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Bare Elegance Strip Club - September 2000 Report
4824 West Imperial Highway, Hawthorne, 310-649-1100
$5 cover charge and I understand $10 cokes (I got lap dance too fast and server never got to me)

For directions, free entry coupon and other information see

This is the sister club to Jet Strip with the same format and I assume ownership and is about a mile away.  

It is not as modern as Jet Strip but is larger and seems more informal with more comfortable seats and it had many more customers and dancers.  Some just sitting with customers.

I made my "nest" and within a few minutes a sweet Cambodian gal flew in saying, "that spot looks like its for me."  I often get that response to my nest (hand out over the chair next to me and sort of a warning, I am a high nice touch person since they sit just about into my arms).  She seemed to enjoy my touch and hand holding and commented on how soft my hands are - another comment I often get.  I had read that the laps here were as bad or similar to Jet Strip but thought I'd try one with her, she was so nice.  The reports I read were correct...they do the $20 laps in private but they keep ALL their clothing on and their is no touch allowed by the customer.

While overall the placed seemed more friendly than Jet Strip I had little interest after the one dance and left.    But for some that just like to hang out watching naked women  and don't care about the zero mileage laps,  it could be great.

According to others reports, this zero mileage laps must have started around September 1st, since previously it was considered a "high mileage" club.  Sadly, their may have been police activity or concerns making it become so uninteresting for old Dave seeking to share caring, nice touch with a women not just tease. 

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