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Spearmint Rhino Strip Club in City of Industry
15411 E Valley Blvd
Exit 60 at Hacienda Blvd, North to Valley

From September 2000
From reading many reviews I decided to skip this club. As I pointed out in my January report, the seating is terrible for what I like to do and its was quite a fast paced assemble line in the lap dance area.  Recent reviews are mostly negative with lots of scams of short dances etc.  As one review said 9/10/00, "...for some real fun and without worry of getting ripped off, just stick to the Hawaii theater."

From January 2000
Very nice club but very loud blaring music (typical of strip clubs).  There have been many reports of "high mileage" here, but that isn't my main interest.

While the club was very upscale but not glitzy.  However, the seating was totally wrong for my nesting! Nice comfortable chairs, but no way for dancer to be close to you talking other from a separate detached chair.  I saw no dancers sitting talking to customers, they just come over and ask if you want to lap dance with them.

I did try $20 laps from two nice gals. They offered good touch as in other strip clubs in City of Industry but short and had to move in and out of area quickly when time was up. One had breasts way too large for the nice caressing I like to so, but I'm odd since most men seem to fall in love with huge breasts.   Nice club, but I had better opportunities for my type of interaction more at other clubs so I didn't stay long.  On the other hand for those seeking high mileage willing to pay a lot more than I am it is supposed to be a great club.  They stage dances are also supposed to be very hot and they bring in featured performers.  But I really had no interest in hot stage dancers.

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