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Another “Jewel” named Jude 

March 2001 Update

  After meeting Jude on last trip to Victoria, when she heard I was coming returning, invited me to her nice home to cook me dinner! We share many ideas about sexwork and treating people as "real people" even when its for money. We are both very dynamic and outgoing and have become friends by E-mail and now in person again. Since we are now friends, more than client /provider I feel it is unfair to review her since. She gets many positive reviews on various boards.

Also Jude had planned to be in Phoenix and meeting me at in my home town. But ironically it turned out she was going to be in Phoenix with a client paying her to come at exactly the same time I was going to be in Victoria. Sadly when she got to Phoenix she was appalled by some of the clients attitudes and she returned to Victoria within 24 time to meet me while in Victoria. Upon hearing she was going to be in Phoenix she also got lots of E-mails and calls from Phoenix guys trying to meet her.

Instead of me doing a review, I will share a typical E-mails sent to me.

Hey Dave,
Hope you are enjoying yourself in Victoria. Looking forward to your trip reports in the coming days. I can honestly say that some of the most memorable session I've ever had were with Jude. She's one special lady. She stands "head & shoulders" above all others. Glad to see that you are able to get together with her during your time in Victoria.

I asked permission to use his E-mail publicly and he replied: "Sure! You have my permission to use my review. Jude is the finest "sexual" encounter I've ever experience. (You can quote this if you want!)."

Report from Victoria, B.C.  Friday, August 25, 2000
Newest site at 
(250) 383-5579 Noon – 8pm daily 

I had been very attracted to Jude’s website as well as reviews of her going back to 1998.  I had E-mailed Jude before I left Phoenix wanting to be sure she would be in town when I was.  We had exchanged a few nice E-mails and I was looking forward to meeting her.  Although she knew who I was since she also reads the many posts on Canada’s Best, I don’t think my experience was any different from what all her clients would experience, based on others past reviews.

Jude has a nice easy to reach apartment just across the bay. As others have reported, she combines great massage (on a table not a bed) with sensual and sexual pleasures she genuinely enjoys.  I enjoyed her nice massage and then sharing nice touch and different positions, after she invited me to move from the massage table in the living room to the bedroom. 

She gets turned on by videotape porn in the background, and loves having her breasts massaged (don’t forget to give equal time to both).  Her breasts are a nicely enhanced sized C, not too huge and not too small.  She is wonderfully responsive to good touch, enjoys reciprocal massage and nice kisses. 

You might notice the nice vaginal sculpture in the living room. 

Jude mentioned that she has enjoyed meeting Allister,  and some of the other great guys from Can-Best. 

Once a client questioned whether a SP could actually have an orgasm with a client and she said she has had some of her best orgasms with clients, vs. boyfriends.

She has not always been so comfortable with her sexuality, but now is in full bloom. It’s a joy to share her sexual openness and maturity as a slightly older early 30’s, heath conscious, fit, classy lady who is a very wise, sensuous provider who treats you more as a friend than an ATM machine.

It was definitely what I call a GFE.  More like you were meeting as friends…oh I wish I had such a real friend, but I am happy to have her great company as a SP. Cost $CAN160 ($US108) incall or $CAN180 outcall.

If you see Jude please mention that Dave from Phoenix, recommended her, she might remember me, especially if enough guys mention me!  I hope to see her next time I'm in Victoria.

We have also been in E-mail contact and she says,  "met the girl that Shaka reviewed recently by the name of Katrina, she is blonde and very pretty. Katrina is very much into offering a " doubles " service with me. It is nice when an independent can have extra's to offer the guys."

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