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Sun Massage - City of Industry
October 2001 Update
Same routine with older mamasan as prior report. But my "attendant" was gorgeous tall Korean quite good with massage with such a nice soft body.   The release phase was a bit mechanical but she was gorgeous to behold and nicely caress her breasts.  Great body but not the intimacy I have enjoyed more with so many great women at the Nude-Reverse-Release parlors of Toronto area.

Sun Massage
September 2000 Report

142 S Turnbill Canyon Rd
City of Industry

If you go westbound on Valley from SRI and make a left at the first traffic light, Sun Accupressure is on the left hand side about one
half block southbound.

I had seen their ad and thought I'd check them out.

The mamasan spoke hard to understand English and the prices for acupressure massage quite high. But I got a 30 minute massage for $50. She led me to a nice room. I was afraid she might be the massage girl...but fortunately she wasn't! Attractive young Asian gal did a very good acupressure massage. I had no idea if she would offer more or be straight massage like my earlier experience. 

After doing very good job on back had me turn over and she worked her way down. She did firm crotch massage which reminded me of the techniques I enjoyed in Thailand. She sort of played with my penis and asked something like OK? I said yes nice and she continued. Then she so nicely wound up lying on top of me and nicely kissed me. We cuddled nicely for a few minutes as her dress somehow fell off revealing a very nice soft young body. Without any discussion of money she started giving me a bj and then hj, while having me caress her breasts and rest of her body. A very enjoyable experience. I tipped her $40 which she seemed very happy with. Note the frequent Asian way of not negotiating up front for any specific fee for extra's. This makes a prostitution bust almost impossible since I paid and tipped for massage. The great intimate sex was between two consenting adults with no additional fee specified.

I am glad I gave them a try!

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