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I didn't get a chance to follow-up on the information that Jessica who I had such a great experience with when she was at Escape and Relax but I will share with you.  If anyone sees her you might mention this report, although I don't if she would remember me from August 2000 visit when she worked at Escape and Relax (that full report below)

When I mentioned I was disappointed Jessica was no longer at Escape and Relax this was a public reply which I appreciated:

jessica is now independent, yes. actually when you wrote a while ago about choosing accent inns because of convenient to incall locations i thought you were also referring to jessica's incall. its about a 2 minute walk from where you were located! 1 minute if you run..:-) her rates are higher than escape and relax, but she also offers o for extra. if you combine the two for an hour though, her rates equal an hour of full service elsewhere. victoriabcguy

Here is a part of a public review of her working independently from Allister 2/01:
I Always like to try out some of the Indies when I get a chance in Victoria. Called Jessica who advertises in the Bodywork section of Monday Mag. as......"HEY GENTS... Jessica's Back, ex dancer, massage plus ...etc.... 995-3023".......... No F/S, but she offers a massage... She sounded nice on the phone, so I booked her. I arrived at her modest but clean house, and she greeted me at the door in a sexy black bra and panties, and wow! She's pretty hot looking. Jessica is about 5'3, fairly cute face, and a VERY voluptuous body. She's got some meat on her bones, but is not fat and is toned and tanned. Looks like a dancer. And what a set of tits! Big full perky D-cups. Implants for sure, but very sexy. Penthouse stuff!..... She was very friendly and invited me in.

She started me off with a hot oil back masssage and some friendly chit-chat. (tells me that she briefly worked for 'Escape and Relax') Not an LMT massage, but quite sensuous when she started rubbing her body all up and down mine. She flipped me over and massaged me and rubbed her body and those fabulous breasts against me. She's was really getting into it and started moaning. She's a horny girl...

Jeesica is pretty hot looking and quite a turn on. She gets pretty turned on and that squirting (if it's your thing) is really something. She doesn't offer full service, but offers a sensual, friendly, non-rushed encounter. And her rates are only $75 for the half hour.  I highly recommend her. A unique experience. 

My Report from August 27, 2000
Jessica (and Scarlet) at Escape and Relax

Another Victoria winner for old Dave 

I called to see who was working at Escape and Relax. There was was only Jessica and Scarlet.  Neither are on the website nor on my spreadsheet of reviews. 

Scarlet was described as having worked there in the past and now back.  She has black hair, bangs C cup and a 5’8” oriental.  I mentioned not may Orientals are that tall and after checking with her said she is European with about 1/4th Japanese.  I guess oriental sounds better.  She sounded fine but would not be available for an hour or so. I did eventually she her briefly and she looked nice, tall and slender. 

Jessica has worked there less than a month, about 5-5 and full D cup.  She was described as a former dancer, tan, works out to keep in shape and down to earth.  That sounded good so off I went. 

Wow…yes… Jessica was very nice.  Not burned out from having body rubbed so many yet.  Very sensuous and intimate in the little ways I like even when doing the body slide on top of me.  I could really tell she was emotionally into it and not just doing a job. 

She has danced at clubs all over Canada including quite a while in Toronto and then in Vancouver.  She got tired of Toronto clubs and all the $50 handjobs or full sex so many girls offered in the booth.  She thought it was too sleazy.  She likes Victoria but it’s very different from the fast pace of the bigger cities but has made some great friends here.  She is also in college to get a criminal science degree. 

When she got to the front side body slide…wow…really nice.  I did a lot of my lap dancer tricks, which sometimes works to tame them.  The body slide is much like doing a horizontal lap dance only nicer since both naked.    She responded wonderfully.  One thing I like to try and do (with either lap dances or horizontal slide) is to have them slow down at times and just be held and cuddled.  She got into that very nicely and some other moves that made a really nice intimate body/soul connection.  She also seemed to like my type of breast massage (work the pecs above the breasts- they have to hold up all the weight of those big breasts as well as the upper part of the breast itself). 

When doing the hj portion she was very intimately with me as she laid so we could also continue good touch, caressing.  Taylor from a few days ago was nice enough but sort of sat more to the side and did more a grab and yank on the pole.  Jessica was far more intimate in the way I like, even doing the nice handhold move I like when on my back. 

Gee, I should teach these intimacy tricks to some if other guys like what I do! 

After ending, I really turned her into a pussycat by giving her a hand massage.  She kept saying how great it felt, and I am sure it was sincere.  

Now after two body slide massages I definitely like them better than the slippery slide in water on mat in Thailand.  The oil as lubricant is much more sensuous since have much more feeling of the women’s body. 

Jessica is a great warm, attractive sensuous, sexy gal which I would definitely see again next trip to Victoria. Cost for the 45 minute massage/bodyslide/hj $CAN 110 ($US 74)

Afterwards checked out the Fox Den? By the Red Lion.  Now I see where it is sort of depressed below the Red Lion.  Quite a few young guys whooping it up, even on a Sunday night.  They act like they have never seen a women’s body before.  I didn’t stay long, have no interest in just gawking.

Tomorrow noon I am going to check out a real massage therapist (with a table) who advertises deep muscle, non-sexual work in the Bulletin Board back side of Monday Mag.  She sounded very nice on the phone.  Since I hope to return to Victoria often, I want to find some good deep muscle therapists for my usually tight neck!

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