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Intimacy At Los Angeles Hostess Clubs / Strip Clubs 

The Pros and Cons of Hostess Clubs over Strip Clubs

The big advantage of hostess clubs (HC's)  is the cost is only about $0.40/minute or $24/hr or so, to the club to "rent" them to dance or be with you on a couch. At HC's you also are expected to tip, usually an amount equal to the "rental" fee with usually a 12 minute minimum.  Compare this to $20+ for a 2 minute song at a strip club.  

The type of HC intimacy interaction is often more satisfying to me.  You get to know the lady as a person, most can talk intelligently, you can dance with them, caress, cuddle in booths, often kiss and share good touch for as long as you wish for a very reasonable cost instead of a fast song or two at a strip club. 

However, at a strip club the girl is usually topless for $20 or for $40 naked.  But most strip clubs (with some very wonderful exceptions)  allow almost no touching and certainly no sexual touching.  While I realize a great many guys enjoy these non-interactive dances, they simply have zero interest for me.  I  enjoy the interaction since so may dancers respond so wonderfully and sincerely enjoy the good touch I enjoy and encourage other men to also learn.

At hostess clubs the women wear all kinds of normal clothing but often it is mini skirts or other scanty attire.  Or sometimes they will be more formal to look good at a party.

I prefer being in bed and sharing caring touch with a naked women, but short of that, the HC clubs offer a different option that many men enjoy over strip clubs.  On the other hand I had some wonderful intimate touch sharing at a few strip clubs with topless dancers.  But the dollars flow out of your wallet at a rapid pace at a strip club.  I like to combine the two, have a few great nude or topless interactive dances at a few of the strip clubs that offer that, but also meet for more clothed good touch intimacy and getting to know a girl a lot more at the HC's.

There is much less pressure at most HC to "buy the lady a drink?" for a high price.  There is no alcohol served at either HC's or nude clubs.  If you really need a drink go  to a strip clubs or a bar first, but don't be drunk and obnoxious!

If you want full sex, forget either HC's or strip clubs but visit the many escorts in L.A.  I avoid them since I have no interest in paying the LA costs, especially since I'm used to the great low cost options in Canada, Thailand etc.

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