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Legal Situation Update

Just like in Phoenix, Tampa, and so many other cities, the religious right fanatics have sadly been very successful in making sure their moral values are imposed on all adults.  We have less adult freedom than ever in the U.S.  And it will be worse if Bush wins or the Republicans have even more control over our morality.  Well organized religious groups continue to have as their goal the passing of more and more restrictive laws to control the sexual behavior of consenting adults. 

We can use sex for tease and titillation and objectifying women as sex objects, but it is more and more a crime to provide sexual satisfaction in our culture. 

These repressive ideas is especially appalling from the Christian groups since clearly "common prostitution" was never wrong or an issue in biblical times, only the idolatry of the sex god worshiping prostitutes in the Temples.  The idolatry was the sin, not prostitution.

In the fantasy of the religious right groups more restrictive laws make neighborhoods and children somehow safer with more sexually unfulfilled men in our culture. That is how sick their thinking is and they are getting laws passed to be sure we remain a sexually frustrated nation. 

New laws are being passed all over the U.S. such as the "3 foot rule" that is spreading in California and around the U.S. thanks in part to the Christian idiots at the "Community Defense Council" (Protecting Children and Neighborhoods) which has been providing legal resources to help 1000 communities pass restrictive laws since 1990. 

Now that hugging and cuddling is illegal in Phoenix and many California clubs, children and neighborhoods are safer and the preachers in the Churches are rejoicing over their success in stamping out wholesome healthy sexuality in all forms and imposing their own repressive morality on everyone.   And of course there is less sexual harassment, sexual assaults and less rape since sexually frustrated men have no safe, healthy outlet to enjoy their natural sexual desires with consenting adult women wanting to provide such healthy sexual services. 

Sorry for the sermon....back to Hostess Clubs in LA !

 From my prior reports:

Club Flamingo has closed as it was torn down for new Staples Center.

Dreamland also now closed. It used to be one of the best clubs for high mileage but they were shut down by the police. Then they  installed cameras to reopen but then were forced to close again.

Danceland Closed Briefly By Cops
On April 13, 1999 Danceland was surrounded by LAPD and police jailed six dancers.  It seems that LAPD setup an undercover vice sting.  The cop asked the girls how much for a handjob and apparently were quoted a price.   To make it a “really big show” the City also sent in the IRS, INS and Fire department.  The IRS to question the girls on their reporting of tip income, INS to look for illegals and the Fire Department to find electrical problems.

There is also speculation that there was pressure for police action because Danceland is in the middle of the Staple Center redevelopment plan and wants to force the club to close by finding as many violations as possible and so that  the Police Commissioner can deny any petition to relocate.   The City knows what goes on at the clubs and would like nothing more than to have them all go away.  Since no new licenses are being issued they want to be sure the clubs aren’t allowed to reopen due to prostitution violations.  

The club has since reopened but you can bet the dancers are very cautious.  See my more detailed description of the club from 1999 (like a trip to TJ Mexico) 

Club Fantasy Next To Go? 
Club Fantasy is my favorite  downtown LA club.  But it too is in a redevelopment area of Pershing Square.  It will probably in a few years be replaced by new high-rise apartments or a new performing arts center.  The land is just too valuable for its current use.   Will the city also want to be sure it is denied relocation?  It is up to you.  Enjoy good intimacy but don’t try and get sex and potentially have another demise of a club due to prostitution or lewd conduct violations.   

Dancers are quite sure undercover cops are in often watching the action closely.  One girl was busted for solicitation not long after the Danceland police bust.  Extra roaming security guards are supposed to be more attentive but I didn’t really see them watching too closely.  I also didn’t see anything sexual going on, so the dancers may have gotten the message, although I was only in the couch rooms a few hours and was busy non-sexually with my own girls! 

City Of Industry Seems More Tolerant - for now
The loss of adult freedoms is as strong in the Los Angeles area as anywhere.  While in the past I had some good intimacy experiences in a wide range of clubs, only a few are worth visiting in Los Angeles for my interests.   But for some reason, for awhile, the City of Industry seemed to think real crime that actually hurts citizens is more important than enforcing laws whose only purpose is to repress adult sexual interactions.  But clubs there are also becoming more strict it seems.   Since my prior January 2000 update one City of Industry club was raided by LE and changed to a new format.  However with new ownership, it has reopened and gone back to its original format.  However in talking to the manager and a great gal I met, the no touching certain body parts is strictly enforced.

Legal Risk is Lewd Behavior not just prostitution
It is hard for LE to charge anyone with prostitution.  You pay for time only spend with a hostess, not for anything sexual.  At least that is the way it is supposed to be.  But if a undercover cops asks for a quote for a "sex act" and is given a quote, it clearly is prostitution. If consenting adult choose to be sexual, for no additional fee, their is no crime.  However I understand LE is enforcing  the cities lewd behavior  ordinance as a weapon to try and close clubs.  Again how sick it is for natural, beautiful sexual expression to be considered "lewd"!  Unfortunately I don't know how this is defined by the law.  Is breast touching "lewd"...or just handjobs, blowjobs or penetration?  If anyone has the reference to the law, please let me know.

Call for Men to not cause further demise of clubs
Unfortunately instead of just seeking non-sexual good healthy touch/intimacy too many men may be causing the demise of these clubs because their goal is to seek "high mileage" and make it more a sexual experience.  That is natural and normal, but unlike going to a restaurant for a nice dinner, going out for healthy safe sexuality in our culture is expensive and illegal.  

Sexual activity puts clubs at risk of being closed and ruin such a good thing for us that enjoy non-sexual intimacy at the clubs.  We might prefer more, but  we should understand that trying to do more puts the clubs at risk.  While hostess clubs use to be popular in a number of cities, they have all been closed other than in Los Angeles.  With the religious right groups controlling the legal status of our sexual expression, I predict sadly it is only a matter of time before the hostess clubs in LA will also be only something of historical interest.  How fast they disappear will probably be dependent on how soon clubs are closed for "lewd acts" or prostitution charges.

Ironically in Canada many of these same activities have been supported as legal freedoms by the Canadian Supreme Court. In Canada adult individual sexual rights are not controlled by religious rights groups or local laws, only the Canadian Criminal Code. Opponents of sexual touch, failed to convince a majority of the Supreme Court judges  that sexual touching offends a sense of public decency.  But since prostitution itself is an individual right in Canada (with restrictions) legal full service sexual fulfillment is easily available from many wonderful women at a fraction of the cost of the illegal services in the U.S.

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