RP.

But she was certainly the warm cuddly type and seemed to be a great responder to my touch and massage. I was also enjoying caressing her nice breasts so agreed to a lap dance but told her my only 1 rule and just the $25 topless. This was my first experience on this trip to LA and had heard this club can be quite wild, so was curious for a lap dance. I had no interest in trying to finger and other high mileage many other men seek, so I never did any nude dances (usually $40).  Anything more I would want to do with her nude I'd want to do in a bed not on a lap bench.  As I discuss in other reports, I enjoy more upper body intimacy, holding, caressing breasts, lightly stroking back, face caresses if she likes, holding nicely and stroking hands,   massaging back while in my arms, some nice intimate moves when she is sort of lying with face up on you etc... all involves upper body so not that interested in nude, just topless.  I must also be blessed with soft hands, that so many dancers and other women tell me they like.  Don't know why, except I've never been much for mechanical things and getting hands callused. I, haven't much of a clue what's under the hood of a car. I just do a lot of typing on computer and do enough Esalen massages the oil maybe keeps my hands soft ?

Lap dance was great.  Better than in Phoenix even before the new legal restrictions. More like my San Francisco experience  I wrote about where I tried to share more details of the specific techniques I enjoy as it seems many dancers do, if they sincerely like good intimate touch which to me is more about loving the person even if just for the moment, and tenderness than sex often is.  Although I also enjoy intimate sexuality as many women seem to also - but again in a bed not a lap dance bench or chair!

The dance here and at most other strip clubs in City of Industry I visited were perfect for my tastes (other than too short and I'm only interested in one per dancer).  To me this type of intimacy interaction, is what we need far more of in our culture.  But this kind of wonderful human interaction has been deemed to be illegal by those that seem to know what is best for us!  It's called terrible things like "prostitution" even without genital contact and "obscene" and its "lewd and lascivious".  What a sick view of human sensual interaction forced on us by moralists who want to control our lives. Worse yet they try to hide behind the Bible which just shows total biblical ignorance since the Christian tradition based sexual repression is not at all biblical, only based on twisting by traditions.  See The Bible & Christianity Do Not Prohibit Sex Work and even "common" Prostitution is not a Biblical Conflict as I discuss in other sections of

She tried to get me to do another dance by I told her I go all over the world and enjoy meeting and interacting with different women, but have a one dance per women strict rule since I need to keep costs under control.  We chatted a bit, had nice hung and it was a perfect way to start my LA trip.  And the next dancer was even better!

Wow a Soul mate Intimacy Experience Next
After returning to my nesting table, xxx makes a beeline for me, thinking I am a customer she knew, although she wasn't sure.  I liked how she introduced herself, by introducing her breasts to me putting my hand on them and closing her top over them. At one point she joked, "don't worry I've got you covered".   A nice creative way to introduce yourself.

After a few minutes of cuddling, touch and starting to massage her back it seemed we had a very sincere intimacy connection of two like minded souls coming together.   After years of experience I think I can tell when its sincere vs. just trying to lure you into a dance. But I can be fooled so I try and just enjoy the moment not worrying about being too analytical (which I tend to do) whether its real or not.   

She initialed some very light nice kissing, the way I like to kiss.  I bought her a drink (gee she even likes coffee like I do) and she also mentioned how cold it was in the club which is also a nice excuse for cuddling for body warmth which I so much enjoy as she seemed to.  After nice discussion and cuddling at table she asks if I'd like to have a lap dance.  This is the way I like to meet dancers.  Get to know them this way before just jumping into a lap dance.  I told her my interest in only $20 topless and only one dance rule.  She had no problem with that.

Wonderful dance but even more is the massaging, cuddling etc we shared afterwards with her topless in my arms. She had a lot of neck tension and my massage was hitting the right spots, she even had me "go a little to the right" to find the exact tight spot.  It turned out she had just completed massage school and appreciated it so much from someone that knew what they were doing, and especially with Esalen type massage and attitudes.  But it wasn't just giving her massage, it was really great intimacy response as if she were someone just like me (but many years younger and a women).   This is so much more satisfying to me than trying to finger, feed on, grab or grope a women's body parts or a grinding lap dance.  I try and tame wild lap dancers to just slow down and relax into my arms, not just try and arose me sexually. Often they very much seem to enjoy my more intimacy interests not grinding sex. I prefer a private horizontal bed for sex, not a lap dance booth or bench.

It is especially fulfilling to me, if it seems she is truly enjoying it and best of all if she knows what to do back nicely instead of just being a receiver as many younger American women seem to be, if they even like touch at all.  She was a bit older and I almost always find the best responders to intimacy in older women.  I am quite sure she isn't ethnic (or culturally just U.S.), but I forget to ask her ethnic background.  Someday, somewhere, I will be shocked and find an U.S. born, raised and cultured women that actually likes touch and is a great intimacy responder - but they are very rare in my many years of intimacy seeking experience.

Since we seemed to "click" so well I share a lot with her about my interests, two websites etc.  She seemed very interested, asked many great questions wanted to know web addresses etc.  I do carry folded in my back pocket a couple envelopes that have two 4 page intros to both websites and my Esalen massage brochure.  I only give these to people who seem to be really sincerely interested as she was and I gave her my stuff which she seemed to really appreciate.  She even wanted to be sure my phone number was included. 

