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Tuesday August 29,2000
Gillian @ Classy Ladies

Well on my last night I am having a terrible time making a final connection.

Gal at Victories Finest that has been recommended is "on call" so would have to wait awhile. It is after midnight and I have to be up at 6:30 AM.

NOTE: My report below is about "Julian" but it turns out I head the name wrong, it was actually Gillian which had some quite good reviews by others.   She just didn't have the same interests and responses that I enjoyed with others.

Talked to Classy Ladies again, asking for recommendation for someone who enjoys good touch, and intimacy, GFE type. She highly recommended Heidi, Simone and Julian. I had a fairly negative review in my spreadsheet on Heidi, sort of a neutral one on Simone, an no info on Julian. I was somewhat hesitant since I don't usually like DD cups, but the Simone review didn't sound that good. Julian has red hair, 5'3" described as playful with 38DD's. I took a chance with Julian. Bad choice.....

Quite a bit older than the claimed 29 I am sure. A bit heavier than what I like. But maybe she likes the intimacy like most of the others have. Wrong. Total non compatibility. Not at all GFE, she has a real boyfriend for that. I wished I had only done 30 minutes instead of committed to an hour. Nice enough person, just totally mismatched. I wore her out being long lasting with her on top. As she said, she is not the energizer bunny. I finally politely suggested we call it a night after 45 minutes.

So old Dave's touch doesn't always get great response. But it sure did from all but two of the many wonderful women I enjoyed visiting. I hope to return soon.

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