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Short Intro To Victoria & Orca's 

“A perfect Eden” was how Sir James Douglas, founder of Fort Victoria, described the city setting.  Victoria, western Canada’s oldest city was first settled in 1843, as a regional outpost of the Hudson Bay Company.  Its harbour was home to one of the largest whaling and sealing fleets and a major port of entry to British North America.

Victoria in known today as “City of Gardens” Scottish born John Blair won the 1889 competition to design Beacon Hill Park.  The hybrid rhododendrons he planted around Fountain Lake are still glorious more than 100 years later.

 Many of Victoria’s boulevards are planted with Japanese flowering cherry trees, the earliest ones from Yokohama in the 1930’s.  Hanging baskets and colorful street planters, first introduced in 1937, have been a familiar sight ever since.

Victoria’s waters have many whales, dolphins and porpoises in residence as well as others that transient the area. Victoria draws raves from tourists and locals keen to view them in their natural habitat.  There are three pods of orca whales in the area totaling 84 whales. Ten years ago 100 orcas cruised through local waters.  There is a big concern about so many whale watching operations and private pleasure boats chasing the whales so new restrictions are proposed to limit how close and how many boats can be close to the whales.  As a news report says, “There are far too many boats and too few whales. Even the seaplanes are getting too close.  The whales are being loved to death.  They need more privacy.”  The proper whale watching technique is passive observation, which is to get ahead of the pod, or individual whale, turn off the engines and just wait quietly why they come by.

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