Victoria, B.C. Canada
Beautiful Warm & Intelligent Women
Honest Sexworkers Without the Legal Issues in the United States


But with recent incall legal issues - Outcall however is legal in all of Canada

September 2005 Update - New reports on its own domain at

July 2004 Update - Things seem to have settled down and all seems well in Victoria.  But since I have not "researched" the changes since my last report in 2001 I suggest using Perb Discussion Board - Victoria B.C. for current information

September 2003 Update
BIG changes  - Most prior agencies are gone and new ones in their place
Making most of my research information now obsolete. I plan a return trip to update this sites now very out of date research

This is a public board post by Hipster Doofus about the downfall of Classy Ladies, one of my favorite agencies and others:

CL's downfall started with a series of events that happened to ALL Victoria agencies. I write this so other agencies can avoid some of the historical mistakes.

The first catastrophic event was the naming of a new gung ho Sheriff in Saanich Municipality. CL, SU, Pussywillow, Secret Cravings, Mz. Kittys and Escape & Relax were forced to move out of Dodge and into Victoria proper. Only CL, SU and E&R survived the move. Finding a suitable location was proving to be difficult and expensive. SU moved 3 times. ER moved 3 times. CL moved 6 times. Hotels, Dallas rd, Swift st, Hillside, Niagara st and Bay st.

The second event was CCRA clamping down on taxes. Up to that point they had only paid minimal taxes. CL was the biggest agency on the island and so had the biggest back-bill of the 3 agencies remaining. The bill was close to 100k. CCRA froze everyone's bank account (How long would you last if that happened? ). Advertising for any adult venture is outrageously expensive and limited in its scope. Creditors started cutting off services.

The third event , but one that receives the most press is Viki's own personal demons. Depression and money worries affected Viki's ability to manage. There were always leeches hanging off Viki's coat tails and feeding off her generosity.

And finally the fourth event (and one that is still going on today) is the appeasing of City of Victoria authorities. Currently, licensing is an issue. 18 yr olds are no longer able to apply as escorts and every escort needs to be individually licensed by the city at the cost of $250 each This includes a visit to Victoria Vice for a brief orientation. It scares the hell out of a lot of girls and in the next few years you will probably see a significant drop in the number of escorts. ( but more SW's)

Victoria went from zero enforcement to 100% compliance with local laws. Some people think that city officials were concerned with the new high profile that escorts were enjoying and certainly the newspapers and broadcast media were reinforcing that myth.

As a long time client of CL and a friend of Viki's , I will miss those two together.

The good news is that today's industry in Victoria is more co-operative then years past. The past associations with CL has made everyone less fragmented and less argumentive.

A provider says:
oh this makes me so sad!
When i first moved to Victoria and decided to try escorting, Viki booked my very very very first client, and taught me everything I know. I worked for her on and off for two years and am sorry about what happened to her.

Customers say:
I too miss Clasy Ladies. For a serious pooner to discover the powers of the internet through their web site at such a late age, I took to their offerings with delight. ... Viki's was a 'Class Act' and it's sad that so many factors conspired to result in her downfall.

Classy Ladies was ahead of its time - web photos, beautiful girls with no attitudes and great service. Viki made sure you had a great time and if you did'nt she would make it up to you somehow. It aint easy running such a place in the best of times. With CCRA and creditors on your back it can drive anyone crazy.

For Updated Discussion Of Victoria (or Vancouver):
Perb Discussion Board - Victoria B.C.


7/4/03 Differences in Values - U.S. vs. Canada:
 Rigid religious control in the U.S. vs. individual rights in Canada
goes to what's new

8/8/02 Update Report on Classy Ladies and Escape & Relax

Hi Dave,
I wanted to begin by first thanking you on your website: for being honest and informing all of us out here the role of SP's in and around the world. Your website has been incredibly helpful to me. It has allowed me not to fear the chances of "getting busted" and your frank and open views are very refreshing to hear. Unfortunately, in our American society, I believe that many people believe the role of SP's to be morally wrong, and yet, I adore being in the company of beautiful woman and treating them well. You have been terrific in walking us through and gathering critical and important information.

I just returned from a trip to Victoria, BC and using your comments as a guideline, I wanted to bring you up-to-date on what I experienced, so hopefully it can be helpful to others.

I called Classy Ladies and set up an appointment with Brittany, for 9 PM on a Tuesday evening. The person who took my message told me to call back at 8:30 to confirm and then she would tell me where to go. I returned the call and was directed to a residence where I got there about 10 minutes early. The house probably consisted of 2 or 3 rooms, not very nice, but in a decent neighborhood - not exactly up to my standards, so I left the place, returned the call to the agency and asked if Brittany could meet me in my hotel room instead. I was told there was not going to be any problem at all and that she would be there a little after 9 PM. 9:15 PM arrived and Brittany was there - Quite honestly, I was a little disappointed with her initial appearance because the picture of her on the website was better than in person. Whatever the case, I decided to go further and we then talked business. She said it was full service for $130 Canadian for 1/2 hr, or $180 Canadian for 1 hr. I choose the 1 hr (geez, translated to US $$$ made that $118 at the time of the exchange rate). It was a good experience. She danced for me, we had mutual massage, good oral sex, no rush service, but she was definitely aware of the clock. Friendly, young, definitely a pleaser. Moral of the story. - I would recommend to any guys traveling to Victoria to try to "host" the women at their hotel room, since in your articles you have often talked about outcall being perfectly legal. My hotel was cleaner and nice, I didn't have to worry about someone walking in on us and it was very private.

