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Intimacy At Los Angeles Hostess Clubs / Strip Clubs 

Sugar Honey Club
17351 Gale in Huge Industrial Center near Costco off Azusa Ave
$3 entry free and $18/hr dance fee

The club layout was a bit confusing. There are a bunch of chairs for the men but they were almost all facing the empty stage area instead of the available girls seated on the other wall. Well, old Dave turned the chair around so I was facing the other men, but looking towards the available girls! But at this point I was sort of hostesed out after seeing so many in 3 days. The Los Angeles economy got a boost but I was burning cash at a faster rate than I had expected!

The only gal I had an interest in was gabbing so much with another I didn't want to interrupt them!

The music was terrible - blaring rap - yuck was giving me a headache.

I left about 1am deciding to conclude my research trip since I have to leave Saturday morning.

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