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Sahara Theatre Strip Club - City of Industry
October 2001 Update
I would up doing three 4 for 1 nude dances for $40 each.  Not too bad, but of course much more expensive than in Toronto area clubs. Experiences ranged from very mechanical hard grinds (not my type) to one that wonderfully responsive intimate.

The responsive gal kept mentioning how great the hugging caress type interaction I enjoy since she is single and seldoom gets good touch by men, mostly just trying to grope and grab her body parts.  I always turn down the expensive lady drinks when they sit with you.  But after the dances she sat with me enjoying mutual touch even with me turning down drink for her.  The waitress didn't pester us more and as in prior reports it seems the dancers can sit with guys if they choose to without having to buy drinks.  Obviously though, most dancers won't bother with you if not buying them drinks.

They had a famous porn star as a feature, something like "la la" in name (I'm not much of a porn star fan).  Tall busty (of course) very long blond hair. I'm not usually much interest in glamour dance routine (or any dancers dancing for tease), but I did notice how genuinely friendly she seemed to be and how she nicely interacted with the drooling men at the stage, even kissing them.  I don't think they were shoveling tips at her either.

The dancers were similar to those at Spearmint Rhino - Downtown LA but I felt a little less like an ATM machine cranking out $20s.  But I was doing only 4 for 1 nude laps at $40 a set.  Set length was maybe the same as 1.5 songs in Toronto area (at $US13 each). But for LA or the U.S. not bad.

Sahara Theatre Strip Club
September 2000 Report

16025 Gale Avenue
near Hacienda Bl and Gale Ave
City of Industry, CA
I had some great times on earlier trips with 2for1 topless full touch laps for $20. But that has now changed. The topless laps are now no touch at tables. Only $40 nudes are full touch and short. The seating is very good for my nesting and everyone is very friendly. 

Soon after I arrived, Lace cuddled up to me. Very busty which isn't my thing but also warm and friendly, but it sort of seemed artificial. Bought her expensive lady drink $8.25, but when I asked about the laps, for $40 for one song just was too much for my interest. Realizing I wasn't a big spender she quickly moved on.

Later they announced 4for1 nude dances and after number of nice dancers sat with me I tried a Black American gal. The 4 for 1 songs were a joke since each was so short. The private area dance was with good mutual contact but she was much more mechanical than intimate. Nothing like the earlier experiences on prior trips or Spearmint Rhino Downtown dancers. I decided I might try day shift tomorrow but not expect too much due to pricing changes.

January 2000 Report
I had some good  experiences in previous trips that I had reported.  It has mostly the type of seating I like, perfect for my nesting.  I came here after my great Wednesday afternoon experiences at Hawaii Theatre to briefly check it out again.

Soon xxxx nicely joined me in my nest.  Not much of a talker but cute, smaller gal.  The music (noise) is quite loud which is often the case at strip clubs making conversation hard compared to the relative peace at quiet at hostess clubs.  They have music to dance to, but not as blaring as at most strip clubs.  

She is what I call a non-responder type that drives me crazy since I can't tell if she is really enjoying my touch or just putting up with it.  Usually I can tell quickly from body language.  But with some, often the younger gals, often American (although many Americans are also no touch girls), you just can't tell.

She was sitting to tight against the back of the bench so I couldn't try any massage on her either.  She seemed comfortable with my hands over her shoulders, gently stroking her shoulders, arms etc.   But .. can't really tell.   I knew the dancers here were very tightly monitored with a guy with a scoreboard making sure guys get their allotted dances and then move out of the dance area quickly.  The booth set up in the back room is more private and nice than say at Hawaii which is all in the main part of the club.  As in my prior visit in July, there was no hard pressure for drinks while in the main area and dancers were free to sit with you as they wished.  I agreed to a lap dance with xxxx.  They were having all day 2 for 1 topless and 3 for 1 nude dances for $20/$40, as I recall, and they didn't seem too shortened from what 2 normal full length dances would be.

The dance from xxxx was quite good.  Similar to at Hawaii, I could nicely do my thing, caress lightly her breasts, she did the nice lay back thing that I use certain strokes with etc.   She had a  very soft nice body but I still couldn't tell if she really liked the touch or not.   Did the one dance and went back to regular table where other dancers sat with me.

Interestingly after I was with a couple other dancers, xxxx came to me again.  Sat in same nice nesting position, asked if I wanted another dance, I said not this afternoon but I might stop back tomorrow and would if she was working.  But instead of leaving even after I declined to buy her a drink she still sat with me for a long time with me stroking her arm, etc.  We chatted a bit but not that much and just small talk.  I think this is a clue she liked it?   It wasn't  real busy but their were definitely other customers she could have tried for dances or drinks, besides spending the time with me.

Between xxx's sitting with me, a quite sexy Dallas girl sits with me.  I immediately detected a "non-touch" American by her body language and response to my light touch.   I nicely declined her dance invitation or drink, but she still sat with me awhile.  In fact she even tried me again later and I declined again nicely.  I just didn't feel the right touch connection for what I enjoy with a dancer, rather than just a sexy dance.

Likewise another, I think American gal. She sat with me asking something about can she leave her panties off to dance with me, but didn't have a good feel about her for my interests either.

I am thinking of wanting to leave to go to CF, which I hadn't been to yet..  and also wanted to stop in at Spearmint Rhino yet - this is Wednesday afternoon, the 2nd place I had been to on this trip after keep time line straight since I have been jumping around a bit.

