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Intimacy At Los Angeles Hostess Clubs / Strip Clubs 

L.A. Grand or aka Club Grand
October 2001 Report
Checked out club briefly but didn't choose anyone. As expected it seemed like I was the only non Latin in the club other than for one very drugged out looking thin blond Anglo dancer.  I observed the scene for awhile but didn't find anyone I felt I wanted to clock out.

L.A. Grand or aka Club Grand
September 2000 Report

1040 S Grand Ave, Los Angeles 90015 746-9200
Hours 2pm to 2am   $28/hour fee

I arrived at the club about 45 minutes before closing. I had read some quite good reports on the club and that they were trying to broaden their format from the strictly Latin club of the past to have a wider variety of customers and dancers.

Due to LE concerns they don't allow much high mileage and have cameras in the couch areas.  There are two private areas, one behind the bench the girls sit at and another in a TV room just to the right of the top of the stairs, before you enter the club.  Both areas have small dance floors.

The available girl bench is much closer to the customer standing looking from the bar. Almost too close as I somewhat prefer not being so obviously in looking but being further away from the potential choice.

I usually avoid big busted blonds,  but I also like taller women, and there was one standout who also had a very pretty face.  I introduced myself and off we went to the dance floor in the top of the stairs area, outside the main section. 

I enjoyed the very nice close responsive dance. Very warm closeness.  She is from Columbia and didn't speak much English, but we communicated very well intimately.  I suggested we couch it.  She nuzzled and cuddled wonderfully.  Seemed to very much enjoy by gentle face caresses. She had very smooth nice skin on arms, lets and top of breast area and I very much enjoyed nicely caressing it and she seemed to also by her purrs and response.  We shared for the 30 minutes before having to clear out for closing.

While I would have loved to be able to have a topless contact dance with her like at Rhino...or better yet be in bed with her!.... it was a great intimacy experience with a very warm, beautiful Latin women, but not directly sexual.  In other words just what Hostess Clubs are about.

Club Grand HC - July 1999 Report : 1040 S Grand Ave

Located on Grand Ave. Mostly Latina women of course, cover is $4, non-alcoholic drinks are $2.50, and they serve a variety of Mexican food as well. Got there kind of late, around 10:30pm, and it was pretty crowded. Most of the men are Latino guys, with a few Asians, and some white men. I talked to a couple of the guys that spoke English to find out the scoop on the women.

I was wondering why so many men were just standing around, and this guy told me that there are a few girls (the most attractive) that of course, all of the men want to dance with. Well, most of the attractive girls were already busy, but i asked this one girl, very pretty, light brown hair, small, petite, from Guatamala, to dance.

She was very nice, we danced for a while. Her english was pretty good, we had a small conversation about families and traveling. After a few songs, we went to the couch area. Very well lit, everyone seemed to behave pretty well. No real fooling around, just hugging and some kissing. My dancer, her name was Trina, was pretty sensual, stroking my arms, chest and back. We cuddled and talked for a while. 

I think i made her upset because i was looking at my watch sometimes. I wanted to dance with some other women as well. She was a $12 dance and i gave her a $6 tip.

I danced with another pretty lady from El Savador, she was 28, spoke great english too. She was nice, singing to me, massaging my back and we couched for a while. She was a $14 dance and i tipped her $6 as well. Pretty good time, but not a lot of kissing and massaging that i heard from the Zbone site a while back. Anyway it was around 11:30pm and i wanted to check out another club.

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