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Intimacy At Los Angeles Hostess Clubs / Strip Clubs 

Samís Hof Brau Strip Club Restaurant  September 2000 Report
1751 East Olympic Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90021-1925
(On Olympic Blvd., just west of Alameda St.) 213.623.3989
Sam's has a nice website at 
$2 valet parking, no cover and no drink minimum. 

After my fairly negative July 1999 report below, I received an E-mail from Sam saying he was sorry I had a bad time, and please stop by again. So I did!

I think in 1999 I went during a very busy night and I was getting desperate for some good interaction that I hadn't received much of yet, which may have colored by view.

This time, my impression was that it was a very outgoing friendly place.  At 4pm on a Wednesday it had lots of customers both eating, drinking and being with the girls.  It was very laid back, very blue color,  relaxed friendly atmosphere.  

A lot of guys were getting laps and seemed to be very much enjoying a topless girl wiggling their butts and other body parts in at the guys but with absolutely no touch, not even sitting in laps,  just stand shake and tease.  Not my interest but I know I am odd and it certainly brought smiles to a lot of guys who were paying $10-20 a dance. I was approached by a number of dancers, but declined. I found the music far too loud and blaring, but that is often the case at many clubs.

Samís Hof Brau   July 1999 Report 
Sam's has a nice website at  Unlike the HC's which all had free parking (despite the signs saying $3 at night fee) Sam's charged $2 and you have to use valet parking.  The place is nice but I sat for 30 minutes trying to look friendly and no dancer and not even the waitress approached me!  I observed the lap dances which were very non-contact air dances which looked just silly to me.  The dancers did approach and pay attention to the younger beer drinking guys, must not have liked an old man like me!  But I observed enough to know it really wasnít my type of place, although everyone seemed very friendly (except ignored me) and was otherwise nice.

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