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VIP Lounge Hostess Club- City of Industry
October 2001 Update
I like the layout of this place.  But not as easy to test intimacy response by dancing first, only small dance floor in the jungle area rarely used.  Mostly just the coach area which is OK, but like to start out by slow dancing but not when we would be the only ones dancing where everyone else can watch.

I spend quite a bit of time here observing but just didn't find any dancer I was motivated enough to clock out.

VIP Lounge Hostess Club  September 2000 Report
15455 E Valley Blvd, City of Industry 
Exit Highway 60 at Hacienda Blvd, North to Valley
In the same strip mall as the Spearmint Rhino Strip Club
(562) 943-9915

6pm-2am $5 entry fee and $24/hr dance fee (usually tip same amount as at all clubs)

The only available gal that I was attracted to was a taller blond that looked very board on the available girl couch. Often I make wrong choices since the physical appearance I like the most often is more American or European vs Asian or Latin which often are the more intimate. Actually many Europeans are also, its the American bred women that I usually find the least responsive to intimacy.

But I took my changes and lost. Very nice body to hold and cuddle but virtually no response other than her wanting me to massage her back and neck more extensively after my usual intro of such. She was nice enough just didn't connect well. Typical California girl, loves the beaches and does this for extra money. Basically what I call a non-responder to touch. Sort of like renting out some skin to touch but save any intimacy for real boyfriend, which is so common with U.S. providers.

No one else was of much interest so after 1/2 hour with her I left.

January 2000 Report
I  had gone to quite a few clubs Wed afternoon and eve, but had saved VIP for Thursday night after the lunch, since a bunch of guys had wanted to meet me there and discuss some things more privately.

There were about 3 "waves" of guys from the lunch group that came into VIP at least during the times I popped in and out also stopping by at Hawaii Theater and Sahara again (discussed later review).  What surprised me the most was how many guys from what I thought was quite a hard core sex group, privately were asking me about my intimacy techniques which I tried to share the best I could, without a women to demo with!

I was reminded of some good issues by questions about how many men, especially that appear looking for just hard core sex admit to also wanting to share the more sensual, intimate side, but if they do will not be thought of as being macho.

Or the well known person in the group admits just sex like in TJ or some providers without any intimacy is just not at all fulfilling. He related to my views and what I express at as did so many others who talked with me privately. I was really pleasantly surprised by that, on the other hand when I talk to the providers it isn't that surprising. I had some really good deep discussions with various gals at SC and HC as well as what I call "soulmate intimacy experiences" with 3 during my visit.

The Girls at VIP - from my limited experience 
VIP physically is much nicer than Club Fantasy (CF),  but  I prefer being able to go over introduce myself to the gals at CF and ask them to dance or "couch" with me. This is more personal than at VIP where they just bring your choice over cold. 

I bounced back and forth 3 times between VIP (where I started about 7:30)  and other clubs I wanted to revisit Thursday night.  On my first and second bounce to VIP I didn't meet any girls, was too busy talking to different groups that had come by from the luncheon including 3 guys that wanted to talk to me privately about some issues.

Sadly on my third bounce... my limited experience with gals at VIP wasn't what I had hoped for. I had much better interactions at CF. Yet I could tell from all the cuddling and positions some of the girls were in at VIP, it was just a matter of finding the right gal.  The couch area at VIP is also more private from the selection room, but I don't recall seeing any separate dance floor like at CF.  Often I enjoyed slow dancing, holding her against me, stroking her back, etc to get some idea of her intimacy response before heading to the couch area.

The first gal one I picked (I like a little older and taller) was xxxxx. A bad choice!  (Respecting personal privacy I am not including  names since this is a public site.  The gals change all the time so my purpose is to share experiences  and give readers a hint of what they might expect  and what is possible on the intimacy side, but not violate privacy of any particular women or expose them to any legal issues)   After we went to couch I asked her how the night was going. She asks, "Do you honestly want to know?". I tend to be the type that gals poor the heart out to which can be good or bad...I do so much counseling. I do seek honesty no matter what it is. She use to work at CF but thought there would be more money at VIP. She has no interest in being touched at all, unless she was  very well paid for it. This is a very common American gal attitude I have found vs. Latin, Asians and East Europeans who almost universally seem to be much more open and warm.  She also had her coat stolen from CF a few nights ago and was sorting of watching to see if someone might be wearing it coming to VIP! She has some German background but has been in the US too long and has US women attitudes.

