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Intimacy At Los Angeles Hostess Clubs / Strip Clubs 

Well that's it folks from another fast trip. 

I had an enjoyable trip, but finding the type of interaction I most enjoy can be spotty. I actually enjoyed a couple of the strip club interactions the most physically, and the HC for intimacy intellectually, since there was far more time available at a reasonable cost.  The key is to realize their will be some gals you simply will not connect with for one reason or another and others that you will. . But I had enough very good connections to make the experience very enjoyable, as they have been on past trips to LA.

However, I prefer longer time more full body interactions, but at a reasonable cost such as in Canada or Thailand. Canada is much more practical and without the language barrier to any intellectual intimacy as in Thailand. To me spending $US100 for an hour of full service, full body intimacy is far more desirable than the hit and miss with limited success of either the strip clubs or hostess clubs. Of course you have to travel to get there, but Vancouver/Victoria is a less than $300 airfare from Phoenix (or LA I am sure).  But I spend 3-4+ days in Canada at a time and visit enough providers to make the travel cost effective. The additional intimacy, full service and without any of the legal issues in Canada, is to me very worthwhile. They also don't have the traffic jams of LA...I was unlucky enough to be in LA during the transit strike but I always find traffic in LA terrible!

I probably would not be a regular customer to the clubs if I lived in LA since I prefer bed sex where I enjoy doing even more intimacy things as well as sensual sexuality.  On the other hand I am not willing to pay typical LA fees for such service. On the other hand if I got to know some gals better I might very selectively visit some clubs periodically.

But for men to learn or test some intimacy skills, or share some non-sexual intimacy with an intelligent attractive women, the hostess clubs and certain strip clubs do offer interesting possibilities. 

For more detailed information on Strip Clubs and occasional HC reviews, by Los Angeles locals, I recommend Zbone's at

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