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Intimacy At Los Angeles Hostess Clubs / Strip Clubs 

What the Heck are Hostess Clubs?

The feeling at a HC is closer to that at a high school dance than a strip club.  YOU HAVE TO TAKE THE INITIATIVE!   The girls are seated on couches or chairs.  In most clubs the girls can not approach you.  You have to get over any jitters and actually walk up the a girl, introduce yourself and invite her to dance! This is usually the case at the downtown clubs. At most clubs in City of Industry, you make selections and tell a "manager" and he gets the girl for you. 

To me and many of the girls, I've talked to its so silly that tons of men just stand or sit at tables in the "quack" areas all night but never approach a dancer to have any dance, or interaction.  You do not have to fear rejection, the girls want to be asked to dance, that is how they earn  their money!   They can reject someone, but rarely do unless they smell, or seem to be a psycho.   

When you ask the girl to dance you can go to the dance floor to get to know...and nicely feel...her a bit.  If chemistry is good, after a few minutes on the dance floor I suggest we go to a couch.  Or, sometimes I just ask approach a girl and say, "Would you like to couch with me."  That usually gets a laugh and I've never been rejected by anyone.  Often there is a TV room with couches that are quite dark.

After you pick the girl, she has to clock in on a timecard or electronic system which keeps track of the time.  It's only about $24/hour or so at most clubs so you simply don't have a lot of time pressure.  Or $48/hr if you tip the amount of the time charge which is still low compared to a strip club where this might buy you only 5 minutes of lap dance time.

As far as I can tell they HC  only still exist in Los Angeles where they have a long history going back to the 1930's when it was referred to as "taxi dancing".  Here are some great resource articles:

2/14/02 Post by BigBadBlkwolf <>
Clock In vs. Clock Out
The correct terminology is "clock in" to begin the session and "clock out" to end the session.

Here is a little history on why these two terms are used to mean opposite things by some. Way back in the day a customer could take a hostess out of the club if he paid for the clock time up to closing hour. So if you found a hottie at midnight that was willing to have a pajama party at your place you could pay for the clock time from midnight til 2am and then the hostess could leave with you for the evening. Customers commonly refered to this as "clocking out" a girl. This was in reference to clocking her out of the club for the rest of the evening. The out was related to taking her "out" of the club. Just like checking out a library book means you are taking it "out" of the library.

Many of the customers that took advantage of this policy would only put a hostess on the clock if they were planning to take clock her out of the club for the rest of the evening. These guys always refered to "clocking in" a hostess as "clocking out" because they would always leave with the girl. When the clubs stopped allowing this practice these same guys would still refer to the "clock in" procedure as "clocking out" because of their prior point of reference. Since they always refered to the beginning of the session as "clocking out", they would refer to ending the session as "clocking in".

Of course new guys introduced to the hostess scene by these same clients would also refer to the clock in procedure in this reverse manner and so on, and so on with the ripple effect. This is why you have different groups of clients that refer to the beginning and ending of sessions using the opposite terminology.

History: Dance With A Stranger-The Taxi-Dance Hall 1932 onward 

In LA weekly  January 22-28, 1999 long, interesting article at

"Continuity and Change Within A Social Institution: The Role of The Taxi-Dancer," Mary V. Meckel, A Sociological Analysis of The California Taxi-Dancer: The Hidden Halls. (The Edwin Mellen Press, Lewiston, New York, 1995) at: A manuscript  based on a doctoral dissertation research. 

Another great article about the history, discussion of the different type of customers over the years , services and an extensive guide is TenFree's FAQ on Hostess Clubs

While the goal of the hard core folks is to get as much "mileage" as possible, including fingering, feeding (hint breasts), a handjob or blowjob, this of course is where the legal issues come in and while it is available from some dancers and a very few at hostess clubs, it is not the norm.   I have no interest in fingering, feeding, or bj, but  good intimacy in other ways.  So this will not be a guide to the best mileage, but about my seeking good touch intimacy experiences.  I do enjoy nicely caressing breasts but only if they...want to be caressed.  I also enjoy having my penis nicely stroked, but neither is needed to have in my view, a great intimacy experience with a women.

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