But as I was leaving the private dance area from dancing with xxx "non-responder", I sort of ran into in back a tall, black slender gal (my preferred body type) and we exchanged some greetings in passing.  I had hoped she would get free and I wanted to see if she would come to me.  She had gone in the back awhile, and noticed later she was with a customer in the main area also.   

About the time I was thinking of leaving she comes into my nest.  She says she's been waiting for me to be free, and wanted me to massage her neck like she saw me do with one of the other dancers!    I was somewhat surprised (pleasantly) since I hadn't really done any serious neck massage like I sometimes do at other clubs.  She seemed to like my massage work and touch.  We did a dance and she started out sort of the usually nasty type, but I got her tamed a bit into more my type of nice touch dancing which she seemed to appreciate for a change from most men. Had nice chat afterwards back in main room.  She usually works days but starts school next week and will switch to some nights.  I enjoyed meeting her.

Thursday night when I bounced back and forth from VIP I also stopped by Sahara again.  It was much more crowded. The Dallas gal was there, but I didn't see anyone else from Wednesday (makes sense since now night shift).  No one approached me as all the dancers were quite busy with others so I didn't stay very long, and returned to VIP.

Note that Sahara Club is adjacent to Minato Hostess Club,  which I reviewed from a brief visit in my July 99 updateI didn't visit Minato this trip because of many reports it was basically for big tipping Asian clients who mostly like to chat with attractive women, and it didn't seem my intimacy interest would be rewarded there.

Sahara Strip Club GREAT! July 1999 Report
Next door to Minato, was Sahara which was still open.  The sign said closed at 2am but the doorperson said they were open to 4am if they had customers.    Nice place white table cloths, attractive dancers but only a few customers.

Black Dancer
Not sure if American or from Caribbean soon came into my nest (If you haven’t read my strip club reviews I like bench type seats and have by arm out so if a dancer dares, she can slip into my nest as I call it). 

Was very friendly and cuddled nicely with my touch. I started doing some back massage and she really enjoyed and melted in my arms.  Here they offer dancer drinks for I believe it was $8.50.  A bit steep but you can spend some time with dancer before deciding if want any private lap dance.  After quite a while, not bothered again by nice waitress, she asked if I’d do a lap dance with her.

From my prior two strip clubs that night I was going to decline assuming it was the same no touch her routine which I have no interest in.  I told her about my only wanting laps if I could participate (nonsexually) and she said, "oh yes, I want you to touch me you just can’t fondle my breasts or vagina."

So off we went.  Quite a private area.  And dance was like they used to be in Phoenix before they changed the law.  Very much great full contact topless for only $20.   There was a nude option, but I was less interested since I assume touch would be less generous.  She responded wonderfully to my touch and got her to more the cuddle type dance I enjoy.  So much nicer than the downtown LA clubs.  Three times she told me how much she enjoyed my touch and soft hands on her body.

OK now the test, will she be as friendly afterwards if I pay her the $20 we agreed to without tipping.  (I don’t recommend this to others, but its part of my social experiment to see if it was really my touch they like not the $).  Well she was just as friendly if not more.  In fact wanted to spend more time with me  at the table even when I wasn’t buying her any more drinks or dances.

German Dancer - Kinky Angel?
I had noticed on stage while with black dancer this tall attractive maybe a bit older, short blond hair I believe and a very sexy dancer doing quite a wild nude routine.  I thought when she was announced she was a feature dancer or something there.  See seemed very experienced and very open in her sexuality.

After black dancer left she spotted me and immediately cuddled very warmly in my “nest”.  Since the customers were getting fewer and it was late, I decided to skip the dancer drink and after some nice cuddling asked if she was willing to do a $20 dance.  Also I was having a very hard time understanding her German accented English, especially over the music.  

She enthusiastically agreed and off we went.  Like prior dancer, very nice intimate good touch response topless lap dance.  She was a bit wilder than more the cuddle dance I prefer, and didn’t take my touch hints to slow down like black dancer did.  So I wasn’t sure how she was responding to my touch.   But after dance she seemed very excited told me how great I was and sort of dragged me back to the table.   I sure wish I could understand her German accented English.  She asked me many questions which I tried to understand and answer.

 When I told her I had a website promoting more intimate sexuality she especially seem interested.  Asked me something about “Kinky”.  I said something like different people think different things are kinky but I’m open to most of  whatever is enjoyable to another.  I was quite frustrated with my poor ears for accents and understanding especially with the loud music.  She tried to tell me something she was doing for the next few days and was only at the club part-time to help promote whatever else she was doing.  Could have been she is a sex video star  -I just didn’t get it.  I got that she also had a website she wanted me to see. She might have been trying to get me to do something with her later, not sure but I explained I was leaving town next day.  

Anyway she scribbled her website address and some passwords.  In case anyone knows who she is…I’d love to see her web page or what she does.  I gave her my address so maybe she will even read this review and contact me.   I found her provider which is which is in LA area.  But the member name or her address part she wrote as “Kinyk Angel” I assume it is "Kinky Angel".   I tried all combinations of that with her provider address but didn’t find her.  I did a web search. Tthere are quite a few kinky angels but none that is spidered at or anything that looked like it was her.   There is a play by that name, but that doesn’t help.  So…who she is... famous or not, is a mystery to me.  But I very much enjoyed her company and lap dance.  She has the body I’d love to be intimate or even perhaps…kinky with!

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