We actually had a good intellectual intimacy but I didn't even do my usual nesting thing. She said that while VIP has more Asian clients, too many are the young guys that don't tip well like the older Asian businessmen. She certainly isn't going to have anyone touch her that isn't paying well. And by touch she doesn't even mean sexual touching. 

Feeling a good intellectual connection I told her in my view, most men are looking for some warmth and intimacy from a women as a girlfriend type not just a sex goddess to pay $ to for the privilege of touch. I told her a bit about my experiences and interests and that 10 seconds after sitting with her without anything verbal it was obvious from her body position/language she wasn't the warm friendly type I think many men seek. Perhaps if she were, she might attract more men that would be better tippers. What I didn't say was, but if she just naturally is not an open warm person, you really can not just fake it either.

Moving on next gal
Not to be discouraged since I know how different women can be, I noticed a gal that didn't seem to have been picked much (I usually go for the underdog trying to find the gems - but again a bad mistake). No interest in touch, has lots of regular clients that just want to talk and tip well! I got rid of her faster than xxxxx, about 12 minutes and tipped her $10. Frustrating since I could see around me some really nice intimacy going on...  You would have to test the chemistry with many gals to find those that are more my type.  Much more so than at CF it seemed,  or some of the other clubs I will get to later.

When will I learn to avoid American women :)

As I reported in almost all of my prior reviews from clubs in LA as well as San Francisco it was amazing to me how cold most American women are vs. most foreign. To me there are obvious cultural reasons for that. So now, I absolutely want to find a non-American women to try. I spotted an friendly looking Asian (they tend to smile more than American women too). She was in a white top and looked Chinese. 

Earlier (nice guy) had recognized me and introduced himself. He had read my reviews and understood what I was looking for. Just as I spotted the Asian gal, we met again. He confirmed it wasn't just me with xxxxx, he knows her, she is very nice but very non touch. Again I'm not even talking any sexual touch just the kind of non-sexual good touch I enjoy and find lots of dancers, that also do .. usually...but not tonight.  (nice guy) was trying to be so helpful, but from the selection available (actually maybe 10-12 in the pick area now) but there were not many good choices since he seemed to know most of them. 

(nice guy) mentioned xxx being an attractive Filipino sitting at the end who would "do whatever you want".  He didn't seem to be highly recommending her but I was sort of drooling over Asian, Tall, nice legs and at least do something more than sit and talk! I also recalled some posts about her which were quite sexual, so I decided to take a test drive.

xxx was nice and at least responded better than the others to my touch. She seemed interested I had been in the Philippines last year and had a fairly good discussion but nothing deep. She soon started playing with me asking if this was OK .. did it very nicely. Just as other reports said, she freed "willy" and was happy to do a long hj, which I enjoyed.  Yes, just as others on the private group, have said as others came by, even the security guard she assured me it was no problem.  She would stop when someone came by, but her hand wasn't big enough to cover my tool, but just as was previously reported the security guy just ignored us. I am not shy and am very comfortable at nudist beaches and in nude groups, but its a lot different when everyone is nude vs. getting a hj in a not that private setting when your concerned about the legal issues etc. I did enjoy xxx, but  she was more mechanical than intimate. Nice gal, but nothing close to what I had experienced intimacy wise (without the hj) at CF and some other clubs.

(nice guy) was out front when I was done and we compared notes and arrived at the same conclusion about xxx. He was really trying to help poor old Dave, but the gal he thought would be most my type wasn't there and another potential  he said is sometimes moody...and she looked moody tonight!

Not wanting to just sit and talk with another gal and after so many much better experiences at other clubs and especially CF I left VIP about midnight and got to CF about 12:30 and met two nice gals. Also was interested in meeting xxxxxx from the lunch, who worked at CF,  if she was interested in meeting me,  but I didn't find her.

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