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Boss Hostess Club
October 2001 Update
Redone and quite nice. But like most clubs mostly short Latino's, who I assumed didn't speak much English.  I choose an Anglo taller gal from the U.S. forgetting all my prior experiences that most U.S. raised women are the least intimate compared to most other cultures, which I talked a great deal about in prior reports.   Of course after Boss my generalization was wrong when I had great experience with Crystal at Club Fantasy when went back to LA.

Holly was nice, has worked at most of the clubs both in City of Industry and L.A. and likes Boss the best since its more upscale. Is a student and has another full time job and seems to tolerate the touch allowed at the clubs but typical "save real intimacy for boyfriend" attitude of most U.S. bred women vs more openly natural intimate response from women in most other cultures.

Boss Hostess Club September, 2000 Report
15651 E Valley, City of Industry
Same strip mall as Exotica on the NE corner of Hacienda & Valley
Opens 8pm with $5 admission or $10 at times. $3-$4 drinks. $24/hour dance fee with a $6 minimum. 

Arrived near midnight after long trek from Santa Monica. Was even longer since I made the wrong turn off Hacienda, You get turned around direction wise (or at least I did) on the winding exit road. There are two left turn lanes and only one right. You want to go right which is north... I went south. At first the area seemed familiar, even found the Bank of America I thought I had visited on last trip to get more cash. I kept driving, thinking I was going north to find Gale and then E Valley Drive. But I kept driving and I didn't recognize any street names. Would up going up a mountain it seemed. Back tracked found a gas station and bought a map. I had a map quest map but it was just for the correct area and none of the streets matched. I finally realized I was way down South of Highway 60 instead of North in City of Industry.

Nice club with about a dozen girls still available. Some were a bit dumpy looking, some understandably looked bored and some were chatting with each other. I met 3 for 1/2 hour each. None were very intimate; obviously the higher mileage and those more open were already taken.

First was a 19 yr old Mexican-American who was a motor mouth about herself. Actually good idea since keeps guy longer when he can hardly get a word in after the usually intro and questions.

2nd was a young slim redhead Spanish (from Spain), fairly new and when started was terribly nervous. Still seemed so, she kept just bouncing to the music even on the couch. When I gave her some back massage, which she said she liked, her back stopped bouncing but it moved to her feet. Obviously young, immature and not comfortable with men in this setting.

3rd was Mexican-American. Had a good discussion, she had only worked about 2 weeks and was very tired of being mauled. She was amazed how much the "higher mileage" girls made in tips vs. hers. She just isn't comfortable with guys jamming their crotches into hers while dancing or all the groping on the couch. She actually was more intimate with me both physically and intellectually than the other two, but I was not trying to grope and grab just nicely caress which she seemed to enjoy. It was more action that she just wasn't interested in.

Even though I didn't make any good intimacy connections here the club is well laid out for privacy. The dance floors and couch areas very dark and I saw some others in very intimate positions. The main problem is knowing who your type of hostess is and as I mentioned being so late it was expected those available were more the low mileage, left overs. Nice gals in a difficult situation, not open to much intimacy.

Manager gal was very friendly running a tab for me instead of paying each time. I tipped each $10 directed and my total tab was $36 for 3 half hours. They don't charge any big fee on credit cards just $1 per $50. I met Paul the owner? , or head manager. Very nice Asian guy who is open to all suggestions etc.

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