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Long held Canadian freedoms 
Attacked by the religious right just as in the U.S. 

In Ottawa, Christian lobby groups are very strong and they strongly tend to support the Canadian Alliance party.

The arrival of Stockwell Day as Alliance leader has attracted a new wave of fundamental Christians who insist on making their moral beliefs everyone’s by imposing it by law.

They oppose the long held right of women to their own choice over their reproductive rights.  The Christians of course know better than a woman what is best for her.  I believe the abortion issue is very important since it is so closely related to sex laws.  It is about individual freedom to choose as a fundamental right whether it is about a woman’s reproductive choices, or her choices to be a sexworker.  Some want to deny women those freedoms of choice.

Abortion as a women's choice, has been legal in Canada for many years after so many botched back alley abortions before women had the right to a proper safe medical abortion.   

They Canadian Alliance also is concerned with all morality issues, since only their morality is right and they are against all human rights protection of gays. This of course is the same as the dangerous Christian religious right movement in the U.S.  What upsets me the most is being a biblical Christian, I know there is no biblical basis for their stands, only the lies of traditions.

As Peter Stock, national affairs director for the 10,000 member Canadian Family Action Coalition said, “We’ve always had religion influencing politics and we always will.  It’s just a question of whose religion and whose morality.  Parliament is going to impose a morality of some sort on the country and the question is whose morality?”  Of course they want it to be their repressive fundament’s morality and take away individual rights.

Hopefully the legal status of prostitution won’t also be on their, “we know what is best for you” agenda.

As a Canadian said in reply (with some welcomed corrections) to this page, "The CA (Canadian Alliance) as a whole has a rather muddled position on abortion, rather like your Republicans. It's certainly the least pro-choice party in Canada, that's true."

In the U.S. we have a far worse religious right situation, with groups such as Community Defense Council’s declared goal of helping 1000 cities across America write even more restrictive adult entertainment laws and their affiliate in Phoenix was partly responsible for getting swing clubs made illegal despite five public hearings and about 90% opposition to the new laws.  But just as Bush recently got appointed President by the U.S. Supreme Court instead of the voters, the religious right is far more in control of our lives in the U.S. than in Canada.  However there the risk in Canada that the religious right groups will get more control of your laws, as they have in the U.S.

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