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Spearmint Rhino Downtown Strip Club  

October 2001 Trip Update
As in  September 2000 report, this remains one of the best clubs in LA for the type of good touch full body intimacy I enjoy, especially for breast massage and full body caressing touch.   I visited on a Fri night.  Entry fee is $20 on weekends (coupons for $5 discount in LA Weekly Magazine).  There is no longer a 2 drink minimum but higher entry fee compared to last year.  Also parking is $5 if you valet park or self park.

I enjoyed many $20 laps from very nice attractive dancers.  Mostly with 2 for 1 specials and one nude ($40) 3 for one routine.  Songs shorter than in Toronto Report  and of course there it was only $US13 song for nude with full contact. I did feel a bit like an ATM machine with $20s flying out of my wallet at a rapid pace!

I tried to be quite selective and as usual turned down dancers who just came up and asked "want to dance".  I did do laps with those that sat with me and started a conversation as is my usual style. 

One Mexican dancer sat in my lap a long time as we were sharing mutual massage and good conversation before doing a lap dance.  The "buy the lady a drink" hostess jumps on you within milliseconds of a dancer sitting with you but I declined all drink requests but instead did laps with each dancer that sat with me.  There was no pressure once I said no, and the dancers I turned down took "no thanks" without a fuss.  There was a continuous flow of dancers approaching me.

I also avoided the big breasted blonde prancers that easily got takers.  I prefer more normal women who often have better attitudes, not big breasted porn star types.

As in last trip it was very enjoyable to share the type of high touch intimacy I seek.  Wasn't quite the "intimacy heaven" as I described from last year trip - that was before I discovered Toronto clubs which are even better and far less expensive.

September 2000 Report
WOW! Dave's Intimacy Heaven !
Spearmint Rhino Downtown Strip Club 
2020 East Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles

Web site:
Sun - Sat: 11am - 2am
Opened: 3/2000 

$5-15 entry depending on time of day or weekend, plus $10 upfront for 2 drink minimum.

I had recently seen some very good reviews of this club.  I wasn't that impressed last trip with the Rhino in City of Industry, but reports sounded too good to be true, so I decided to check it out.  WOW...the reports were true!

The owners reportedly spent over $1 million on the club with its two stories which can be easily seen from the I-10 freeway.

I hadn't gotten more than two feet into the inner entrance when I was greeted by Cheyennee (with a long e at the end)  I was shocked since we looked eye to eye without me having to look down since I'm 6-2.  But she was as tall as I am!  I have read that the girls here are very aggressive, but usually I want to sit and scope out the club first.  Having just been to 3 other clubs where laps were all no touch by customer, I asked if they allowed me to nicely caress her non-sexually.  She said, "of course you can" and they had just announced a 2 for 1 special so I decided to give it a try.   The cost was $20 topless or $40 nude, I prefer topless since I'm not really interested in stoking the kitty which also has more legal implications.  But I do enjoy nicely caressing breasts.

As others have reported these clubs are very dark.  With my eyes not yet adjusted to the dark, she took my hand as almost blind Dave stumbled his way to the lap dance area.

Oh my.  She responded wonderfully to my type of touch, more cuddling instead of bouncing laps, we were in total synch and no problem with any touch.  I did my usually intimacy holds, strokes etc and she responded with such warmth and seemed to really enjoy (or very good actress).  While I assumed the 2 for 1's were probably two short songs, the time seemed reasonable.  We were a perfect match in my view, a wonderful interaction for old Dave.

Hmmm this could be an interesting place, wonder if she is the only one so warm?

The chair seating is not conducive to my "nesting" which was one reason I didn't like their sister club in City of Industry.  BUT...the gals had an even better idea. 4 of the 6 I would up getting laps from, actually sat in my lap to introduce themselves, and all in a very nice sensual, cuddling way.  In fact a Turkish gal must have spend close to 10 minutes in my arms, even giving me light kisses and snuggling up wonderfully in my arms.  Then we had a great $20 lap dance.

I had similar great intimacy experiences with Linda from Puerto Rico, and a really warm Hungarian gal and another two who I forgot theIr nationality I was enjoying them so much!.  Only one gal, I believe from the U.S. was the bounce up and down non-intimate dancer who I couldn't quickly "tame" by my touch which the other responded to by more cuddle laps,  which I find far more intimate than more mechanical wild bouncing, grinding laps.

I also noted that almost all the dancers were quite tall.  Since I'm 6-2, I tend to enjoy tall women, although I've had great experiences with shorter women also.

Dave was in intimacy heaven here.  I might try the night shift, although during the day was nice since the ratio of dancers to customers was probably better than at night.

Some may feel the girls are too aggressive.  But you could easily just turn them down. I'd much rather have them approach me than have to seek them out, especially in the way they did it very intimate, in your lap, very warm and sensual approach which I have never experienced at any other club, other than in Thailand and the Philippines.

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