Victoria, B.C. Canada
Beautiful Warm & Intelligent Women
Honest Sexworkers Without the Legal Issues in the United States


Other Men that enjoy the Intimacy side say:
 I invite others to also share their feelings

NOTE:  Whenever I do an article about my intimacy interests I get lots of E-mail from men that feel the same way and who relate to what I say.  But since so few men express these feelings in public (not macho or something) many men feel they are odd and keep it to themselves.  My goal is to share some responses about the enjoyment of more of the intimacy side of sexwork.  I welcome others to share and mention that you give me permission to use your response and whether you want to be totally anonymous or be credited using whatever name you wish.

The following is an example, shared with his permission:

I'm really enjoying your posts about the women in Victoria.    I live in town and have partaken of their services three or four times a year for the past few years.   Your reviews really make the choices easy for the next times.   At the moment Jude seems to be near the top of my list.   The fact that she uses an actual massage table appeals to me.    A session where she gets a massage for the first half and me for the last half would just about suit my desires about now.

Some that I have seen have had physical talents but little in the way of friendly intimacy (GFE seems to be the term).    Your reviews really stress the package of talent and intimacy.   We are about the same age (I'm 49) and we both really enjoy the company but need the right physical touch. 

A few years ago I asked one of the women if we could start out with a hug  which she really seemed to like and after the session was over she initiated a couple of nice warm kisses.    After the session it was her kisses that stuck in my memory.    Now I always try to start the sessions with a hug (tho not too long as that can make them uncomfortable).    I know the women appreciate when the men show them respect and warmth.   I'm sure they get enough guys with no respect who just want a body with no human being attached.  

Keep up the good work.    I look forward to reading more reviews.

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