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Intimacy At Los Angeles Hostess Clubs / Strip Clubs 

Ramada Inn - Downtown
611 S Westlake Avenue, LA 90057 
It took me a very long time to work my way to my hotel, since I was unlucky enough to be in LA during the transit strike. Traffic was terrible, but of course it usually is in LA. I arrived at hotel about 7pm.

I have used this hotel as my base on all of my prior 3 "research" trips. This trip I am also going to a play "My Life as a Prostitute" in Santa Monica Thursday as well as going to downtown clubs and those in City of Industry. The hotel is just outside of the downtown area 1/2 block North of Wilshire Blvd. The I-110 freeway is easily reached via 6th street, one block to the North. Coming/going from City of Industry I usually go to Vermont or Alearon (sp?) and down to the I-10, avoiding much of the congestion around downtown on the 110.

The room had two queen beds, nice desk for my laptop etc. I have Y jack off phone for modem and phone line and power running across the room under the window. Hotel looks quite new, or at least redone recently. Cost was $63.75/night and it has its own secured parking. The area is very Korean (as it is for miles around like part of Seoul was dropped into LA)

The only problem is the door to the adjoining room since you can make them connect, was not be insolated very well. I am writing this at 4:46 am (yes I am a very late night person and do reports after my adventures at night), and the couple next door can be heard talking away. When they have sex HE is quite loud !  (the next night they were having a big fight at 4am and I could hear everything!).  But overall I like the hotel and plan to use it again on future trips.

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