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9/13/00 update

Canada's Best Entertainment Discussion Board was the best place while it lasted.  But due to a variety of problems including reviews being archived after every 10 posts so only paid members can review plus other issues, most of the "clan" no longer will post there.  Unless a better new home is found we now hang out and people in and traveling to Victoria do reviews on the newsgroup where most of us all came from originally.  Look for Victoria at the beginning of the subject. 

Other Boards mix Victoria in with mostly Vancouver Reviews such as
 The Vancouver Escort Review Board

Escort Agency Sites - Many have pictures of choices and good information
Note only a Few Agencies in Victoria have websites. There are many more with ads in the entertainment paper "Monday".  The print edition has large agency ads, pictures, etc. The online editi just has listings.               

Listing of pleasurable Adult Services

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