I always welcome getting together with any dancer/provider  privately as a friend, but  never expect this to happen, I never suggest any private contact  myself since probably that is what most men try and do with many dancers.  If they really are interested in me, I assume they will contact me.  Sadly...few do, and poor old Dave has to rely on sex providers to share intimacy with since I can't find any  non BBW women for a real friendship with. Of course, I'm a bit large myself, so I realize my double standard.  Fortunately it seems most women are still attracted to me however.  I am spoiled by more slender women but all I seem to attract is the zillions of older BBW's  in Phoenix for real relationships. I long ago decided since to some extent body type is important to me, I would not start any relationship with someone I'm not physically attracted to.  And I realize some women aren't attracted to mine either. But I also seek more than just physical attraction for any real relationship.  

I was also surprisingly pleased that by her choice I was with her a very long time (maybe 30 minutes or more) from one dance vs. other clubs where some guy is timing you making sure your only there for your one 2 minute song.  That is the biggest disadvantage of course of strip clubs vs. Hostess clubs. But in Strip Clubs you have her topless in your arms vs. clothed mostly at Hostess Clubs.

I also was thinking Los Angeles men must be much more into intimacy than what I heard from Phoenix dancers about Phoenix men.  XXX told me she does have lots of customers, mostly older,  that enjoy more intimacy with her than just trying to be sexual. This was good to hear, although later I also asked a few gals at CF about this and they said how rare it was to find a customer with good touch intimacy interests.  But the way xxx is, obviously she would attract those men that do enjoy the intimacy side.  She also said she enjoys in nude dances having her outer lips stroked but not hard fingering of her genitals.  I enjoy stroking outer lips (not mouth but down further...) but in more privately on a bed.

She even said she realized I only did one dance, appreciated the time sharing and I gave her a $20 tip (which I understand is sort of the expected standard) in addition to the $20 dance fee.

Oh Yes, there is stage dancing also!
I had been at Hawaii about 1.5 hours now and had hardly noticed the stage dancers since just being teased from afar is not my interest. I had also been with a dancer for the majority of the time. I almost forgot this was a strip club mostly to grind as much money out of the customer as possible, instead of a hostess club, but I would be painfully reminded of that the next night!  

There were lots of other attractive dancers mixing with customers but they seem more the airhead, American, young 20's ditzy types  (no offense intended just my experience) trying to just lure more money out of wallets.  Hey, this is the American way!  I had also read in the private group great reviews of some Asian dancers here but didn't see any other obvious Asian or foreign women.

I also wasn't highly motivated to seek more intimacy experiences unless since I had been quite fulfilled and happy with what I had just experienced.  So I decided to visit some other clubs in City of Industry and then wind up at Club Fantasy downtown later in the evening,  for the sake of my research instead of a big need to experience good intimacy, at least for now.  If I find it great, but having been without any much in Phoenix (under new law no longer available like I have enjoyed in the past), my good experiences on the first club I visited was very nice. 

I returned to Hawaii Theater and Sahara Thursday Night between meeting some guys from the group at VIP.  You get your hand stamped so you can come back and forth the same night only paying the cover charge ($10?) once.

Holly on Thursday night (I'm naming her for a reason as you will see)
On Thursday night I popped in again between visits to VIP. it was much more crowded but I had heard reviews of some dancers that might be interesting to meet.  However, the only available seats were those not suitable for nesting. After so many good experiences, I wasn't highly motivated to have to find good intimacy, just doing more social research ;).  I was almost going to just leave.   But then Holly came up to me as I was standing trying to decide whether to leave or not.

Holly seemed very nice asked me if she could dance for me.  I prefer to get to know someone better first, but from a brief taking her hand, a bit of a standing hug etc., she seemed warm.  I told her I only do just one $20 lap and that was fine with her.

Very nice intimacy experience...another soul mate type experience it seemed.  I did my usual things in the dance which she very positively responded to.  After the dance we started talking  - a lot.  She even told me of her swinging interest but boyfriend had problems with it etc.   We talked about how one can sincerely love the soul of a person even if brief encounter even if being paid.  She asked lots of questions, had really good mutually interesting discussion.  She was interested in being able to find websites I mentioned.  I believe she was the one who also had been curious about hostess clubs and where she could find more information about them.  I told her about Tenfree's good article (at on as well as my article and that I linked also to a couple news articles written about hostess clubs. She seemed so interested I talked about the pros and cons of strip clubs over hostess clubs etc.

BUT THEN...she asked if I wanted another dance and I reminded her I only do one, but am happy to talk with her longer if she wished, but  realized she may want to move on to another customer.  Her reply was "honey, you've  had more than one dance!".   I dug into my wallet willing to pay $40 when she announced I had just had six dances and her fee was $120!   I was of course shocked, since I thought I was so clear in the beginning that I only did 1 dance per girl and especially since the long chat time, not dance time, was very similar to my great experience the prior afternoon where it was the dancers choice to stay and talk not a continuous dance meter running.   She said a manager keeps track of all dances and you have to pay for the time (a lie).  I felt totally misled and cheating and asked to speak to the manager.  She goes and get Mr. big and burley who I talk to without any compromise or solution.  He says the girls are independent contractors and they decide who many dances to charge for (the opposite of what Holly just told me, but in line with why with the other gal, I only had to pay for one dance by her choice to continue talking to me which is what I thought was the current situation).   This is a good lesson, however, showing how strip clubs are for just a short dance, not the type of interaction available at a Hostess Clubs.   I had no choice but to pay the $120 and I think her interest was probably more fake than sincere just to keep me on her ticking meter to my wallet.    I would have never stayed with her if I had realized we were on the meter for more than the one agreed to dance.

Enough of strip clubs - since I could care less about the stripping!  Except...did want to stop back at Sahara out of curiosity at least briefly before retuning to VIP.

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