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1324 So Figueroa (across from Convention Center)

Brief Visit July 1999 Report
Early like about 8pm on my second night I stopped by Danceland.  It wasn't very crowded yet.  Some of the gals were attractive and like before they seem to be allowed to approach the men.   But no one approached me and being concerned about my lack of Spanish, I left.  If I had time after reviewing other clubs I thought I might come back later when it was more busy.  But I never made it back after getting lost looking for the downtown strip clubs and after long drive to City of Industry.

December 1998 Report
I had not read about this club in my web and newsgroup research from Phoenix but Elizabeth had told me about it so I decided to check it out. Wow…what an experience on Saturday afternoon! I had been told the day shift is much more sensual then night shift with a more liberal day manager and less visits by the vice cops during the day.

The front area was very crowded and for a while I couldn't figure out why there were so many Latino men just standing in the entry area. I kept waiting to pay an entry fee until I realized there was none. It seemed to have the highest ratio of dancers to men and was one of the most crowded.

At first I was a bit overwhelmed as dancers tried to talk to me in Spanish. I liked that I was being approached unlike the man pits of the other clubs where you have to stare and pick. I seemed to be the only man that so may approached. I have no idea what they said to me but they seemed to want to dance with me (good assumption old Dave). I saw one other older American male who I asked if he spoke English and when he did asked a few questions. I don't know any Spanish and the dancers didn't seem to know any English.

Many of the dancers were the larger body, round busty types, which I am not attracted to. I prefer slimmer and medium breast size not "busty".

I had my eye on a slender tall dancer who looked perhaps more American (lighter skin) who seemed to keep looking my way and smiling. I liked the fact she seemed a bit shyer then the aggressive ones. Maybe she spoke English and could rescue me from my language plight? As I am finding out good sensual intimacy is a universal language but I also like to have intelligent conversation while being intimate with a women.

Just as I was about getting up the nerve to approach Ms nice smiling at me, a hot babe (named started with E is all I could understand) puts her arm around me I makes sure I hold her around her bare midriff. Well OK, she is attractive, slim, and I liked her skin. So, when in Rome…do as the Romans do. I was at her mercy. She sweeps me onto the dance floor and does a very tight sensual dance. I had not danced at any of the other clubs, just couched. I soon realized that me a tall 6-2 man dancing with a 5 foot Mexican hot babe…resulted in some serious back pain after about 10 minutes of having to bend down so far to have my arms around her.

I finally was able to communicate "couch" and we then had a wonderful sensual time in the couch room. After about an hour of nice couching I had a hard time explaining to her how nice she was but I also wanted to meet a variety of women. Her English seemed limited at least that I could understand to "nice hands, nice kisser and handsome man". I believed all but the handsome! I finally got her off my clock (fee was $28 for a little over an hour). She (Ms E) never mentioned (at least that I could understand) about a tip so didn't. A few minutes later I was looking for the restroom and saw her talking enthusiastically with another dancer. As I approached her to ask where was restroom (I'd been looking all over) she seemed to be talking to her friend about me. If only I knew what she was saying! She pointed the way to the restroom (you have to go all the way to the back through the "Couples Only" areas. She seemed to be trying to get me to dance with her friend. But I still wanted to check on Ms Smiles and saw she was sitting without a customer.

After returning from the restroom I stood at the bar area trying to recover a bit before trying Ms Smiles but like a yo-yo on a string Ms E comes bouncing back to me saying "sure don't want to dance again?" and "next time be sure see me" Gee maybe she really did like my touch. I again tried to explain I wanted to meet others. She says "who you want meet I get for you" Well, I had no idea the name of Ms Smiles and I didn't think I needed an intermediary. I finally got rid of Ms E (she was quite nice I just wanted to move on to others) and got a dance with Ms Smiles (Ilma).

ILMA #227 (she wrote her name down for me) was I believe from Guatemala. She has danced at the club for five years. While her clothing covered more of her body than Ms E and she had very small breasts, she was 100% my type of warm intimate women. After a brief dance we couched it. She was very nice kisser and enjoyed my breast massage techniques (as most women do and it has healthy benefits to break up nodules etc and get into Lymph system). Besides it feels good for many women vs. just groping and grabbing breasts. It was also obvious discrete hand jobs were being done in the couch room. While I never cum without more stimulation than was possible here, her attention… was very enjoyable. With a women this wonderfully sensual I was frustrated that I couldn't have a more full sexual experience with her. I enjoyed her for just over an hour for a $28 fee. Her English was only slightly better then Ms E. but the language of sensuality was well understood and it seemed to be mutually enjoyed.

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