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Report from Victoria, B.C. Thursday, August 24, 2000

Jewel at Secret Cravings - A great Sweet Gem
WOW! Pay dirt! A perfect experience for old Dave seeking intimacy

Note some of the discussion references in this review is related to active Victoria group at Canada's Best board at where I've been reporting and where their is a very active group with a great bunch of locals or those with interest in Victoria.  

When I first did my spreadsheet I shared it with Hipster who pointed out some corrections. One of them was I had 3 different Jewels mixed up not realizing they were three different Jewels at 3 different agencies. I had eliminated “Jewel” due to being very wild (The wild cat Jewel at Seductions Unlimited who as Allister says, “fucks like a mink"  and the large breasted Jewel that insideU likes who is the most beautify but kind of detached. But Jewel 3 at Secret Cravings had a review I liked from Rick and Hipster said she is really nice and everyone likes her.

She has also had a Monday ad saying Earthy radiance and lively nature, wild blonde natural curls, delightfully young 22 and sincerely slim.

For Secret Cravings I had 8 gals with reviews on my spreadsheet and 4 were on my good potential list. When I called and very nice phone lady told me who was working. Out of the six working only Jewel was on my list. I was glad their Jewel was working and decided to follow Hipsters comment about her and schedule an appointment.

When I first got there I thought I was going a bit crazy seeing the Fish and Chips sign I was given as part of the directions upside down. I don’t drink so I know I wasn’t just drunk. I leaned in Canada when a company goes bankrupt they turn the sign upside down. I never heard of that so I learned some Canadian culture.

Gee, that road in is narrow…and somehow I am suppose to levitate my self to be on top of the Pizza place. Ah.. Brightly lit stairs going to the heavens of Secret Cravings.

CAN$150 (US$101) for 1 hour, and into the Jungle room with all the beasts. At first I wondered if I had the cuddly warm Jewel. She had asked how I knew about her, and told her from the Internet. She said someone had told her there was a review that she had a tongue ring but she doesn’t. But she does have a small nose ring and the tattoos mentioned in Rick’s review so I was quite sure I had the right Jewel.

Then there was no doubt. Within 15 seconds in bed, I knew I found the intimacy connection I so much enjoy. It was obvious that we both enjoyed the same kind of touch; the same kind of sensuality and it has been a long time since I’ve been with someone who really had sensuality sexuality so well in tune with mine. The way you insert, the way you wiggle… the way you caress, stroke face, really nice spoon positions. And Jewel has the tall slender body that I am attracted to. We talked about similar ideas on intimacy and can love a person and interact in the moment, nice light kissing (she appreciated that I asked her if it was OK first). It doesn’t get much better than this for old Dave.

I realized the hour was up, but we enjoyed just cuddling for a while, then she had me just stay in bed while she got some warm clothes to wipe me up. Very non-rushed and just over an hour in total. If only more American women were more like her! As good as any of my great Thailand experiences, and she speaks English not Thai so good verbal intimacy also!

She changes her shifts frequently between day and night enjoying the flexibility of her vocation. She usually doesn’t work after 2am when a less desirable clientele is often out (the drunks). She comes from Ontonagon and very much likes Victoria. I’m glad I followed Hipsters recommendation for this Jewel and didn’t omit her as I did at first thinking she was the other two Jewels! Thanks Hipster!

If you see Jewel please mention that Dave from Phoenix, recommended her, she might remember me, especially if enough guys mention me!  I hope to see her next time I'm in Victoria.

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