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Report from Victoria, B.C.
Monday August 28, 2000

Karen "real" Massage – the non-sexual type
Knowing that I want to make Victoria visits on a regular basis I sought out some 1-hour deep muscle massage work (on a table not a bed) for my chronically tight neck

There is a “deep muscle – non sexual” ad in the back of Monday Mag and decided to try.  She gives her name, Karen Wreggitt 386-9530. She has an easy to find nice apartment in the James Bay area. 

Very large older women, but VERY good with the deep muscle neck massage I need.  She’s been in business 16 yrs and experience can be felt!  Sharp and even talked about the sexual massage scene here.   

She indicates you don’t even need a massage license other than a normal business license here to do massage (not sure if true in all of Canada).  Very different than in the U.S. where most cities and many states require massage licensing with often at least 500 accredited training required etc.   The purpose is to eliminate those nasty “prostitutes” from being licensed.  Of course since the demand for hj etc., is so high many get the training, get licensed and offer extras as well. 

If anyone needs really good “real” massage without the fun extras and are more concerned about skill than a young sexy doll doing it, I highly recommend Karen. 

Now back to the sexy gals…. another very wonderful experience report next.

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