The following day, I called Escape and Relax and was more specific in what I asked for (person-wise). I asked if they had any women who were petite (5'5' or shorter - I'm 5'8"), slim built, dark hair. The person on the phone suggested Dylan, who was 21 yrs. old, 5'2, dark hair, eyes, slim, so I set up an appointment. Since she was coming from outside some type of taxi zone (distance-wise), there was going to be an additional charge of $30 CAN and I agreed. E & R were directly up front with quoting charges on the phone, whereas CL was not. (Brittany told me of the charges when she arrived to my room). Dylan arrived right on time, and she was terrific. Everything I was expecting - I had one of the most pleasureable experiences I have had with Dylan. Shy, petite, a little unsure, but great mutual enjoyment. $210 CAN for the hour. I tipped her an extra $20 CAN.

I hope this summary helps others. You certainly have helped me and I look forward to more trips to Victoria.

Aloha, Jon

 Legal Update Early 2002 - All is back to normal with minor adjustments and gals are wonderful as ever. Victoria remains a much better choice in my opinion than Vancouver which is too much like the U.S.  Vancouver has some great providers, but often play the games of having to tip etc vs full honest pricing in Victoria as in most of Canada without the U.S. legal issues.

Fall 2001 Update - Big story was all the news reports about Classy Ladies Penthouse based on neighbors finding it was an incall.  But everything was resolved with the Police and since bawdy is so hard to prove there were no charges. The old Classy Ladies house, Secret Cravings and others are in the City of Saanich just North of Victoria. Seems the nice policeman has come by to warn all the incalls they have to be concerned about bawdy enforcement.  Therefore they have changed how they operate but all is well and back to normal.   See Victoria B.C. New Legal Issues Resulted in Minor Adjustments with the details for more information.

I had the pleasure of my first trip to Victoria, in August 22-30, 2000 and returned March 9-14, 2001. I had previously visited and done extensive reports on Montreal and Vancouver and Toronto.  Victoria and Toronto have now become my favorite North American cities which I hope to visit on a regular basis.  I had some of the best intimacy experiences that I so much enjoy from many different women.  

There of course is no comparison between Canada and the U.S.  Costs are far less, hardly any of the typical scams and overall much more warm open women that are in the companion business for the right reason.  Usual cost is usually around  $US100 for full hour, no tips, no games, no legal risks, just honest women bringing integrity to the profession.

While the French-Canadian women on Montreal and the wonderfully sweet Thai ladies of Bangkok and Pattaya I also very much enjoyed, Victoria and  has some advantages:

1)  I enjoy intellectual intimacy as much as physical intimacy so English speaking Victoria, has a major advantage over French Montreal and Thai, a very different language, in Thailand. Everything is very inexpensive in Thailand ($25 all night with a women) but it takes 2 days of travel each way and higher airline costs.

2)  Victoria has many incall agencies and some independents, vs. Montreal which is almost all outcall to downtown hotels.  Hotel costs are about a third of the cost in Victoria vs. Montreal especially since you don't need as nice of a room since you won't be entertaining guests.  On my first trip I had a  nice Travelers Inn  at $Cdn49.95/night which is only $US 33.70.  This is peak season prices, after October rates are as low as $Cdn 29.95  or under $US20/night.   I stayed at a nicer hotel (Accent Inn) with larger rooms which I really liked in March 2001 which cost about $US50/night.

3) Victoria is a compact city where even in the peak of tourist season it was very easy to get around.  Most providers were within 10 minutes or so of most hotels.  Rental car was less than $US180/week (National) which is far less than in Vancouver or Montreal.

As in Montreal, you can call one of the many agencies ask for the type of provider you seek and have an honest open discussion - very much unlike the U.S.  Since prostitution is legal in Canada (with restrictions) and the telephone is considered a private communications there are no legal issues regarding soliciting.  However to avoid the bawdy house restrictions, you are only paying for an escorts time if the are doing incall, not for sex (no legal issues at all with outcall).  In fact I very much enjoy good touch, cuddling, caressing and sharing massage, none of which is "sex".  If two consenting adults decide to also share sexually with no additional fee charged it is not prostitution so its not an old  1850 bawdy house (incall) violation.  See much more extensive discussion in the Canadian Prostitution Law section .

The only minor disadvantage of Victoria is it is not economically feasible to fly directly to the Victoria airports since none of the major airlines offer direct service.  The most economical route is to fly to Vancouver airport and take a special bus from the airport which goes on the ferry for a 1.5 hour trip across the bay to Victoria. The cost each way from Vancouver airport to downtown Victoria is about $Cdn 32 ($US21).   There is seaplane service ($Cdn 89 one-way) but it has a luggage limit of 25 lbs.  Helicopter or local airline service is available.  The ferry crossing is very scenic and enjoyable.

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