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Report from Victoria, B.C. Wednesday, August 23, 2000
Summer @ Classy Ladies Review

Intro to My Reviews

Certain references in these reports are to discussions on Canada’s Best board which was my home base sharing reports with a great group of guys. 

My reports are detailed not so much on specific sex aspects, but on selecting companions, setting up the meetings and my main interest which is the intimacy, human interaction side.  I started out a bit slowly on the intimacy front, but it just kept getting better and better over the first few days with different companions.

I called Classy Lady and asked who was working…well 12 gals and “nice phone lady” ran down the list.  I have 14 Classy Ladies on my spreadsheet to help select but only one on duty was on my list. (Actually two but shy “Chantel” from Hipsters’s 8/17/00 review is actually Chanell who was working – easy to confuse names).  Summer says Hipster (they know him as his real name) was Chanell’s first customer.  BTW, Hipster is known as a real gentleman at Classy Ladies!

Classy Lady offers both incall and outcall, I did incall at CAN$160 (US$108). Of course no tipping is ever expected in Canada unlike the U.S.  In Canada Sexwork is a professional service not a lowly paid waitress or such that needs to degrade herself begging for tips instead of fair wages.  No tip scams or gimmicks as in the U.S.  Simply a fair price for a professional companion service of time with a wonderful women, not directly for sex.  Sex  is however certainly an option between consenting adults in incall situations.  With outcall it can be for sex directly and be perfectly legal in Canada

summerSummer is very sharp, nice body – I enjoy those smaller B cups vs. huge D’s of some. She was pleasantly surprised by my usual opening routine vs. her usually doing a little massage and then her specialty of oral.  She kept asking “shouldn’t I be paying you for this” (a comment I often get).

 If there is anyone on the planet that doesn’t already know my routine and oddities, I prefer opening by giving the girl a short massage (I’m professionally trained). Often it established trust and appreciation that often leads to a great intimacy (not just sexual) response.

 Also I’m one of the few men on the planet that doesn’t get stimulated by oral, so I skip that part of the usual routine and massage her instead.  She sincerely appreciated and needed it. In fact after the great sex, she wanted me to keep working on her shoulders/neck as they were knocking saying time was up. It was exactly 55 minutes into the session when she started to get the knocks and I was out the door in exactly 60 minutes.  Very precise timing but that’s better than the short hours I sometimes had in Montreal, or the gal taking so much time to prepare in the bathroom when it was outcall.

Summer was very responsive sexually and seems to very much enjoy her vocation just as much as I enjoyed her. She is tight and energetic but not “wild”.  She wasn’t nearly as intimate as I define it as some I’ve shared with, but average.  I very much enjoyed her and we had some good discussion so there was a good intellectual connection also.

.I had a private discussion with a well-known reviewer who did a great review of Summer who had at first felt she was “cold”.  I didn't feel Summer was "cold" just "reserved" on the emotional intimacy side like most American women are.

She has a boyfriend and this is just work. Many non-American (Canadian seems mixed) I've met don't compartmentize like that but can have a sincere intimacy emotional response with a customer they like even if it is only for an hour based on more a human interaction than just a job. The other person then agreed with my conclusion about Summer that she isn't really cold, just reserved.

 It was interesting Summer also said she can usually tell if she will like a customer by their handshake at the door. So she certainly has some sensitivity about people.  I often feel the same about a woman I meet. Fortunately I passed her handshake test!

Many men don't want any “intimacy shit” they just want to  “get a good fuck”.  Since my reports are biased by my intimacy enjoyment as much as sexual, I want to make clear neither view is better or worse than the other.  I am often flamed (not yet this trip) for my silly not macho intimacy interests.  But that is fine since for every flamer I get E-mail from those feeling like me but often not wanting to say so in public since its not manly or macho. I understand, respect and support both views, but my reports are based on my own interests, which may be very different from yours.

Hopefully I don't go overboard on the intimacy aspects but include other useful information, since I also enjoy other aspects of personality, sensuality and sexual skills.

She was bothered far more than I was by the “new kids” that kept making so much noise and slamming doors etc.  They have a bunch of new girls a few of whom had been working the streets before and they don’t seem to respect others or keeping noise down.  Summer suggested next time be sure and get the room in the other side of the duplex, which is quieter.  But none of this bothered me at all.  Summer said they have a client who is so uncomfortable coming there, that he wants to only come when no one else is in the place, not even other girls.  I assume he pays an extra fee for totally house privacy.

Summer usually works days, but was working till 4am tonight. She looks just like her picture at (No longer there)

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