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Intimacy At Los Angeles Hostess Clubs / Strip Clubs 

Jet Strip Strip Club  September 2000 Report

15 minutes East of LAX 310-671-1100

See for directions and free entry coupon


I have read reports that many guys like this club and the lap dances are more contact than at some clubs.  So coming from LAX on Wednesday afternoon this was my first stop.


Very clean modern club.  My diet coke was $4.95.  Lots of very attractive busty nude dancers (personally I don't much care for such huge breasts but most men do).  There were only about 6 guys in the club and lots were getting laps.  Many seemed to be regulars that the dancers knew.


After I was almost going to give up being approached and was getting bored since I have little interest in the stage dancing, a nice dancer did the usual stand next to me and ask "do you want a dance".  I asked about prices and she said $20 or for $30 much more private and personal (whatever that means).  So I did the $30.  It was fairly good with nice mutual contact for the short time it lasts. She did some fingering of herself, which I have no interest in but other men do.   She was very nice but no opportunity to really get to know her with conversation etc.


After returning to seat I was approached by another dancer and I was interested in exactly what the $20 dance did.  I assumed it was less nude, just topless with perhaps not the fingering which would have been fine with me.  BUT... it was totally no touch on my part.  Since most of what enjoy is caring caressing touching of the dancer which so many seem to respond so nicely too, while the dance for many guys would probably be "really hot", it had no real interest to old high touch Dave.  She does squeeze her body all over yours, including the tits in your face and a bit of crotch grinding, which I'm know many guys love, but just wasn't my interest.  Nice dancer but no opportunity for my type of interaction and certainly not for $30 a pop for one song for more contact.


Later I found so many other places so much more in line with my high touch intimacy fetish!


Again its a great place for many guys who are more into strip club dancing than I am.  Very attractive nice gals and a modern nice place.  The lap dance area is sort of a maze with the more private area in the far back.


Jet Strip Strip Club "Fun" December 1998 Report

Riley at Jet Strip  E-mailed me before I left saying "In order to do a true comparison study, Dave, you need to come and see me." So I did! The experience was VERY interesting to say the least. Unfortunately I started having a bad cold the last day. Perhaps I caught it from kissing so many women!

"Fun" with Riley at Jet Strip
Since Riley invited me to check them out to make a fair comparison I did! She said to ask for her or the manger to get me in, but I decided to go just as a customer to see it without dances knowing who I was at least at first.

First of all I am one that tries to follow directions. I had printed out the map and directions from the Jet Strip web site. Now, I am not that familiar with LA but coming from Downtown LA the website says (I'm copying and pasting on 12/12/98): Take the 110 PASADENA / SAN PEDRO FREEWAY To the 105 CENTURY FREEWAY (EAST). Now I realize a stranger in a strange land can easily get lost but when I thought I followed these directions I found myself in Watts! I knew the airport was West (towards that big ocean) from 110 but I simply followed directions. I mentioned this to the hostess and Riley. Riley joked she hoped they didn't get many customers from Watts. Maybe I just am a screwed up traveler but I think the directions on the site is wrong… but you guys in LA know it better than I do!

The club is VERY nice. Clean well laid out and has gorgeous dancers and much better mileage in private dances then I was expecting. That part is good.

I was somewhat frustrated being "undercover" and after an hour I was getting very bored of just watching hot naked dancers. I really wanted to see what the private dances were like. But all the dancers not stage dancing were all doing private dances. The DJ kept saying you have so much time left for the private dance special … but there wasn't a free dancer in the place if you wanted one. This of course is GREAT for the busy dancers making lots of money from private dances but not us that were left out! I know I am odd but I get very frustrated being teased by beautiful nude dancers who to me are saying "See how sexy I am - ha ha - you can't have me except to ogle" at least in a sexual sense. But for most customers that is Hot fun! So I shouldn't be so critical.

Coming to my rescue was the hostess who I didn't realize was also a dancer. She was very nice and her dance was "hot" but not intimate like I like. But that was not her fault since she had no idea what I liked and I wanted to she what she would do. I did tame her a bit like I do many in Phoenix and she seemed to like my massager her etc. I told her I was trying to meet Riley but she had not been free for a long time (she is very popular, which is great for her).

FINIALLY… I met Riley. Very nice and almost too attractive for old Dave…the perfect body type I like. We had a very good conversation. First she was worried that I was too Christian, and I had to assure her I was not here to "save" her! At the table it was very hard for old Dave to hear over the loud music. Every time I tried to get closer to her with my chair to hear better, she seemed to move back like I was going to bite. I wasn't panting or anything just trying to hear better! I was feeling negative "dirty old man" vibes from her not sure if true or not. So I decided not to bring up a private dance unless she did. Had quite a good discussion although I was starting to feel a bit awkward about the situation that she may have felt some obligation to be nice to me…but then…

She asked if I wanted a private dance and of course I did. Because of the situation I was less relaxed than normal. BUT… once I started nicely touching her and massaging she seemed to very much warm up fast. In fact she got into a wonderful position snuggled in my lap. She seemed to enjoy it as much as I did and afterwards said, "we certainly need more than 3 minutes to enjoy this." I believe she also said (or it could have been the waitress/dancer) "If men had your touch skills they wouldn't need to come to clubs like this." (I wrote down quote but not sure who from but I think it was Riley. The fact is I do enjoy touch but I do have to go to clubs to share it since I can't find women I'm attracted to that like my ideas in "real life." We had some discussion afterwards and she summed up my conclusion exactly. She is at the clubs for "fun".

My conclusion is that the choice between the Strip Club vs. Hostess Clubs is 3 minutes of "fun" with a topless private dancer vs. an hour of intimacy at a hostess club at the same price but with less skin and somewhat less gorgeous women. Different men will prefer one or the other.

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