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Killer whale "superpod" off Vancouver Island
Sort of sounds like lonely U.S. tourists coming to Victoria for great women

Source: Victoria Times Colonist August 24,2000

A gathering of more than 130 killer whales east of Vancouver is providing opportunities for marine scientists to carry out unique acoustics research. The 130 whales belong to the 220-member northern resident population and its the mating season.

"The whales are really, really excited, said Dr. Ford, senior marine mammal scientist. "Males were whizzing from group to group. Acoustically it was just like a cacophony of excited sounds."

He said the whales were busy socializing. "They probably haven't seen certain other individuals for a long time." 

This was the first superpod (over 100 whales) that Ford has seen in the past decade.

Replace whales with sex starved tourists and whizzing from incall location to incall location... mating...and it sort of describes Dave's visit to Victoria. I'm not quite as big as a whale...but almost....

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