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Report from Victoria, B.C. Thursday August 24, 2000
Escape and Relax Massage – Precious and Taylor

I always like to try massage places because I often need good “real” massage as well as enjoy an interactive nude massage and good hand job.  In Canada, unlike the U.S. there are no silly games to play and everything is upfront and openly discussed with women that expect to offer the services men seek.

On my “spreadsheet” none of the six ladies recently reviewed were particular standouts to choose.  So I called and asked the very friendly phone lady (Randy) for a recommendation of who gives the best “real” massage.  She didn't really know (how would she unless from comments of getting massaged by them) but thought Sundae- was the best and Taylor probably next based mostly on how much experience they had.

This was about 1pm and until 8pm tonight only Precious and Taylor were working.  I could find no reviews of Taylor but Precious has previously been reviewed a bit negatively in July 2000.  But based on good “real massage” potential I made an appointment with Taylor.

Taylor greeted me at the door.  She is 5-11 (I tend to enjoy taller women since I'm 6-2) and very outgoing and friendly.  She invited me to meet the other gals available so I could make final selection.  I understand they always do this, which is very nice for the consumer.  I was interested in just meeting Precious.  She was small but very sexy looking in her revealing robe.  Precious to me had more pure physical sexual attraction body wise than Taylor but I wanted to stick with Taylor based on the past review of Precious. And I was also attracted to Taylor's body.

Taylor I found quite attractive, large but not at all fat.  She asked if I wanted full service, but I decided on just the nude massage/body slide/handjob 45-minute session for CAN$110 ($US74). 

Taylor immediately found my tight spots in my neck and shoulders.  She obviously knew real massage and did a good job, or as good as one can do doing massage on a bed, with my kinks.  But I was also interested in the sensual parts, which were also enjoyable. 

I had done many of the Thai body/body massages in Bangkok/Pattaya where after you do the rub in a tub, you get onto a rubber mat well watered and she slides on you with water as lubricate.  I think I preferred Taylor’s body slide using oil on all her body instead of the wet water way.  Dryer seems to have more body contact which I liked.  She wasn't shy about using her body as had been previously reported about Precious.  

Then we did the hand job thing, which was nice but would only rate average in technique. If you have read any of my reports from other trips you will know it takes a very talented hj to ever get me off so that isn't the major factor.   As usual I had to take matters into my own hands to finish but she seemed use to that.  I usually try and explain it is not them, I just rarely cum from a hj, but I very much enjoy the long sessions trying!

When I left it had been just over the 45 minutes allotted time.  I never felt rushed or “on the clock”. 

Overall Taylor was very friendly great personality, but as most, rather reserved emotionally and not an intimate GFE.  Nevertheless I enjoyed very much the experience and would highly recommend her.  She has lived in Victoria most all of her life. As with most people I've talked to they enjoy the fact Victoria has many of the big city conveniences, but is more laid back with less traffic etc, say of Vancouver. 

Sundae, who was also recommended for good massage works nights.  There is a fairly negative review of her but only because she is a bit older and quite skinny with reddish hair.  None of that bothers me, in fact, I tend to be attracted to thinner women and a bit older women often have better sexual and sometimes more intimacy skills.  I may try her later in my visit to Victoria.

See my later review where it got much better with GFE with Jessica at Jessica (and Scarlet) at Escape and Relax

UPDATE September 2000

Victoria, B.C. Escape & Relax Great Experience Review
This review is being redistributed by Dave in Phoenix with the authors permission - it was a response to my report about my Victoria research at and shows so wonderfully what the benefits can be of honest, great sexwork by the right providers.

I'd like to second Dave's assessment of the sex work climate in Victoria, BC. Last weekend, I traveled to Canada for a sightseeing trip (and took a male friend along for the ride). On Dave's recommendation, we visited one of the places he reviewed, called Escape and Relax  and met two wonderful, happy, and skilled women named Sparkle and Dot. I don't really know about my companion's experience, but mine was about as wonderful as I ever expected.

Now, I had never visited a salon such as this, and only had the lurid stories about high tipping, unclean surroundings, drugs, and force used to control the workers. What a completely opposite environment! We were met at the door by a smiling Dot, and a customer just leaving, who smiled at us in a way that felt pleasant and anything but lecherous. Since I called ahead and told them we were coming, both women were dressed and ready to answer our questions. We queried them about actual training for massage (nominally the purpose of our trip) and the expectations we had of each other as clients and providers. They were articulate and at ease with us, which much relieved me, because before last Saturday, I'd never been in a. . .can I use the term whorehouse?

Dot gave me a massage that my poor bicycling-tense muscles sorely needed, and acted like my being there was a treat for her. The Body Rub Plus is basically an oil massage, followed by a warm woman sliding her liberally oiled body over yours front and back for at least 20 minutes, and ending in a hand job (termed a "manual release") the likes of which has to be experienced to truly appreciate. The level of intimacy was astounding, and the pleasure of the contact made me tingle and glow.

What I know of massage parlors in the states, is that the massage isn't intimate, has the least body contact possible, and often ends in the man giving himself an orgasm. Kind of makes me feel ugly just thinking about it. Where I went, the women really want to do this kind of massage, and the web page even says: If you require services above and beyond, make sure to ask your attendant, and she'll quote you a price. Remember that the women here have a choice, so you always end up with a willing partner.

Afterwards, I asked if there were any couples who come for massage, and was told that couples often come in and play. Usually, they end in some sort of hand-job daisy chain. Those sessions can be the most fun, said Dot. I would love to do that with one of my partners, who has a love affair with Canada already.

Overall, I can't speak highly enough of the maturity, intelligence, openness, and wonderful vibes from the women there. We left smiling and really high on the experience. Canada was not settled by Puritans, that's for sure, and as I re-entered the US, I thought about the reality of sex work here, and how different it could be - warm, open, unhassled, and yet still as discreet as that little house in Victoria.

E. S.

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