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Report from Victoria, B.C.
Monday August 28, 2000
Yet ANOTHER “Jewel” this time named:
Destiny @ Secret Cravings

I don't believe it – I must be in Victoria Dreamland - Yet another fabulously delighting intimate sensual/sexual experience. About as good as it gets with a great heart connection. We have GOT to get more gals like this to the U.S.!! Canada you have more than your share.

I did my usually plotting from my spreadsheets but I am learning to call the services first and find out who is available instead trying to pick reviewed gals who often aren't working the day you want them!

I checked a few places I haven't been yet, like Pussywillow and Victoria’s Finest and have some good leads for tomorrow. But would up calling Secret Cravings trying to check if Carmen was still there. She sounded like maybe a good potential from Rick’s review in July.

After the phone person said that Carmen is now out of the business, I told her what I was looking for and she immediately recommended either Jewel or Destiny. I had very much enjoyed Jewel a couple days ago and she isn't working for a few days. Destiny was on my “maybe” list. VanIslandGuy (after a few beers) had a recent review that had some potential. I often take “kissing” as sometimes a good indication of intimacy, but not if it’s just the suck the tongue out of your mouth kind.

I told the phone girl I had very much liked Jewel. She got a bit excited it seemed at that, and said she was Destiny and started to describe (or sell) herself. But she was off work in about 30 minutes. I also asked about the night shift, which she told me about, but seemed to really want to convince me that if I liked Jewel, I should try her. She would stay late for me and reserve the VIP room for us if I would come.

I was a bit hesitant on her kind of hard sell, but I agreed to book her. As it turns out it was a very wise choice. I learned that Jewel/Destiny/Carmen kind of cross referred clients to each other as they all enjoyed the same kind of GFE intimacy. Since I was calling for Carmen and I had said I enjoyed Jewel, she thought I was the kind of client she likes to meet. Carmen has now left (in the computer field) but they are still friends.

I liked the VIP room with its big mirror on the ceiling. Destiny is a bit older (and wiser), rings thru nipples and navel and a few tattoos, about 5-2 or so, slender, in great shape with nice to hold soft C cups.

And wow…we clicked like soul mates on the intimacy side, just as I had with Jewel. Great touchier, such warm soft body, great responder, the intimate cuddling, the caressing, the nice kissing, and the different positions including her enjoying the more intimate ones I do. Just lying together tightly, “attached” sharing PC muscle vagina/penile massage with caressing body touch for a long time was great.

Her openness and warmth she attributes to her Norwegian background. She is very intelligent, has traveled the world and also is a professional counselor in another field where it’s much needed (don't want to get too specific respecting some privacy).

1 hr and 15 minutes into the … 1-hour session, Sophia knocks quietly on the door. I didn’t want to get her in trouble for running late, but she indicated Sophia knows that Destiny knows the time and if I stay longer its Destiny’s choice which Sophia respects. We continued for yet another 15 minutes.

Clearly a very wonderful experience for what I enjoy sharing the more sensual/sexual intimacy with a great warm, intelligent women.

Standard cost of 1 hour session which is $Can150 or $US101.

If you see Destiny please mention that Dave from Phoenix, recommended her, she might remember me, especially if enough guys mention me! I hope to see her next time I'm in Victoria.

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